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B&B Update Tuesday 2/13/01

By Linda C

Rick stops by to visit Brooke. She is glad he got her message. She has a gift for little Eric she and Thorne got him on their honeymoon and she doesn't know when she will get to see him again. She wonders why Deacon has him anyway. Rick thinks it is Deacon's ego but they will find out for sure what will happen in four months. She asks about his plans for his wedding and wonders if he may be rushing into things. He is upset that she said that. It took him a long time to win back Amber's heart. He thought she was behind them. She is but she thinks if Amber really loved him it wouldn't take so long and she was going to marry CJ until he stopped her. He claims that is because he had custody of the baby. She still isn't happy about her 20 year old getting married. Especially a girl like Amber. He wonders what it is between her and Amber. Nothing, it is about him and what he is ready for. Rick doesn't want to hear it, he is sure she has some concerns but if it wasn't for Deacon, they would be married by now. She thinks this is a blessing in disguise. He say his son is trapped with Deacon and this is how she treats him. He still thinks this is about Amber. She claims it isn't. She doesn't think he knows what he wants and shouldn't get married yet. He has a son to take care of. She knows, but doesn't want him to make a commitment he isn't ready for. He thinks he and Amber have grown up quite a bit since the last time they were together. She suggests they live together instead. He can't believe she said that. Her either, but she thinks it would be better. He wants to marry her and raise the baby. She declares it is about the baby. He denies it and just wants her to be happy for them. She is. He leaves.

Deacon watches on smiling as Amber plays with the baby. She asks him if he is ready to go. Deacon offers to go with her. She tells him they are going to see Rick and it is bad enough they have to live there, she doesn't want the baby to forget who his real family is. Deacon does not look happy. He asks why she has to make those jabs about him not being his real family. She says it's the truth. He claims no matter what happens in four months, he will always be Eric's father, after all, it is his blood running through his veins, and half of whatever he is is because of Deacon. It may not matter to Amber, but it will matter to Eric some day. He would have given his eyes to have a father around to do what he is doing for him. She says, what, by ripping him out of his family's arms, people who love him. He claims he loves him too. She doesn't believe it. He says she doesn't have a clue, Goldilocks. She agrees, she has no clue as to why he would force them to stay there. He wants to prove he can be a good father and is sorry if that messes up her little plans. She doesn't think he is sorry. He admits he isn't, actually he is saving her from herself. Aw, he is her hero. Oh, he forgot, Rick Forrester has that department. She thinks Rick is more of a man than he will ever be. The last time he checked, one can't pay for manhood. She asks how to get it, by bullying around woman and children? He doesn't think that remark was fair, he has never laid a hand on the baby or her either. She agrees. She says she meant. He knows what she meant, big bad Deacon, but who saved her butt from going to jail? When she wanted custody of Eric, who offered it to her, Rick? He doesn't think so. Rick wanted custody for himself. He claims to have treated her like a gentlemen since she came there and she treats him like a piece of. He asks what he has to do? She finds it funny that he cares what she thinks. Sarcastically, she asks if he thought she was going to get carried away by his charm? He thought it was worth a shot. She says nothing personal, but she has plans of her own. He laughs, Mrs. Erick Forrester JR. She tells him not to start on Rick. He can't help it, it comes so easy. She says they can't keep doing this, it is stupid and a waste of everyone's time, even his. He says it is a waste of time because won't open her eyes to opportunity to the possibilities. She doesn't see any possibilities. He wonders what she is really afraid of? Maybe the best thing that ever happened to her. He thinks it is finding the best thing that ever happened to her and it scares the hell out of her. She supposes that would be him. Maybe. She laughs and tells him to get over himself. He says her first. He wants her to admit there is something going on. She says it is bull, the only thing going on there is him wanting what he can't have. She wonders if he has ever thought of anything but getting her into bed. Like, someone to worry about him when he comes home late, remembers his birthday, and kicks his butt when he needs it, yeah, someone who actually gives a damn. He has been thinking a lot about that for the first time in his life. She thinks it is probably the same line he used on Becky. He claims never to have said that to anyone before. He thinks she is so focused on keeping her eyes closed, she doesn't see what there is to gain. He wants her to at least open herself up to it. Knock, knock, Rick is at the door before they get to finish. Deacon says, get lost. Amber proceeds to open the door. Rick asks if everything is all right in there. She says yes. He came there because it is too cold and windy to go to the park. He offers to go back to his house or for a ride. Deacon offers them to stay there. Rick doesn't want to cramp Deacon's style. He says he is leaving anyway, and tells Ricky not to do anything he wouldn't do.

Brooke and Bridget discuss Amber. Bridget thinks Brooke doesn't like Amber. Brooke asks if Bridget does. Bridget is glad she makes Rick happy. Brooke wonders for how long and still thinks Rick is too young to get married. Bridget says it is 4 months before the wedding, wait and see what happens. Maybe Deacon will sweep Amber off her feet. Brooke smiles to that idea and asks if Bridget thinks it is possible. Bridget says she was kidding. Amber would never give up Rick for someone like that. Brooke asks if Bridget has met Deacon. No, but Rick makes him out to be a total monster. Brooke points out that Deacon manages a night club, which means he is probably pretty slick and would appeal to someone like Amber. Bridget doesn't love Amber either but she is sure she isn't stupid. Brooke points out that Amber did cheat on Rick before. Bridget says that was when they were fighting and she thought Rick hated her. Things are different now. Brooke does realize things do seem a bit more solid. She can't understand why children don't listen to their parents. Bridget asks if Brooke did. Brooke smiles, not always.

Deacon goes down to the bar and starts cleaning off table. One of the waitresses comes in apologizing for being late, her child is sick and the babysitter. Deacon cuts her off, what is her name. She answers, Rebecca. He tells her not to worry about it, things happen. She is surprised he is so passive. She promises it won't happen again. He says kids get sick all the time, don't worry about it. She stares at him a minute. He asks what? She says he is usually a bit more. He asks what? She says, she's going to get to work as she smiles, then walks away. He calls over the bartender and tells him to lie to him if he has to but is he that much of a hard ass? The bartender thinks he has been in a good mood and hopes it lasts. Deacon says to himself, someone he thinks it is going to.

Rick and Eric play with the toys Brooke and Thorne got him. Amber offers Rick some coffee. She tries to open the cabinet, forgetting about the safety latches. Rick comments about that being new. She says Deacon put it on last night, staying up until 2 am. Rick thinks that is because he is trying to impress her. She thinks it is for the baby. He tells her not to let Deacon scam her. She says he loves the baby. He doesn't think Deacon loves her or the baby. She laughs, he is jealous. Not realizing Deacon is listening in, she calls Deacon a loser. She says his tough guy act maybe would have been a turn on for her a long time ago, but now, forget it. Look at the guy, he is so screwed up. He has no one in his life except the people he pushes around or the people he pays it is bad, real bad. Imagine being his age and not having any family or friends? Deacon walks away from the door, obviously hurt. She feels sorry for him, Rick is right, he is pathetic and he makes her feel ill. Every time he is near her, she feels ill. Deacon looks as though he is going to cry as he heard everything Amber said.

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