The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 2/12/01



B&B Update Monday 2/12/01 

By Linda C

Ridge and Taylor arrive home after the service. Ridge wishes the tabloids would just leave them alone. He thinks Taylor should try again to explain to Phoebe but Taylor says kids don't understand death. He thinks she is right, and tells her they need sleep. It has been days now. He leaves the room and Taylor picks up the picture of the five of them and hugs it as she cries. She thinks back about telling Ridge she wanted to check on the babies but he insists they are all right and sleeping and he wants to talk to her about something. Ridge comes back in the room and she is holding a piece of clothing Steffy spilled something on and she snapped at her. He says she probably forgot about it in five minutes. She says you make a thousand choices a day, some don't matter and some you regret for the rest of your life. Sometimes you don't know which is which until it is too late. He thinks Steffy life was beautiful and she should worry about that. She says that is not what she is talking about. The phone rings and Ridge answers it. It is Jack, says he is going to try to get her to eat and that the kids have been asking a lot of questions, especially Phoebe. He doesn't know how to make them understand. Taylor sobs in the background. He asks her to thinks about what her dad said about Steffy being with her mom. She wishes she had a sign Steffy was still with her and she knew she was all right. She doesn't feel like Steffy is at peace, she feels more like Steffy needs her and she should go to her but she can't. Phoebe comes to the door with her blanket and Taylor calls her over. Kathryn follows, sorry, and offers to take her back to bed. Taylor says, no, she will take her. She will take care of her child. 

Morgan wants her delivery. The ship's first mate, wants her to show him the money first. She does, but won't hand it over until she gets what she has coming to her. The guy strolls in a sleeping Steffy with a hat covering her face. Morgan uncovers her and calls her, Steffy. She comments on how perfect she is and asks what that smell is. He says Chloroform, this kid screams bloody murder every time she sees him. He had to use a little more to get her on the plane. She asks how he pulled it off. He says she should know since she planned it. He explains how he crept down and took her out of bed after using the chloroform and put her into a locker and locked it. Morgan bets Ridge and Taylor were going out of their minds. They show flashbacks of Taylor and Ridge looking for Steffy and being right next to the locker. He asks what the choppers are doing out there. She says they are trying to get a story. He realizes the Forresters live around there, what is Morgan crazy? The child's picture is all over the place. She says that is okay because as of tomorrow, she will no longer exist. He asks what she is talking about. She tells him not to worry, she won't be found. He asks if she is going to kill her. She says no, she just won't be Steffy anymore. She will be her daughter now. She pours the money into a bag for him. She tells him he can leave. He offers to stay around and help with the kid. She doesn't need any help. He comes up to her and strokes her arm from behind and tells her it would be in her best interest to keep him happy. He is the only man alive who knows her secret. She turns seductively and says now that he put it that way. She unbuttons her jacket and he stares at her and says he knew she would come around. He comes up behind her and kisses her neck. She acts like she is enjoying it and turns to face him and moans. Then she knees him between the legs and tells the last guy who told her secrets ended up on life support and he won't be that lucky. She tells him to get out. He grabs his bag of money and leaves yelling that she is a lunatic. She then leans down and tells Steffy not to worry "she" will protect her, then corrects herself, "Mommy" will protect her. She later plays with Steffy on the sofa with a stuffed lamb that winds up and plays a tune. She tells Steffy that her grandmother doesn't like Morgan and made her have and abortion. All the while, Steffy is shaking her pretty little head, yes. Morgan goes on the says Steffy's mother was jealous and pushed her off a balcony and killed her baby. But, they didn't want her to have Ridge's child but she does now. Steffy says Morgan. She tells her not to call her Morgan, call her "Mommy". She is her Mommy now. She rocks Steffy on her lap.

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