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B&B Update Friday 2/9/01

By Linda

A picture of Steffy opens the show as Taylor and Ridge look on. Taylor says she canít do this, she doesnít want to say good bye. Ridge knows and hugs her as Taylorís father enters the church. She runs into his arms. Ridge shakes his hand and is glad Jack is there. Jack sits with an exhausted Taylor as Ridge approaches the picture and hears Steffy calling him in his head. Brooke calls to him and he turns with tears in his eyes.

Morgan looks at the article in the paper about the Forrester tragedy when the phone rings. She wonders where this person is and says she has to go out, use her pager to reach her.

Sally is reading the paper as CJ comes in. He sees the story about the Forrester baby. He thinks it is really sad and because she has a twin, they will always be reminded. Sally doesnít think they have to be reminded. There wonít be a day that goes by that they wonít think of their little girl.

Stephanie suggests that Ridge and Taylor go up to the cabin for a while and get away from the press and have some time together. Ridge asks what Taylor thinks. She doesn't know, she has to check on the kids and rushes off. Ridge says she got up four times last night to check on them to make sure they were breathing. The minister comes by to tell them that they are ready.

Taylor looks in as Kathryn reads to the kids. Phoebe asks where Steffy is. Kathryn says she is in heaven. Taylor steps back from the doorway and cries.

Jack goes first to pay his respects to Steffy. Morgan arrives in a black veil and dress. She puts on a fake accent and give her condolences to Stephanie who graciously thanks her. She then adds, it is a terrible thing when a baby dies, any baby. Stephanie says it is a terrible thing, excuses herself and walks away. Jack thanks everyone for being there, it means a great deal. He then speaks of how Steffy was such a special girl. He goes on a bit and then sits with Taylor and holds her. Stephanie goes next and reads a script of heavenís children. Steffy was a special child and a little angle and is safe now in Godís hands. Ridge goes next, he speaks of wanting to walk Steffy down the aisle some day, as Taylor wails and bursts into tears. He is grateful though, that they at least had this short time to spend with her. Every moment of every day was beautiful because of her. Stephanie hugs him as he cries. Morgan looks on with no remorse. The church empties out as Morgan lurks behind to listen in on Ridge and Taylor watches as Taylor says they are all wrong, talking about angels and all because God would not do this to a child. She was alone and hated the water, she even hated a bath. Why wouldnít He let her be there with her, she was so scared. She is so sorry, she holds Steffyís picture. Brooke asks her what she would have done if she was there. Taylor says she would have held her and sung to her so she wouldnít be afraid. Brooke says she still can, Steffy can still hear her. Taylor sings, You Are My Sunshine. Brooke holds her after she breaks down and cries. Morganís beeper goes of and she exits. Ridge then walks Taylor out and they show Steffyís picture again.

CJ still canít believe it, thinks it is like someoneís sick joke, not some kind of accident. Darla thinks everything happens for a reason. Sally disagrees, that is like saying Macy died for Brooke Logan, excuse me, Brooke Forrester could finally get her man. Darla says that is not what she meant. Sally doesnít want to hear it, nothing good will come from a child being ripped out of itís motherís arms. Who can benefit from this. Darla says no one. Sally says it was not someoneís master plan, just a terrible, unexplainable tragedy.

Morgan arrives home and there is a knock at the door. It is the first mate of the ship. She asks if there is a problem. He says no problem. She wants to know where. He cuts her off. She will get what is coming to her once he gets what is coming to him. Morgan grins from ear to ear.

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