The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 2/08/01



B&B Update Thursday 2/8/01

By Linda C

Thorne and Brooke arrive at Stephanieís and wonder what they were called there for. It seemed when Eric called, he was out of it. Eric and Stephanie come in the foyer and Eric tells them about Steffy getting thrown into the sea and the life jacket being found and looking like a shark attack. Brooke says Ridge and Taylor are going to need them. They all hug and cry.

Taylor sits on the bed and stares at a picture album of Stephanie with tears running down her face. Ridge quietly enters the room. He sits by her side and looks over the pictures with her.

Morgan is shown a house. She asks if there are parks and schools. The realtor tells her it is a quiet place, usually but planes fly overhead and Morgan notices. The realtor asks if she heard of the Forrester tragedy and points to the Forresterís house right there across the canyon. Morgan looks a bit coy. She then remembers that Morgan works for the Forresters and comments of Ridge and Taylorís marital problems. Morgan tells her that Taylor is her best friend. The realtor questions Morgan about knowing about the problems. Morgan claims she hasnít seen Taylor in a while, she has been very busy. The realtor asks if Taylor talked to Morgan about her marriage and Morgan says she did, in depth. She then apologizes for asking questions about the Forresters. She then wants to know if Morgan was close to the child that was lost. Morgan claims Stephanie was her favorite. The realtor canít imagine what Taylor is going through, but Morgan says she can, she lost a child recently. The realtor apologizes, she didnít know. Morgan says her second actually, neither of them was born. She tells her that someone pushed her off a balcony in her seventh month and someone else forced her to have an abortion with her first child. Again she says she is sorry, then asks Morganís opinion of the house. Morgan wants to make sure it is quiet. It is. Morgan wants the house but the furniture must come with it. No offers, she will make a check for the asking price and needs the papers tomorrow, dropped off at her office, not at the house. She wants to be able to move in by tomorrow. She wants her privacy. The realtor leaves and Morgan stands twisting her hair. She then sits on a chair and turns on the TV as they announce the loss of the Forrester child. They are hovering over the Forrester estate. Morgan says, what a bizarre story. What a loss for Taylor, what a terrible loss. She twists her hair again in her finger.

They all arrive at Ridge and Taylorís and is greeted by Kathryn at the door. She points to Phoebe by the couch and says Thomas is napping. Stephanie goes over and kisses Phoebe on the head as she plays with toys on the coffee table. Kathryn calls up to Ridge and Taylor to let them know the family is down stairs. Taylor says she canít. Ridge says it is okay, he will go down. Thorne asks Kathryn if she could tell him how it happened and she goes on to tell him. Thorne and Eric ask if anyone saw or heard her. Kathryn thinks that is the odd part, they looked right away and didnít see anything. She cries and Eric comforts her. Ridge comes in and they all look at him. Brooke gets up and hugs him. Tears swell in their eyes. Thorne then hugs him followed by Eric, who asks if there is anything they can do. Ridge doesnít think there is anything anyone can do. He sits down by Stephanie on the sofa and says he canít believe it, how can you make sense of this, mother, our baby girl, gone. She hugs him as they both cry. She goes up to talk to Taylor. She enters the room and Taylor looks up and cries her heart out. Ridge tells Brooke this is hell, this is what it really is. How can this happen to a little girl, she didnít deserve this. Stephanie sits by Taylor on the bed and kisses her on the head. Taylor didnít know anything could be this painful, it is so wrong. She keeps flashing back to the hours before they got on the boat. They were playing on the beach with the sand. So many nocuous moments, they mean so little at the time, how could she have known they would be Steffyís last. She canít get the thoughts out of her mind, her sweet little face, her smile, her little eyes, more tears as she leans into Stephanieís shoulder for comfort.

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