The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 2/07/01



B&B Update Wednesday 2/6/01

By Linda C

When the show starts, Eric is hanging up the phone after receiving the devastating news, Steffy is missing. Stephanie comes down the stairs all excited about Ridge and Taylor coming home. Eric tells her about the call, it was Kathryn, there has been an accident. She asks what kind of accident. Eric explains that she went overboard with a lifejacket on. Stephanie is sure they will find her. She thinks Ridge and Taylor must be scared to death and wonders why they were on a boat. She wants to go out there and hire their own boat. He grabs her, there is no way they can help, they have to stay there and make arrangements for Ridge and Taylor in case the worst happens. Stephanie breaks down into Ericís arms crying. Oh, God, no.

The coast guard opens the orange box to reveal the contents. There are some articles of clothing. First a hat, but Taylor says it looks like Steffyís but she wasnít wearing it. She insists Steffy had a life jacket on which she put on tight and there is no way it could have come off. She gets hysterical thinking they are wasting time. She is in denial. The coast guard pulls out the life jacket, it is coded and the one Steffy was wearing. Ridge asks why it is all shredded when the sea is so calm and there is not storms. The guard wants to talk to Ridge alone after Taylor is coming unglued but she wonít let them talk without her. The guard then says there is only one thing that could have caused this, a shark attack. Ridge tries to comfort a hysterical Taylor who says she can feel that Steffy is still alive and out there waiting for them to find her. Ridge wonders why there is no blood, but the coast guard points out that the tears in the life jacket are the result of a shark attack. Taylor flips out and beats his chest with the life jacket. He tries to calm her down then shows her more proof, a torn shirt Steffy was wearing when she went over. In comes Kathryn with the two kids. Phoebe calls out, mommy. Taylor grabs them and holds them close. Kathryn offers to take them to her room which Taylor agrees. The guard says they found the jacket 12 miles out but will search for two more hours. They feel there is no way the baby could have survived without a life jacket on. Ridge asks them to continue searching and wants to talk to his wife for a while alone. The guards leave. Taylor holds the shirt as Ridge wants her to remember they have two more children that need them. She canít believe he is acting like it is no big deal and asks if they are to bury that t-shirt. If so, they may as well bury her because she doesnít want to live. She begs Ridge to tell her it isnít true. He canít. She cries in his arms, she isnít gone, no, she isnít gone.

Morgan visits Brooke. Brooke notices she has changed, so much more peaceful and asks what caused it. Morgan says she found a reason for living. Brooke is happy for her and hopes she will keep in touch. Morgan thinks Brooke will be seeing a lot of her because she is coming back to work, she has a collection to finish. Brooke claims the collection is finished, so Morgan wants to start on the Fall collection. She has a contract. Brooke says there is not way she can work there, the whole family refuses to work with her. Morgan reminds Brooke about Stephanie forcing her to give up her child. Brooke brings up Morgan tricking Ridge. Morgan doesnít think Ridge had that hard a time sleeping with her, but admits she should not have tricked him. Brooke says Stephanie and the rest of the family will not allow her to work there due to the circumstances. Morgan claims her change in attitude is because Brooke is now a Forrester. She didnít feel that way before Morgan left for a couple of days. Brooke has the companyís best interest in mind and Morgan should know that. Morgan brings up that maybe things have changed between Brooke and Stephanie. Brooke admits now that she is her mother in law, things have probably changed. Morgan then insists on her job back or a law suit will ensue. Brooke claims they already offered her more than she would have made on the contract. Morgan says her name is on the collection and if she forces her to leave, she wants her name off the whole collection. Brooke claims that is impossible, and thinks this is about Ridge not her working there. Morgan simply denies it and says she has gone on with her life now. Everything has fallen into place and Brooke will be the one to benefit from all this. Brooke canít hire her back. Morgan will be back in the morning to start work. She tells Brooke to send her love to Stephanie.

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