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B&B Update Monday 2/5/01 

By Linda C

The show starts with Ridge and Taylor out on the deck when the boat tips and send her against the rails. Tomas is seen inside tossed against a cushioned seat. Ridge leans from the doorway and gets a hold of Taylorís hand and pulls her in. Kathryn comes down from the loft stating that they are all right, she was more scared than Phoebe. Taylor and Ridge sit with Thomas holding him close and want to rest for a minute. Kathryn goes back upstairs and comes back to let them know that Phoebe if doing fine. She asks about Steffy but Ridge and Taylor are confused, she was up there with Phoebe and Kathryn. Kathryn tells them that she thought Steffy was with them. When she woke from the shifting of the boat, Steffy was not there. Taylor jumps up and screams for them to stop the boat. At first they thinks she may be hiding because she was scared. Taylor insists they turn the boat around and they do. She is nowhere to be found on the boat so they search the water. The captain assures Taylor that the water is warm and Steffy had on a life jacket so she should be safe. They turn the boat around and head back with flashlights shining into the water. Taylor sees something but they arenít sure what it is. They call out, Steffy.

Thorne and Brooke share their morning after cuddled in bed talking and kissing. She is so happy to be Mrs. Thorne Forrester. They both like the sound of that. Brooke canít believe how well things are going, they are married, Ridge and Taylor are renewing their vows and she is getting along better with Stephanie. They talk about Deacon and Rick thinking he is moving on with his life and may give back the baby. The then talk about Morgan leaving and Thorne is grateful because he thinks things would have been too tense around the office with her there. Brooke thinks as happy as Ridge and Taylor are right now, it wouldnít have mattered much if she stayed. They faced one of the greatest hurdles and they are still together. He thinks they know about that and that is the way the Forresters are, as long as they stick together they can get through everything. He feels she really is happy for Ridge and Taylor. He thinks is it remarkable seeing how things were in the past. She accounts if to meeting the right man. He freed her like sleep beauty. The fairy tale ended well for all of them and is great to know the whole family is safe again.

Amber calls Rick from Deaconís and tells him all about Deaconís stepfather beating him up and the place being a mess. She doesnít think he is going to give up the baby now. It seems like he is more interesting in proving his stepfather wrong because he called Deacon a loser. Rick offers to come over but she doesnít want him to, she will handle it. Deacon comes in so she hangs up briskly. He asks what is going on, she wants to know the same about him. He thinks she seems a little anxious and wonders if she and Rick had a little tiff. She says Rick just wanted to know when she would be home. He thinks that is an interesting question. She apologizes for what she said to him before about Eric, she should have been more sympathetic. He is cool, and not upset. She thought maybe because he left he was upset. He had to run an errand. She wonders why he didnít say something, she went to put the baby down and came back to find him gone. He went to talk to his attorney. She wants to know why and he pulls out an envelop and tells her he appreciates everything he has done since she has been there and the way she takes care of the baby, he knows he canít live without her, so would he. She stands up and tells him, donít. He knows it is hard for her to believe, but he cares about her. She has come to be a very important part of his life. She doesnít like where this is going but he shows her the custody papers and says she is going to like this. All she has to do is sign them and Eric is hers. She hugs him and thanks him. She knew he would come through. Wait, there is more, he doesnít want the Forresters involved in this. She tells him that they are a part of Ericís family, she and Rick are getting married and they will be a part of his life. He says, maybe. She wants to know what he means so he hands her to papers to read. They explain everything. She opens the envelop and reads that after the arrangement, she will have unrestricted parental rights to the child. She looks at him, what arrangements? He wants her to stay for four months so he can bond with Eric and prove he is a good father and at the end of that time, she may not want to leave. She thinks that is the most ridiculous thing she ever heard and doesnít think he wants that. He says he does want that. She insists on being in love and is going to marry Rick. Deacon asks if she would rather be with that jerk than hang out with her son. He doesnít want his son growing up thinking he abandoned him. He is trying to do the best thing for him. Amber says he has had him there over a month, so he had his chance. He insists he can do better but canít do it alone and wants her help. She tells him that he canít force her to stay there. He retorts if she wants to go, go. She says, without little Eric? He says that is her choice. She thinks this is all his need to be in control. He lost Carmen and now wants her to step right in and take care of his laundry, clean his house and take care of the baby. That is not what it is about, he wants to give his son a good life. She isnít interested in them as a couple and doesnít think she ever will be. He asks what she is afraid of. She isnít, she is angry with the stunt he is pulling. He is not going to back out, he will stick to the arrangement. She canít do it. He thought she would do anything for her son. It is either four months with him or he keeps the baby for life.

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