The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 2/2/01



B&B Update Friday 2/2/01

By Linda

Rick tells Brooke about Deacon letting Amber and him take the baby overnight and hope this is a sign he will be giving back little Eric. Amber and the baby make him feel so complete. Brooke doesn't think he should get his hopes up that Deacon will just turn over the baby.

Clarke and Sally discuss the fact that Morgan has left town, which is a relief to Clarke.

When Amber arrives at Deacon's she finds the place a mess and Deacon badly bruised. After questioning him, he reveals that he step father beat him up and took his money. He is proud of himself that he didn't fight back. He says the violence stops here. He realizes he couldn't stop it as a child, but he can now. Amber suggests he do the right thing. Deacon agrees, he wants that too. She thinks this means he will give her back Eric. He tells her he is not going to give him back to her. He is going to take care of him. Next Week: He will ask her to move in with him for four months, and he will sign over custody. He has to prove he can be a good father.

Kathryn brings the girls into the cabin to get some sleep as Thomas stays with Ridge and Taylor. Ridge mentions something about opening a bed and breakfast on the island but Taylor shoots down that idea noting that Stephanie would miss the children terribly. They get up and go out to get some air. The captain yells to hold on as the boat tips to one side. Taylor is thrown against the railing. Ridge reaches out to grab her hand as Thomas walks around inside.

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