The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 2/1/01



B&B Update Thursday 2/1/01

By Linda C

Ridge and Taylor talk about what a wonderful time they will have on the beach when they get to the island, seeing the stars, roasting marshmallows and waking up on the beach in the morning. There is a knock at the door and he tells everyone to get their bags together, but there is bad news. The ferry is having engine trouble and canít go out tonight. The last flight has already gone. The travel agent asks if they have reservations on the island, which they say they do. The agent offers to call the captain of a small boat who does fishing expeditions. They agree after a bit of debate. They have to get back to LA the day after tomorrow so they canít put off the reservations. Plans are set and they board the boat. They hope they arenít putting the captain out, but he says it is beautiful sailing at night, calm and you can see the stars. They put their life jackets on. They are sure they are going to have a wonderful time.

Rick plays with Eric on the living room floor. He thinks it is so nice to have the three of them together. Amber is happy too. She says the baby has really missed Rick. He has missed him too. Amber is speculating that Deacon will change his mind and let them have the baby. His attitude seems to be changing. He seems different now, more sensitive since Carmenís death. He really seems to have a heart. Rick disagrees. She says that is because he hasnít seen him since Carmen fell, it is like he has reexamined his life or something. She is hoping they will soon have the baby and be able to put this all behind them and get married again. That is exactly what Rick wants too. She is sure it is going to happen, she can feel it, Deacon is changing and wants what is best for Eric. Rick doesnít want to get their hopes up that Deacon will hand the baby over to them. She thinks he had a rough life and Stephanie noticed the same about him. Rick says she even hugged him, but that didnít make him give the baby back. Amber is sure he will though, she sees he has a good side. Rick wonders if Deacon is such a nice guy, why does he act like such a jerk?

Deacon comes home to a mess and hopes his stepfather isnít still there, but to his dismay, Daryl comes out from the back room, hey boy, where you been. Deacon says he was down stairs. Daryl tells him to go back down he is almost out of beer, wants him to bring back two six packs, one for lunch. Deacon tells him he already slept through lunch. He tells Deacon not to get smart with him, he knows he doesnít like that. Deacon mumbles how he canít forget that. Daryl asks what he said? Just like old times, mumbling under his breath and giving him dirty looks. He claims he did a lot for Deacon and his mother and Deacon should treat his daddy better than that. Deacon rebuffs, Daryl is not his father. He says he is the only father he ever had. Deacon asks him to leave. Daryl would rather knock him down a peg. Deacon doesnít want to argue and doesnít feel like company so he would appreciate it if Daryl was gone when he got back. Daryl wants to know where he is going. Deacon says somebody has to work. Daryl finds that remark as a crack toward him and blasts Deacon that he took care of him and his mother, putting clothes on their backs, a roof over their heads and food in their mouths. He wasted the best years on them and they sucked him dry. Deacon asks if that is why he left. Daryl says he left so he didnít have to look at Deaconís face, looking down at him like he is now. He didnít take it then and wonít take it now. Deacon tells him then he can get out. Daryl wants to know if Deacon has a hot date, will she be coming up for a little something? Wonders if Deacon is afraid the girl will take a liking to his old man. Deacon quickly reminds him that he is not his father. Daryl taunts him to get the place cleaned up so she doesnít see it such a mess. He throws a can at Deacon, who misses it. Daryl tells him always was a lousy catch, the little twerp and picks up the babyís picture. Deacon stops him before he can throw it and orders him to put it down. Daryl wants to know who the little brat is. Deacon defends his child. Daryl laughs, this is his kid, where is he then. Deacon says he is with his mother. Daryl thinks that is the best place for him, sent away with the skirt instead of being raised by a loser like him. All he has time for is himself. Deacon says that is not true. Daryl quips, Deacon has time for the baby but not for him? Deacon says it has nothing to do with him. Daryl says he is his grandpa. Deacon says he is nothing to him. Daryl claims he knows enough about kids, just like him he got stuck with a kid he didnít want. Now he knows how he felt, now after all these years, they have something in common. They are cut from the same cloth. Deacon says he is nothing like him, but Daryl is quick to point out the similarities, drinking, smoking, donít mess with me clothes and that mean scowl. He knows Deacon just wants him to think he has his life together but guys like them never get a break. Deacon says he doesnít know what he is talking about. Daryl says the he forgot, Deacon isnít just a working stiff, he has a classy job managing a bar. Does he think that makes him somebody, giving orders and pushing people around, that doesnít impress him because he knows Deacon is a loser. And he should have beaten him a little more and now it is time for pay back. Deacon doesnít feel he owes him anything. Daryl thinks he owes him a lot for putting up with him and his mother, he gave them everything and now that Deacon has some cash he wants his reward. Deacon asks what reward? He treated him and his mother like garbage then took off and left them. Daryl says he spent all his money one them. Deacon says he never spent a dime on them, he spent it drinking and whoring around and there is no way he is giving him anything. Daryl gets in his face but Deacon doesnít back down. He says he isnít a scared little kid. Daryl challenges him to fight. Deacon would rather he just leave or he will have to call the cops. Daryl punches him around and call him a wimp. Deacon says he isnít going to fight but gets belted again. He gets angry now and goes to defend himself and blocks Daryl then pushes him onto a chair. He then offers his hand and wants this to stop but Daryl attacks him again, knocks him down and takes his wallet. Says he came there to wish Deacon a happy birthday, but is it happy birthday to him, as he fans the money from Deaconís wallet. He flees the apartment.

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