The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 1/31/01



B&B Update Wednesday 1/31/01

By Linda C

Tomas interrupts Taylor and Ridge's wedding night.

Amber is surprised when Deacon tells her she can take the baby home but wants his son back by tomorrow afternoon. She thought he was giving her custody. He informs her that he is his son. If she doesn't like it, she can leave him there. She thinks that the baby would be better off without him. He asks how she felt when her father walked out on her. She won't shut up, he tells her to get out. She leaves and he puts on his boxing gloves and punches his punching bag all the while thinking of his stepfather tormenting him. His stepfather shows up at his door. He says he will beat Deacon if he doesn't let him stay for the night. Deacon agrees he can stay.

Rick worries about Amber and the baby. Amber shows up with the baby and surprises him.

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