The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 1/30/01



B&B Update Tuesday 1/30/01

By Linda C

Ridge and Taylor enjoy Sapphire Beach. Ridge talks to someone on the phone and hopes things will be ready. Taylor comes in and comments on how great it is there. Ridge informs her that the boat may not be ready. She suggests they take a plane to the island. He promised the kids a boat ride and wants to deliver. She then asks that the kids arenít present at the renewal of their vows because she feels that if it werenít for Morgan they wouldnít be doing this and doesnít want the kids involved. She thinks it would be better if they never knew there was a problem. She canít wait to marry him all over again. She wants to hurry and find the Forrester original in the bathroom. He canít believe she knew. She says he is predictable. He wonders if that is good. She claims it is and means she can count on him. They kiss and he leaves so she can get ready. Later, Ridge and Taylor are dressed to kill, both in white. She thinks he has outdone himself. He claims he will do that every day to show her how much he adores her. They tell each other how lucky they are to have one another. He lives for moments like this and thinks of how close he came to losing it all. She says he wouldnít have lost them although it would have been harder if Morganís baby had lived but they would have found a way to make it work because they both believe they can make it through anything. He swears they will never go through anything like that again. He wishes he could go back and change things. She thinks they have come out of this stronger. They talk about the first time they were there. He knows she is the best thing that even happened to him and he loves her. They kiss. They renew their vows.

Thorne drops in on Brooke in her office. He wonders where Morgan is. Eric comes in and says she no longer works there and he will handle things. Brooke isnít happy with this, she told Morgan she could keep her job. Eric didn'tí think that was feasible due to what she did to Ridge and Taylor. Brooke doesnít think the company can afford to lose her right now. Eric tells her that she is now a part of the family and should realize that comes before the company. Brooke wonders how they will finish the line. Eric says they will handle it even if they have to work double time. Their time with Morgan is over and he doesnít want anything to interfere with Taylor and Ridgeís marriage now that they have put it back together. Thorne thinks they are in pretty good shape but Brooke thinks Eric and Ridge will be working around the clock if they donít find someone fast. Brooke feels sorry for Morgan and thinks about what Stephanie is putting her through right now. She just wants everyone to be as happy as they are and wants to plan a coming home party for Ridge and Taylor. He tells her that she amazes him.

Morgan wonders what she will do now, she has no one. She enters her condo to find Stephanie packing her things. She is livid. Stephanie informs her that she is moving her out, it is her moving day. Morgan tells her she has no right doing this. Stephanie doesnít want her sitting around in self pity. Morgan thinks the Forresters celebrated the death of her child. Ridge didnít look at all disappointed in the death of his own child. What would have happened if it was Taylorís child, how would he have reacted? The movers come out with the bassinette and Morgan flips out yelling at them to put it down. Stephanie tells them to take a break. Morgan then says she was going to leave anyway. Stephanie tells her she has a flight to New York and better get a move on. Morgan says it is just like before but Stephanie feels it is different, this time she wonít be coming back. At the airport, Morgan tells Stephanie that she thinks she is afraid of her. Stephanie assures her that is not so, she just wants her gone from this unfortunate incident. Morgan is angry that she refers to her own grandson and an unfortunate incident and accuses Stephanie of wanting him gone. Stephanie wonders what kind of life he would have. Morgan says a wonderful one. Stephanie says, what with a lunatic as a mother, it is a blessing in disguise and tells her to go, get on the plane and pushes her along. Morgan turns and looks her right in the eye, no! Final boarding call is made and Stephanie tells her she will put her on the plane herself. Morgan says she will leave if Stephanie promises to leave her alone and doesnít interfere with her getting work. Stephanie agrees to stay out of her life, she just wants Morgan gone. As Morgan hands her ID to get her ticket, a picture of her with Ridge. Stephanie picks it up and tells her she doesnít need it, she is starting over. She is told to hurry to make her flight. She glances back at Stephanie and disappears out of sight. Stephanie tears up the picture and claims that is the last time they will see Morgan DeWitt.

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