The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 1/29/01



B&B Update Monday 1/29/01 

By Linda C

Deacon tells the police about Amber staying with him and Carmen not liking it and went to the bar and saw the two of them kissing and Amber and Carmen went at it in his living room, not on the roof but in the apartment. He tried to break them up but Carmen took off to the roof. He feels she had too much to drink and may have fallen off. One officer wants to see the apartment. Deacon wants to see the warrant. The policeman will go down to the station to get one but will have to take Amber with them. Deacon says he will go with them to the apartment. Amber says to herself, what is Deacon doing, there was no fight up there? She's going to end up in jail. At the door, Deacon tells the officer that the place is trashed. That is exactly what he wants to see, evidence. He offers that Deacon doesn't have to let him in without a warrant but without seeing for himself, he will have to take Amber down and book her for murder. The place is a disaster. Deacon tells a story how Carmen came in and found the two of them on the couch and pounced on Amber. Deacon pulled her off and she headed to the roof. Amber claims she doesn't remember anything. Deacon says that is because she is shaken over what happened. The other officer comes back from speaking to the bartender and confirms Carmen was drunk and threatening to rip Amber's heart out before she headed up to the apartment. Again Amber is asked if she can confirm the story Deacon told. Deacon says she is afraid to talk because she is on probation and they will arrest her for fighting. They say they won't because it is self defense. She then says she was in the apartment when Carmen fell. The officer says he will release her but if he finds out they are lying, he will come back for them both. After they leave, Deacon says that she is gone, Carmen is dead and starts to cry. Later, they ask each other if they are all right. She thanks him for saving her. He says he didn't do it for her, he did it for his son, he needs a mother. She says she feels bad, she didn't want anything to happen to Carmen. He says he loved her, he really loved Carmen. Amber hugs him and they both cry. 

Brooke and Thorne head over to Stephanie's. Brooke worries that Stephanie may have changed her mind about their marriage. Meanwhile Eric and Stephanie speak and Stephanie does have some reservations about the marriage and isn't sure she can handle it. It is a different thing attending the wedding but to have Brooke as a functioning part of the family, she doesn't think she is ready. Eric tells her she better find a way to handle it because they will be coming through the door soon. Thorne shows up, mom, dad, your son and daughter are home. Stephanie doesn't look thrilled. Thorne and Eric hug as he welcomes them home. They had the best time of their lives. Stephanie welcomes them back and Brooke hugs Stephanie who doesn't look very thrilled. Brooke hands her a jar of macadamia nuts she and Thorne picked themselves. Brooke wants a word with Stephanie alone. Eric doesn't think that was a good idea, it is quite and adjustment for Stephanie, who is having a hard time with it. Brooke asks Stephanie if it is difficult for her. Stephanie admits it is. Brooke wants to talk but Stephanie wants to leave things alone. Brooke thinks they will end up back where they were if they don't work at this. Stephanie thinks Brooke is making more of her coming to the wedding than she should. Brooke doesn't think so, she knows Stephanie showed her what true character was by walking up that isle and she hopes some day to have that much character. Stephanie says she is trying to work through this but is sure some day Brooke will hold this against her. Brooke denies that. Stephanie says she is not vindictive by nature. Brooke says just like she isn't a tramp by nature. Her father wasn't there for her as a child and that may be why she acted as she did when she was younger and apologizes again for what she did to Stephanie all those years ago. She will make her proud of her some day for making Thorne a loving wife and hopes some day Stephanie will accept her into her heart. She is sorry and is going to make it up to her every way she can and loves her for what she has done for her and hopes she will one day forgive her. Stephanie, in tears tells her to take it one day at a time.

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