The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 1/26/01



B&B Update Friday 1/26/01

By Linda

Amber and Deacon look over the edge of the roof at Carmen laying on the ground beneath. She tries to explain what happened. Deacon pushes her aside and runs down to Carmen. He tells her to says something. He screams for someone to get an ambulance. Amber comes down and watches quietly as he speaks to Carmen, telling her that he will take the million and take her anywhere she wants to go, he promises her but she has to hang in there. He says he is so sorry, he never wanted this. If she pulls through this, he will make all her dreams come true. She dies as the ambulance arrives. He holds her and cries. Amber tells him she is sorry, but he questions that statement. She tries to explain but he doesn't want to hear it. They work on her but cannot resuscitate. They are sorry. He kneels down next to her as Amber bends down and rubs his back. He glares up at her and she walks away. He kisses Carmen on the mouth. The police arrive and ask what happened, any witnesses? They ask Amber if she knew the deceased and if she saw what happened. They ask her name and she is resistant but gives in. They take Carmen away as Amber tells what happened on the roof. One officer asks what she is doing so far from home. She went to visit her son. The officer asks if Deacon is her husband. No. The cop asks, if Carmen was his girlfriend and Amber is his little boy's mother. Deacon says she is not Eric's mother. Amber says they had a fight but it is not her fault Carmen fell from the roof. The other officer comes back and says how Amber has a felony record and is out on parole. She screams for Deacon's help as they cuff her and read her rights. Deacon glares at her but doesn't respond to her pleas.

Clarke rambles on to Sally about her being right about the fashion line but realizes she isn't paying attention. She is worried about Kim and her feelings since she has lost Macy and has been depressed. Not too long after Macy's death she fell for Thorne as though it would bring her closer to Macy and now Thorne is gone. She thinks it would be best if Kim came and lived with her and got away from the memories in Macy's old home, but she asked Kim and she turned her down. The only one who could probably give her hope is her father. He says the only two people that can help Kim now is a sister who is dead and a father who is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Kim is surprised to find her daddy at the door. He missed her so much. They hug. She drags him in and tells him how much she needs him right now. He says he has been keeping an eye on her, so he knows. She asks about the people that are after him. He is more worried about her and how she is doing. He heard Thorne got married. She was so in love with him. He wishes he could have helped her, but everything is going to be different now, she will never be alone. He hoped she could handle it after Macy's death. She says she feels so alone. He says she has so many opportunities. She lost him, Macy, and her mom. He says he is never going to leave her. She doesn't understand. He wants her to come with him. He found a place that was safe for them. She cries, there are so many memories there. She wants to take Macy's picture with her. He wants to go and send for anything she misses. He says they will all have a stable life together and she will be able to go back to school and all. She wonders what he meant by they. It sounds like there are more than just the two of them. He says that is one of the other surprises, something so wonderfully miraculous. Her life is about to start all over again. He cries and they hug then leave together.

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