The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 1/24/01



B&B Update Wednesday 1/24/01

By Linda C

Carmen holds the baby close to the edge of the roof as Amber begs her to put the baby down as Deacon approaches her. Carmen tells him to stop and step back, go back to the apartment. Deacon wants her to come with them. She says she will never go back in there again. Amber tries to tell her the truth about the kiss, but she doesnít want to hear it, she thinks she is an idiot for thinking Deacon really cared about her, but she saw him hitting on Amber. Deacon tries to tell her that he does care about her. Amber lies and says Deacon wasnít hitting on her, she was hitting on him. Carmen doesnít believe it. Deacon says they always have a good time. She says he had a good time with her and Amber and she put up with him bossing her around and he never cared about her and never will. He tells her he made plenty of mistakes but wants her to please forgive him. He gets close to her. She tells him to back off or she will let him go. He backs away. Carmen asks how precious Eric is to Amber, as precious as Deacon is to her and she is going to let the baby go so Amber can see what is feels like to lose him. Deacon threatens that if she lets the baby go, he will go right after him. She asks if he is that important that he would die for him? Deacon says there is a part of him in the baby and she will kill that too. She wonders how he cares so much, he didnít before. He says he does now and begs her not to do it. She wants to know why he didnít just take the money so they could have gone to the island and been happy. He reaches out for her to take his hand. She says no, back away. He begs her please, not to hurt his son. Carmen sobs uncontrollably about Deacon taking her off the streets and making her good and now she is going to lose all this because of the kid. He lies and tells her they can get it all back. She knows he is lying, he wants Amber, she can see it in his eyes. She hangs the baby over the roof edge as Deacon screams at her, he will get down on his knees, and he does. Asks her what she wants from him, what does she want him to do? He says please, he is begging her, begging for the babyís life, not his own and tells her to give him the baby and if she wants, she can push him over instead. Carmen pulls him back over and hands him to Deacon. He kisses the baby and holds him tight. She tells him to take him down stairs. He leaves the roof door open as he leaves. Amber tells Carmen that if she ever goes near the baby again, she will kill her. She means it, she will kill her. Amber is all up in Carmenís face. She starts to leave and Carmen grabs her and asks where she thinks she is going? They stare at one another with tears and anger in their eyes.

Eric says good riddance to Morgan. She says they canít get rid of her that easy. Stephanie canít believe she doesnít take any responsibility for what she did. Morgan says she had to have that baby after what happened years ago. Eric thinks it is in everyoneís best interest if she leaves. She says this job is all she has and she wonít let him take it away from her. Eric wants to be reasonable and give her a good recommendation and a severance. She tells them they are a piece of work and want to get rid of her because they are afraid of a scandal. She is sure Ridge and Taylor arenít going to tell anyone. Stephanie says she canít work there because she will be too close to Ridge. Morgan says she isnít going anywhere, Brooke told her before she left for her honeymoon, that she wants her to stay. Eric calls security to have her removed because he just fired her. Morgan flips on Stephanie about her making her have an abortion and then Taylor pushed her off the balcony and she is sure Stephanie is happy about that. Stephanie claims she does not take pleasure in Morgan's pain but Morgan reminds her that she told her that she got what she deserved. Eric again tells her to go. The guards come and drag her out as she yells to Stephanie that she will pay because what goes around comes around.

Bridgett thinks Deacon may really have feelings for his son and is starting to bond with him. Rick thinks he is just after the Amber. Rick worries about the baby living over the bar and not taking proper care of him. Bridgett is sure Deacon would take care of his son. Rick is more worried about Carmen because she is a disaster waiting to happen. She doesnít even like the baby. He blames himself for tracking down Deacon in the first place. Bridgett says Amber and CJ would be married right now if he didnít. He would rather she be married to CJ than their baby in so much danger. He would sacrifice anything. She tells him her cell phone is always on if he needs her. He tells her she is incredible. She says all will work out and she leaves. He picks up the picture of the baby and thinks back of the times they had together as Eric grew up.

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