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B&B Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Linda C

Amber goes out on the balcony, not realizing the baby is gone. She wonders why he has been asleep for so long. Carmen heads up to the roof with the baby, blaming him for taking everything away from her. Once on the roof, she breaks down and cries. She paces back and for toward the edge. She takes a few slugs of her bottle. She talks to the baby about her mother, Amber, who really isn't his mother. He has Deacon's blood in him. She thought he loved her, but he used her and now things are over and over forever.

Stephanie looks at a picture of Ridge, Taylor and the kids. Eric thinks they are growing so fast. Stephanie says that little Stephanie has stolen her heart. The kids are at that age where you can cuddle them up. He thinks she has separation anxiety. She does, but is glad they took the trip they needed. He thinks even the most secure marriage can't be taken for granted. She says especially when there is a woman like Morgan DeWitt in the picture. She asks if Morgan has left yet. No, she hasn't, but could do well for herself, even have her own label, he says. She wishes Morgan would be gone, and never heard from again. He says when he only thinks what Morgan almost did to Ridge and his family. Morgan appears in the doorway and listens in. They look at the picture of Ridge and his family again. Eric says if they stare at it long enough, maybe they will actually move, or even talk. She tells him she has been worried about his mental health for some time. She turns to see Morgan standing there and asks what she is doing there. Morgan says she works there, remember? She gives Eric her new designs. He says her last, she is fired and he wants her to clean out her desk and be out of the building tonight. She tells him that he can't fire her, Brooke wants her to stay and she isn't going to argue with them or she is going to lose it. He wants to know if she feels indignant and treated unfairly? She says yes, and what happened between her and Ridge had nothing to do with her job. He tells her to get out, or he will throw her out, which will it be?

Ridge and Taylor put the kids down for the night. Taylor thinks Ridge wore them out, but wasn't sure who would wear out who first. He says he didn't think Tomas would ever get out of the water, and they have to keep their eyes on him every minute. She points out that is exactly what he great daddy did. He says he loves the kids and their lives would be so lost without them and wonders what he did to deserve this. She says he loved and if this doesn't prove there is a God, what would. They watch while the children sleep and Taylor thanks the Lord for their little gifts. And asks that He keeps them in his joy and understanding and as their parents, to have love and understanding and guidance. He thanks the Lord for the blessing of the woman in front of him who had the courage to forgive him and for that he will always be thankful. He asks her to think back about the time they were in St. Thomas, a very important day. She says he proposed and sent her on a treasure hunt. He says he is sending her on another one tonight. Dressed like this? She says last time the hunt was outside. He says it is buried under a huge mound and that is her only clue. She looks and sees a pile of pillows and thinks back when she found the tiny treasure chest. He tells her to dig, stop just looking at it. She moves the pillows to find another tiny treasure chest holding a beautiful diamond ring. HE says they have been through so many beautiful years together and so much more than he can ever describe to her. He places the ring on her finger and proposes. They kiss.

Amber confronts Deacon about the whereabouts of the baby. He has no clue what she is talking about. She says he is gone. He says he never went in the bedroom, he was at the bar. He asks if anyone else was there. She says Carmen stopped in to get something for him. He didn't send her for anything. She realizes Carmen has Eric. He thinks she may have taken him for a walk. She thinks he would have mentioned something. He says she was so out of it, maybe Carmen didn't want to bother her. She says Carmen doesn't even like Eric. He doesn't need her to come apart right now. She wants him to find the baby. He didn't see her down stairs, he was too busy being pissed off at her. He doesn't want to argue, he wants to find the baby now. They go to the bar and ask bartender if he had seen Carmen. She was there earlier but not with the baby. Deacon asks the bouncer, he didn't see her leave either and there is no way she could have slipped by him. He is sorry and will let him know if he sees her. He leaves and the bartender comes over and tells them that Carmen was hitting the juice and was pretty well strung over him and Amber. He says she saw them kissing in the apartment and started doing shots. She said if she couldn't have him, neither can she. Deacon tells Amber to come with him, he knows where she will be, where she goes when she wants to be alone, on the rooftop. They burst through the door and see her near the edge. Amber screams and heads toward her but she tells her not to come any closer. She warns her not to take one more step.

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