The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 1/22/01



B&B Update Monday 1/22/01 

By Linda C

Rick and Bridget talk about the wedding and how nice Stephanie was. Rick wishes the baby could be there. She wonders if he will be back soon. He thinks Deacon is after Amber, not the money for the baby. She is afraid Deacon might force Amber into something. He thinks she should be there but Bridget tells him better not go. She asks him what he is going to do and warns him not to barge in over there. She suggests he talk to dad. He says so he can throw more money in, no way. She points out that Deacon is the babyís father and not to forget it.

Carmen bursts into the bar looking for a drink. She tells the bartender she is going to cut Amberís heart out. Her man is doing Amber upstairs. The bartender assures her Deacon wonít drop her for no white trash. She knows but Amber uses the baby to get to Deacon. He says Deacon doesnít want the kid, so what is going on with that? She doesnít know but she has to do something, Deacon is her life, she doesnít have anyone else. She keeps drinking it up. The tender tells her she has had too much but she tells him to keep them coming. She says they were going at it like two dogs in heat. She canít take it. Amber walked right in with a kid that isnít even hers. She gave Deacon everything and she canít believe Amber can walk right in and take it all away from her. She then decides, if she canít have him, neither will Amber. She slugs down another drink.

Deacon says Amberís kiss was interesting, she seems not to be intertwined. She will have to do better than that if she wants his kid. She tells him one more and that is it. She kisses him a bit better, but he is not satisfied. He wants more. She agrees to one more, but says it will be the last one. She pulls away and tells him he got what he wanted now give her what she wants. She heads for the baby, but he stops her. He says she knows she felt something for him. She denies it and wants him to hold up his part of the deal. He says she couldnít have thought he would give her his son just because she gave him a little tongue. She flips out and slaps him and then starts throwing things at him, which he edges her on and then grabs hold of her as she breaks down and cries. He stops and looks at her and goes to touch her gently but pulls away. He tells her this isnít going to work. She says he is so cruel and it will never happen again. He thinks she was having a good time. She says she was just trying to get her baby back and wasnít enjoying it. She says all he sees is a skirt, not a person who has feelings, just a body he can get off on. She wonders if he has even given a thought to what she is going through having a baby she loves so much ripped from her. She calls him a horrible human being. Carmen looks in unnoticed as Deacon tells Amber he is sorry and touches her arm. Amber tells him not to touch her. He repeats he is sorry, but he just canít let her go. She wonít even look at him. He walks out not seeing Carmen hiding by the door. After he passes by, she enters the apartment and says she has to get something for Deacon. As Amber wonders how she is going to get the baby away from Deacon, Carmen sneaks out with the baby. She tells the baby, the whole thing started with him and will end with him.

The kids are getting so fussy on the plane until Ridge tells them the story of how much their mommy and daddy are so in love they want to get married again. They fuss a bunch over little Stephanie. Kathryn leads the kids off for a surprise while Ridge and Taylor talk about their love. Shortly there after, the kids come out and put on a cute little fashion show. Ridge tells Taylor she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

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