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B&B Update Friday 1/19/01

By Linda

Carmen complains about being a babysitter. She wants to go out and have some fun. Deacon tells her things have changed. She is well aware of that and she doesn't get it. The Forrester's want to give him a million, what is the hold up? He wants her to just give him time. She says he is bent out of shape lately and doesn't even look at her like he used to. She blames Amber, thinking he has a thing for her. She wants him to deny it. He won't. She says she is going to be watching and there is no way she is going to let that little Bimbo put the moves on him. He reminds her that she has to leave for work. She assures him she will be right down stairs and will know if Amber comes in.

The kids help Kathryn pack their things for the trip to St. Thomas. The doorbell rings and the driver picks up their bags to load in the car. Kathryn asks where Taylor is. Ridge informs her that she will meet them at the airport.

Meanwhile, Morgan has Taylor cornered. She tells her things are going to stop right there, right now. She is sick of Taylor bad mouthing her. Taylor denies that and says Morgan is on the defensive and making threats. She can tell by her stance. Morgan says she has to be, she has to hang on to any hopes she has. Taylor wonders what she means by that. Morgan says this is her job and her only hope. Taylor informs her that she and Ridge are on their way to renew their vows and Morgan should face it. There is nothing left there for her. Morgan says it has nothing to do with Ridge. Taylor thinks she is obsessed with him which, Morgan quickly denies, but then says she loves him. Taylor says that is admitting it to her face, she just wanted to sleep with Ridge. Morgan says no, she just wanted a baby to replace the one from her past and everything would have been all right if he survived, but he didn't. Taylor says she is sorry about that. It breaks her heart to think an innocent little life was lost. Although she is sad about what happened to that little child, she can never forgive Morgan for what she did and neither will Ridge. Taylor says it is over. Morgan says Taylor and Ridge can take off to the island and she has to get over it, huh? Taylor says she needs help because she is depressed and needs help getting through it. She gives Morgan a piece of paper with a name of someone who she thinks can help her. Morgan tears it up and chews it, then spits it into Taylor's face and tells her to take her little family and her advice and get out of there now.

Rick wants Amber to continue her visits with the baby. But he is also weary of Deacon's intentions and thinks that some day he is going to use his leverage to get what he wants. Amber isn't so sure that will happen. She won't fall for that. He tells her to keep her guard up. She is not going to sleep with him. Rick isn't worried about that. He just thinks Deacon is a slime ball. He tells her to tell the baby how much he loves him and misses him. She will. She leaves.

Deacon tells the baby his mommy is late. That is because women are always late. Knock, knock, it is Amber. He tells her first thing that she is late. She passes right by him to the baby. Hi, there, it is mommy, you missed me didn't you. Deacon watches on. She fusses a bit more with the baby. Deacon goes over and tells her she should call if she is going to be late, he isn't running a daycare center there. He has things to do. She tells him to go right ahead, she can take it from hear. He would rather stay and keep an eye on the two of them so she doesn't take off with him. She won't. He wants to watch them, he cares about the baby. She asks what Eric's favorite food is. Deacon replies, grapes, thought he didn't remember, huh? She knows what he is up to, Mr. sensitive, caring guy. Well, it isn't going to work. If he really cared, the baby wouldn't be there. She wants to know why he doesn't take the money and go. He asks if she really wants to know? She does. He says because if he loses the kid, he loses her. She tells him nice try, but his whole confession routine is not going to work either. She knows what he is after and he can forget it, she isn't going to have sex with him. She says they both can agree, sex is not an option, but how about another deal? He tells her he will give the baby to her if she will give him a kiss. She thinks he is pulling one over on her. He assures her he isn't, he means it. She says, one kiss and she gets the baby back? He says he still gets the money. Playing daddy was fun for a while, but it is getting old. She gives in. He wants another one, better than the last. Carmen comes to the door and watches on with daggers in her eyes.

The plane is ready for take off but Taylor is still not there. Kathryn suggests he call her cell phone. The pilot comes in and says they are second in line for take off. Finally Taylor shows up. Ridge asks what took her so long? She says she got held up at the office but is ready to go. She never tells him about Morgan. (Gee, what happened to telling each other everything? That didn't last long.) They profess, they will be husband and wife forever and hug.

Morgan holds a picture of Taylor and the kids again. She says Taylor has it all and what does she have, nothing, nothing at all.

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