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B&B Update Thursday 1/18/01

By Linda C

Thorne tickles Mrs. Forrester with a rose as she lays asleep. He let her sleep in because she looked so beautiful and didnít want to disturb her. He has been thinking of the wedding all morning. They discuss Ridge and Stephanie showing up at the wedding and how happy they were to see the families coming together. He says it was her that brought the family together. She gives the credit to Bridget. He passes back to her convincing Bridget they should be together. They finally agree, they all had something to do with it. She wants to have a dinner to show how much they appreciate them. He wants her to go with him to see Ridge. She has things to do first.

Stephanie is at Ridgeís playing with the kids. Ridge asks if the is why she did it, came to the wedding, because of the kids. She admits he is right. Bridget convinced her to let things go. By not going to the wedding wasnít going to stop it, but only cause more tension. She then thought about the future of the children. She wonders if that is why he went. He says Taylor made him. They laugh. He says he wanted a new start. She hopes it is wisdom. He tells Thomas that as soon as Taylor gets back, they are going on the plane. Stephanie asks if they are having a big thing. He says no, bikinis for them. She is happy they are renewing their vows. She says anytime they need a sitter, call her and Eric, they are at her beckoned call. Thorne stops by, smiles and says hi to Stephanie. Kathryn takes the kids for breakfast. Thorne thanks them for showing up at the wedding. He knows Stephanie still has some issues about the marriage but, mom being there meant the world to him. He tells Ridge he is sorry to hear about Morgan. Ridge doesnít want to hear her name again.

Morgan is tormented still, as she enters Ridgeís office. She picks up a picture from his desk of Taylor and the kids. Brooke stops in, surprised to see her there. Brooke is sorry to hear about her baby. She says she didnít mean to hurt anyone by getting pregnant by Ridge. She just wanted to have a baby. She is now afraid Ridge will fire her. Brooke assures her she is important to the company. She has been doing a great job and they donít want to lose her now. Morgan is happy to hear that. Brooke says she and Thorne are heading out for their honeymoon and they need her now. Morgan thanks her, then has some sketches to get and will meet Brooke in her office. While out of sight, Taylor comes in and asks Brooke if she has the papers for Ridge. When Taylor sees Morgan, she tells her to get out, she has no reason to be in the building. Morgan tells Brooke she will be in her office. Taylor tells her she no longer works there. Morgan tells her she canít fire her. Brooke jumps in, she doesnít want to be involved in the personal stuff, but business is business and she has controlling stock and has to make an executive position. They can finish the discussion once they come back from St. Thomas and Brooke and Thorne are back from their honeymoon. There is no one else there to finish Morganís designs and she needs her there. Morgan says she will go back to her office as Taylor looks frightened about the situation. She says she canít believe it. Brooke says it isnít personal. Taylor thinks Brooke just doesnít care. Taylor thinks Morgan is a threat. Brooke says there is no good reason she can fire Morgan. Taylor says Morgan is morally corrupt. She was taking Morgan to the clinic and all. What if she takes all the designs and goes off somewhere else after Brooke spent all this money on them. Taylor says Morgan is unstable, but Brooke doesnít agree. She has been pushed away by her friends and will probably be kicked out of the beach house by Taylor and Ridge. She tells Taylor to just go to St. Thomas and let her handle Morgan.

Thorne says he has to run. Ridge says Taylor will be back soon and would like to see him before she goes. He tells Ridge the next time he is in trouble, he doesnít want to hear if from Dad. Ridge assures him that Morgan will never give him trouble again. Meanwhile, Morgan corners Taylor in Ridgeís office after Brooke leaves.

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