The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 1/17/01



B&B Update Wednesday 1/17/01

By Linda C

Eric asks Stephanie what she is doing there but she hushes him because the wedding is about to begin. The minister proceeds with the ceremony. Many comments reflecting the troubles they have been through as everyone looks on. After his part, the minister asks the usual, anyone doesn’t think the couple should be married, forever hold your peace. Thorne and Brooke look at Stephanie, who smiles. They look back at each other elated. Kim has a look like she is about to say something, but holds her tongue. Brooke’s dad reads a piece about love and says that is what brought them all together, Brooke and Thorne’s love and he has hopes that it will last forever. Kim has tears in her eyes. The minister gets ready to light the candles of unity. Brooke’s mother goes up. Eric goes to get up and do the same, but Stephanie stops him, she will go. The two ladies light the candles together, sharing smiles. Thorne and Brooke listen as a harp is played. The two look at one another and say their vows. Thorne says from friends to lovers and they both found the child in each of them and they pledge their lives, future and children and love to each other. Brooke compliments their families for touching them through their lives and helping to bring them together. They have molded them and taught them what unconditional love is. What ever lies in their path, they will face it together, now and forever. Rings are exchanged and the minister pronounces them husband and wife. Everyone smiles and stands to clap. Ridge pats Thorne on the back and they hug. Bridget and Brooke hug and Bridget hands Brooke the bouquet. The couple walks down the aisle as Brooke says to herself, the past is all behind them. This is her family, his family, their family. White rose pedals fall from the ceiling. She says this is all because of one man, her husband, Thorne Forrester.

Sally finds the picture of Thorne and Brooke on the front page. She tells Clarke that she is going to call Stephanie who will need a shoulder to cry on. She calls her office and is told that Stephanie is attending her son’s wedding. She leaves no message and hangs up the phone. Darla asks her what is going on. Sally tells them that it is unbelievable, Stephanie is attending the wedding. Clarke can’t believe it. Sally says there is no way Stephanie would be at the wedding, Brooke has ruined all their lives. Look what she did to Macy. Clarke says if they want to get married, no one is going to stop them. Sally wants to go to the wedding and watch as Stephanie puts a stop to it. Clarke tells her not to go, just accept the fact they are getting married. Sally says if Macy only knew what was going on. Darla says she may know and she would want Sally and Stephanie to stay out of it. Clarke thinks Darla has a point, Stephanie would go to great lengths to make her family happy. Sally thinks the poison between the two families is to far into the past, there is no way Stephanie will go along with it. Darla is sorry to upset Sally. Sally says no one is going to convince her that Stephanie will agree with this. Clarke reminds her that Stephanie’s family is important to her. Sally says Stephanie loved Macy too. Clarke says and nothing is going to bring her back. Darla says some marriages never last. Sally asks if she is saying she should just accept it? Darla says Macy would. She was trying to rejoin the families and would have accepted it.

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