The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 1/16/01



B&B Update Tuesday 1/16/01

By Linda C

The show starts off with Stephanie at Brooke’s door. Brooke can’t believe she is there, she was so determined not to come. Stephanie says she invited her and she changed her mind. Brooke asks if that means she accepts the marriage. Stephanie says not exactly, but for years she has tried to weed her out of the family, but Brooke has most of the family on her side and she wants to know how this marriage will be different. Brooke says she and Thorne are in love and it is none of her business. Stephanie says it is her family too. Brooke says if she can’t accept this marriage, she would rather she leave. Stephanie says she isn’t finished. This marriage is going to happen with or without her so she is going to stay and is not going to do anything to stop it. Brooke turns and looks at her in disbelief. Brooke says she knew she would find it in her heart to forgive her. Stephanie says she will never forgive her for what she did, but is doing this for Bridget. Bridget told her the marriage is important to her because her mother is happy and wanted her to put all aside for the sake of the family. She doesn’t want to hurt the children, they have nothing to do with it and she realizes it has been hard on the kids and they deserve to feel loved by all of them and that has to start here and now. She is not there because of Brooke or Thorne but for the future children of the family. She may never fully accept this marriage but they might and will need both of them.

At the ceremony, everyone is gathered. Eric welcomes Brooke’s mom and tells her she hasn’t changed a bit. She thinks he is flattering her and is glad he came because she knows he didn’t agree with the wedding and thanks him for coming. She asks if he is the only one. He says Stephanie and Ridge won’t be there and he is disappointed that they won’t support them.

Meanwhile, Ridge helps Thorne get ready. Thorne thanks him for coming and wonders what changed his mind. Ridge says he realized not accepting his wedding was his trying to control him and he knows it is Thorne’s life and he has a right to do what he wants. Thorne laughs, Taylor chewed your butt out didn’t she. Ridge laughs back, so what if she did? Life is too short. Thorne wishes he mother would change her mind.

Rick and Amber talk about how beautiful a night it is for a wedding especially after all Brooke and Thorne have been through. Rick says like them, and their wedding will be next. The both wish the baby were there. Rick is sure they will get him back in time for their wedding. When he makes her his wife, again. They kiss.

Rick thanks Kim for coming. She is glad she was invited. Thorne still means a lot to her but she realizes things don’t always turn out the way you want. He asks if she is okay. She tells him he should probably ask her that after the ceremony.

Thorne asks if Ridge has the rings. He plays the old, best man lost the rings trick. Thorne’s eyes nearly pop out of his head but Ridge says he gave them to the minister so Thomas wouldn’t lose them. Thorne wishes his mom was there. They head out of the room to the ceremony.

Bridget wonders what is taking Brooke so long. Rick assures her she will be along shortly.

Meanwhile, Brooke tells Stephanie this will mean a lot to all of them and that she has made her so happy today. Stephanie hugs Brooke as tears roll down Brooke’s face. Brooke thanks her. Bridget knocks on the door and comes in all happy to see Stephanie there. Brooke’s dad winks at Stephanie and Bridgett tells her she just knew she would be there. Dad and Bridget leave. Stephanie hands Brooke her bouquet and they smile at one another.

Thorne takes his place next to the minister. Eric turns to look back for the bride. Rick is behind him and Eric asks why Brooke hasn’t come down. Rick thinks she is waiting for Ridge and Stephanie to show up. Eric says is that is the case, they will be waiting all night. Eric then notices Ridge come in and is surprised to see him. Thomas comes down with the rings on a pillow. Ridge takes the pillow and Thomas goes over to Taylor. Bridget comes in and down the aisle all smiles. Brookes’ dad follows and her mom asks why he isn’t with Brooke. He says not to worry, everything is taken care of. Thorne looks panicked not seeking Brooke yet. Brooke comes in as everyone stands and looks, Stephanie comes up behind her and grabs hold of her hand and they walk down the aisle together. Everyone smiles as they approach the altar. Stephanie and Brooke smile at one another as Stephanie places Brooke’s hand in Thorne’s. Tears swell in Thorne’s eyes as he thanks his mom. Thorne says we did it honey, they are all here for us. They smile and the show ends.

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