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B&B Update Monday 1/15/01 

By Linda C

The show starts off with Brooke looking over her wedding attire. She thinks there is only one thing that will make this day perfect. She picks up the phone and calls a very unreceptive Stephanie, who says the only way she would go to the wedding it to stop it. Brooke begs her to at least go to the reception for the family. . Ridge is on the phone making plans for St. Thomas. He is having a hard time getting the hotel they were at before. Taylor thinks he is feeling low about turning Thorne down. He says he doesn't believe that Brooke and Thorne should get married. She thinks he is doing this because Stephanie doesn't believe they should be marred. He asks if she thinks he is being stubborn. She thinks he is being pig headed. He can't support this marriage and has been very vocal of it from the start. She says his father changed his mind. She says he is making a statement that he is siding with his mother and that Thorne and Brooke won't be included in the family or their functions and if he doesn't go, he will be making that statement clear. She says whether the family supports them or not, they are getting married. There is going to be a wedding tonight and what if it was him and Thorne did this to him. Thorne has always been there for him and when he needs Ridge, he takes a hike. Well, she says, she is getting the kids and going to a wedding. She walks off leaving him thinking.

The Logan's arrive at the church. Amber and Rick are there. Rick introduces Amber to everyone. Kate asks where the baby is and they make an excuse that he is with someone else and they didn't bring him.

As Brooke is getting dressed, Thorne stops by one more time before the wedding. She is the only woman he will ever want and she is happy. He asks even if the entire family won't be there? He thinks this will be the best day of their lives even if Mom and Ridge aren't there.

A knock at Stephanie's door brings Bridget to have a talk. She tells Bridget she hopes she isn't there to talk her into going because that is not going to happen. Bridget asks if it has something to do with her? Stephanie says she loves Bridget as though she is a part of her. She says Stephanie hates her mother because she took her husband away and she knows it is wrong but if it didn't happen, she and Rick would never be there. She doesn't condone what her mother did but something good came out of it depending on how Stephanie feels about them. She feels Stephanie is like the Queen of the family and much respected. She and Rick need her to be there today. Stephanie says she can't go, sorry. Bridget leaves.

Thorne gets to the church and talks a bit when he notices Kim walk in. He approaches her and asks why she is there. She wants closure and Bridget told her it would be okay for her to come. He doesn't think it is a good idea but she explains she is happy for Brooke and him and wants him to accept her friendship. Rick tells Amber how beautiful she looks, for the third time. He wishes it were them walking down the aisle. She wishes the baby was with them. She worries about him. Rick says he checked in with Deacon and Eric is fine. She wonders what is taking Brooke and Thorne so long, maybe waiting to see if Stephanie and Ridge change their minds. Rick says that would be a miracle. . Brooke's mom ushers her to hurry and get dressed. Brooke is stalling. Her mom says that Ridge and Stephanie would be there by now if they were coming. Dad comes in and says a few words of support and shares in her joy. He wants her to forget about the families not uniting and focus on the joy of the day.

Stephanie thinks about what Bridget said about Brooke taking her husband away and how it was wrong but she and Rick wouldn't be there and they need her to be there. She again says to herself, she just can't do it.

Bridget comes in wondering what is taking Brooke so long. Brooke asks where she has been and she says she went to talk to Stephanie. Brooke comes to the conclusion that Stephanie said no. She tells Bridget to go down and tell the preacher she will be there soon and assures her it will be a great wedding. Brooke calls Thorne and tells him there is no point in waiting any longer and she will meet him downstairs. The preacher stops in to see Thorne and tells him five more minutes. He asks if his father is standing up for him, he says no, he will be standing alone. The preacher leaves and there is a knock at the door. It is Ridge. Thorne is surprised to see him. Ridge says his brother is getting married, of course he is there, just wanted to make him sweat it out. They hug and Thorne tells him to put the monkey suit on that was hanging up waiting. . Brooke stands in front of the mirror making sure she is looking right when there is a knock on the door. She says Bridget tell the minister she will be down in a minute. She turns to find Stephanie standing there and asks what she is doing there.

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