The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 1/12/01



B&B Update Friday 1/12/01

By Linda

Brooke thinks to herself, it is her wedding day. She thinks back of when she and Thorne spoke of this day being a day they look back on as the day she asked him to marry her and he accepted. The doorbell rings and in comes Thorne. She tells him he isn't supposed to see her and wonders if he id living dangerously. He says no, living dangerously would be living without her. This is their wedding day and no one is going to stop it. She wonders if he has spoken to Ridge or Stephanie. He says no and didn't expect to. She wishes the whole family could come together. He says it would be a miracle if Stephanie showed up. She says miracles happen at weddings. She goes upstairs to get a few things ready before everyone gets there. Tears in her eyes, Thorne tells her those are the last tears of sadness he wants to see today. She leaves and he calls Eric. He asks if Eric will speak to Stephanie again. Eric agrees to. Thorne tells him he will see him at the wedding. Rick and Bridget come in from a run. They want their mother to be happy today. Brooke comes down the stairs, family hug. Bridget tells her not to worry, today, nothing will go wrong. She calls them her precious children. The doorbell rings. Brooke opens it to her whole family. She can't believe they are all there. There is no way they would miss her wedding. Grandma asks where Thorne is? He comes around the corner. The family discusses what they have been up to. In come mom and dad. Brooke runs over for a hug as Rick asks Thorne if he spoke to Stephanie. Thorne says dad is going to. Thorne thanks Brooke's family for coming. They are the reason Brooke is in his life and they will always have his respect and love. He is going to make Brooke the happiest girl in the world. Which Brooke says he already has. Grandma asks when they will see the rest of his family. He says soon, but probably not his mother. Brooke pulls Bridget aside to talk to her about something. She wants her to be her maid of honor. Bridget can't believe she asks her after all she put her through. Brooke is grateful Bridget finally accepted Thorne and their marriage. Bridgett agrees to be matron of honor but notices something is bothering Brooke. Brooke tells her she wished the whole family could be there, Stephanie included. Bridgett tells her not to give up, things may work out.

Stephanie comes down stairs and asks Eric who was on the phone. He tells her, Thorne. Eric asks what she is going to do today. She says she is going to the office. He wants to talk to her. She says not to pressure her. He says yesterday was difficult for Brooke and Thorne. She thinks Brooke deserves it. He tells her not to think about Brooke, think about Thorne and insists Brooke is a different person now. He sees that and maybe some day she will too. She says Brooke chose him and she lost him. Eric says it was he that left the marriage and made that choice not Brooke. She still can't believe Brooke looks back on that with regret. He says she learned from her mistake. She wonders why she should let Brooke off the hook, she has no conscience and doesn't care that she hurt Stephanie. He wants to know if there is anything Brooke can say to make her change her mind. She says Brooke can say she isn't marrying Thorne. She says she will never forgive Brooke for taking Eric away from her. She doesn't want to discuss it anymore. Eric says she is going to lose out on a lot. It will be a tragedy if she doesn't show up for her family. She can't bless this marriage, to think she can would be stupid. She says she is staying away because she loves her family. She feels Brooke is like a cancer and she will fight her to her last breath and in her eyes, Brooke will never be a Forrester, period. Eric takes her by the face and then hugs her.

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