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B&B Update Thursday 1/11/01

By Linda

Brooke reaches out to and unreceptive Stephanie. She pleads with her to forgive her and calls her the cornerstone of the family, but Stephanie still refuses to accept her and Thorneís marriage. Brooke tries telling her that her kids love her and when she and Thorne have kids she wants them to love their grandmother. Still, no luck. Stephanie reminds Brooke how she took her husband away and canít believe she now stands there wanting her to embrace her and wonders if she would have felt the same if it were her husband. Stephanie says she would rather embrace the devil himself. Look around the room, you have had all three of theses men. Brooke say she didnít steal Stephanieís husband, and she is sure all things happen for a reason and she has learned from these relationships. She adds that the rest of the family will be there and even if Stephanie canít bless the wedding, she wants her to be there. She respects her so much and is sorry if she hurt her and will suffer for that. She asks if Stephanieís marriage is stronger now and that she has gotten something from this. Stephanie says she has learned that Brooke is unscrupulous and immoral and that she hasnít changed. Brooke cries into Thorneís arms. Thorne then asks Ridge to stand up for him as best man. Taylor suggests they discuss it. Thorne wants to know what there is to discuss, he either will do it or not. Thorne tells Stephanie that the door is always open if she changes her mind. He tells Ridge that if he wonít be his best man, he will stand up there alone. Ridge looks at his mother, then turns him down flat. Brooke thinks Ridge must really hate him. He denies it. A disappointed Thorne and Brooke leave. They all look at one another.

Amber speaks with Rick on the phone. He asks if Deacon touched her. She says no, but she wants to get out of there. Rick wonders if Deacon would take the money? She thinks so. He tells her that Jonathan is working on getting it all set. Deacon comes in so she hangs up. He heads over to get a cigarette and she jumps up off the sofa and yells at him. There is a baby here, what is wrong with him, doesn't he know about second hand smoke? He says he has a splitting headache but has heard about first hand smoke and leans up to kiss her neck. She pushes him away and tells him to see Carmen for that, she is sure she can give him what he wants. He tells her she doesn't know what he wants. She is sure it isn't the baby, he is just dollar signs for him and wants him to admit it. She wonít turn him in for it, he can trust her. He asks why he would do that. The baby sits at the table eating and Deacon goes by and calls him little D. Amber says he was disgusting last night. He says it seems she would do anything for that little kid. She says he knows it. He says he knows she has been staying there and away form Rickís little love nest. She says that shows him how much she loves her son. He comments, her son, his son, that makes them mom and dad, doesnít it. In his dreams, she says. She knows the way he looks at her, like he does all woman, like little toys, but she would rather eat rat poison than be with him. He asks if she is going to the wedding. Yes, and she would rather have Eric there with her. He notices her tone and says she can be nice when she wants something.

Jonathan wants guards. Rick says no. Jon says he is carrying a million dollars and should have protection. Rick is afraid they wonít be able to get in the bar if they have the guards along. Jon thinks it is a bad idea, this is a million dollars in cash. Rick feels it is the only way. They have to give him the cash. Jon worries about Deacon getting dangerous. Rick thinks that is only because they tricked him and they arenít going to do that this time. Rick asks if he has the guardian papers. He does. Letís go.

Deacon says Amber will look beautiful at the wedding. She wonít go without the baby. He says she will have to go with him then. She asks if he like torturing her? He asks if she has wedding plans of her own with the Forrester money. She isnít interested in his money. Deacon asks how she met Rick, being the babysitter? He is a baby. She wants her to admit she doesnít love Rick since she was going to marry CJ. She wonders why he keeps tormenting her. He says it is just them. She says it is him, her and Carmen. He lights up, did you ever try one of those. She tells him he is disgusting and just because they came from the same side of the tracks doesnít mean they are alike, because they are not. He puts on an act like his feelings are hurt. She got out of the gutter years ago and they are as far apart as heaven is to hell and would rather walk through hell than let him touch her. He is lost for words, looks hurt but doesnít comment. Amber goes over to the baby. She picks him up and carries him. Deacon wonders where she learned to mother. She says from her mother, she showed her what not to do. He feels she didnít do too bad a job, Amber turned out okay. She thanks him. There is a knock at the door. He opens it, what do you know? Jonathan tells him they brought him something. He wants to guess, was he named father of the year? Jon shows him the briefcase, it is in here. He asks Amber if she knew about this. She tells him to check it out. Rick tells him it is a million in cash, unmarked and untraceable. All he has to do is sign the guardian papers. Deacon says it is a lot of green. Jon says there is one catch, this is the end of it, take it and they donít hear from him again. Deacon says he takes the money, and they get the kid and he never hears from them again? Rick says that is the deal. Deacon asks if they will go on a long honeymoon. Rick says that is their business. They want to be at his motherís wedding tomorrow, letís finish the business. Deacon says it is finished. Take the money and get out of here. Amber cries out not to do this to her. He says he didnít do this to her, Rick did. He said he wonít be pressured and meant it. She tells him she hates him. He takes the baby from her and tells her not to yell in front of the baby, it isnít good for him to see his mommy and daddy arguing. Rick wants to go before he decks him. Deacon moans like Rick really scares him. Sits on the couch and plays with the baby.

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