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B&B Update Wednesday 1/10/01

By Linda

The show starts off with Taylor lying in bed as Ridge stokes her face. She awakens and says good morning. They are so happy, thought they were dreaming all this. He tickles her. She tells him she loves him, all that he said last night. He meant every word of it. She likes the sound of that. He says from now on that is all she is going to get from him is plain honest truth. He never wants to talk about Morgan again. She thinks she is still trouble. He thinks she is history. He wants only to think of them at St. Thomas with the kids. He will call the travel agency today. He can’t wait to see the kids. He thanks her for taking him back and promises he will never let her down ever again. They kiss.

Goes to Thorne and Brooke in bed kissing. What a way to start the day she says. He says and the afternoon and evening. She wants to plan the wedding, no church, no hoopla, no press. Maybe have it at home with a reception inside. He asks about how many guests. She invited her family. The most important day of her life, they want to share it with her. He wishes his family felt the same way.

Eric and Stephanie go back and forth about Thorne and Brooke getting married. He says it is Thorne’s decision, so he can’t interfere. She won’t be a party to it. She has too much to deal with. She notices Ridge’s car is gone. Eric wonders if he went home last night. She thinks that would be wonderful. He agrees.

Ridge and Taylor walk into the living room, him with his arm around her and her holding his hand. The kids are there with Jack and Kathryn. Ridge says, hey sport and Thomas runs into his arms. Jack looks at Taylor as she smiles sweetly. Jack asks Ridge when he go in. He says last night, his business trip didn’t last as long as expected. He thanks Jack for being there for them. He is relieved to hear everything is okay. Ridge says he will take Thomas to school, but Jack refuses to let him, saying he will do it, then take the girls out so Ridge can spend some time with his wife.

Eric sits on the sofa reading the newspaper. He offers Stephanie a coffee, decaf this time. She paces wondering and worrying about Ridge and if he went to home and had a fight with Taylor he could be anywhere. She has her get her coat so they can go over there and see for themselves.

Brooke feels his family will accept them. He doesn’t, they tried to stop them last year. After all they put them through, they are still together because their love is real. He says his family doesn’t see it that way. Maybe he can get his dad to talk to his mother again. Brooke doesn’t want anyone forced. She knows his mother likes family unity so it should work out. He tells her not to get her hopes up. He realizes she is determined. She admits she is. She wants to get going with their plans. She thinks this could be terrific but wants to get Ridge and Stephanie’s blessing first. They decide to start with Ridge. She wants to end this family tragedy once and for all.

Ridge phones Eric and Stephanie’s, but there is no answer. Taylor suggests he try work, they may have gone in early. The doorbell rings. Taylor gets it. Stephanie says hi. They asks if Ridge is there. He says he is and kisses Taylor. Stephanie asks if they worked everything out. They did, but he hoped to surprise them. Stephanie is so happy and says she is sorry for not telling Taylor earlier about Morgan. Ridge says her name won’t be mentioned anymore. They tells Eric and Stephanie about last night at the beach and says they are glad they showed up, there is something they want to talk to them about. They have to help them with the details. Stephanie wonders what details. Ridge wants time off from work. Eric says he can have all the time he needs. Taylor wants the company jet. They are surprised at that request. She explains they are going to St. Thomas where Ridge first proposed. Eric says they are starting over again. Taylor says they are and are going to be stronger and more committed than they have ever been. Ridge thinks they have been through more than any couple has ever been. Stephanie offers to take the children while they go. They tell her they are taking them with them. She is so proud of them. Taylor says all she said was yes. Stephanie says Taylor forgave him and not ever woman would do that. She hugs Taylor. The doorbell rings, they assume it is Jack, but of course, it is Brooke and Thorne. Ridge asks what is going on. Ridge says it isn’t a good time. Mom and Dad are there. Brooke says good, they need to talk to them too and walks right in. Eric asks if it couldn’t wait until they got to the office. Thorne says no, they need to talk about he and Brooke getting married. Stephanie says they really aren’t interested in discussing it. Brooke says they are already making plans. Thorne says it is going to happen soon. The kids and Eric are going to be there and she would like Ridge and Stephanie’s blessing. Stephanie feels they barged in there for that. Brooke says they waited long enough and want them to accept it. She tells Stephanie it would be her chance to unite the family. Stephanie thinks that is a lot of bull, Brooke has been nothing but revolting to her and her family for several years. Brooke says she has changed from that girl she used to be and wants everyone to get along. She says Stephanie is the leader of the family and respects her for that and wants her to help the family get along for generations. They have fought long enough and she wants to end this war. She reaches out to hug Stephanie and Stephanie stares at her is disbelief.

Tomorrow, Deacon and Amber go at it over the baby again.

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