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B&B Update Tuesday 1/9/01

By Linda

As Amber lies in the bed, Deacon comes in with a bottle of booze in his hands calling, Amber. She acts like she is asleep as he sits on the bed and tells her not to play games, he knows she is awake. He has been watching her with the baby and thinks she is wonderful and would do anything for him. He admires her for her attitude and guts. He says they are all alone, her, the baby and him. He touches her leg. He wonders where Carmen is but doesnít care if she ever comes back, she means nothing to him, but Amber, is something else. His hand runs up her leg to her thigh. He thinks they would make a hell of a team. Not like that Forester kid. He may have money, but he is a little boy. He canít give her what she needs. She needs a man to give her what she wants. He knows she is playing hard to get. He tells her she doesnít have to say anything, just relax. Carmen comes in and he gets up off the bed. She wants to know what Amber is doing there. He tells her to quiet down, the baby is sleeping. Take it out in the hall. They go out of the room and Carmen is all over him about Amber wanting to know what she is doing there. He says she didnít want to leave the kid alone. She canít believe that is why he let her stay. He says it is his place and he will do what he wants to. Carmen want him to send her home. He wonít and if she doesnít like it she can pack her stuff and go. He walks away. She comes after him apologizing. She tells her to go off and get ready for bed. He asks if she is going to be nice to him? She is, real nice. She goes into their bedroom and he glances back at her. Amber gets out of bed and goes to the door to listen. Deacon pops the door open and says good night, Amber, pleasant dreams.

Morgan sits solemnly on her sofa when there is a knock at the door. It is Clarke and he wants to talk. He says that Stephanie stopped by to talk to him but he didnít tell her anything and says he is sorry to hear about her loss. He doesnít want her to say anything, he realizes she is hurt. She wonders if that is all he wanted. He says no, he thinks it is time for her to leave town. Tears are running down her face. He thinks it would be better for her to get away from Ridge and Taylor. She thinks they are teaming up against her. He says he is no friend of Ridgeís and probably never will be but Ridge is 100% committed to his family and that will never change. They always bounce back so the best thing she can do is pack her things and go. He thinks she is only asking for more pain. She wonders why he would be concerned. He tells her to do something for herself, she is a talented designer and there is a whole world out there for her. He tells her to put it all behind her and forget it ever happened. He walks out leaving her livid.

Taylor tells Ridge she is not ready to talk yet, but he insists she listen. He canít just sit by and wait for her to decide his love is real, nor can he sleep at night knowing she and the kids are alone. He knows everyone says to give her space but he canít do it. She knows he loves her and the children and no matter where she goes, he will be by her side for the rest of their lives. She wants time to think. He reminds her of when they first met when Caroline died and how much her death hurt him, he wanted to die, he lost all hope and faith. He thought he would never be happy again but he was wrong. He has been happier than he has ever been because of her and the kids. He wonít let that slip through. She says it is not that simple. He thinks it is, they love each other. She says he canít ignore the fact he slept with another woman. He says the stupidest thing he ever did but his love has never waned. In his heart and soul, he has always been true to her. She says everything has changed. He says it hasnít. She is all he ever thinks about, from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed and she and the kids are the most important things to her and that will never change. She wonders if he thinks she should just take him back? He believes they can go on from here stronger than ever. He will camp out on her doorstep until she takes him back. She says he said the same thing when he went after her in St. Thomas. He wants to go back there with the kids this time and renew their vows and start over as a man who is confident in his life and not only knows what he has in his life, but already has it. Taylor thinks it is a fantasy. He says it may be. It may be hers. He asks if she loves him. She says she does, but how can they get past Morgan. He says to leave Morgan behind and go forward without that womanís manipulation. He wants to celebrate their love, their history and their future. It is all in front of them. All they want to achieve is in St. Thomas. Their marriage, their kids, they can have it all if they work together. She asks if he really wants to get remarried like they did the first time. He says there is only one difference, the way he admired her a long time ago, canít match how much he loves her now. He gets on his hands and knees and proposes to her asking if she will become his wife all over again. She says okay, okay, yes.. They kiss as the tears roll down both of their faces.

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