The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 1/8/01



B&B Update Monday 1/8/01 

By Linda

Deacon comes up to his apartment to find Amber playing with the baby. She lets him have it about bringing him to the bar. She wants him to stop drinking and smoking around the baby. He tells her he is in charge. Well, if he won't stop, she is staying right there with him because there is no way he is going to let her take Eric home. Rick phones but she tells him she is fine and can take care of herself. Deacon loves the way she stand up to him when she tells him to get out of there and go back to the bar. She and Eric are going to sleep. Amber sings Eric a lullaby and then goes to lock the door. The lock is broken. She climbs into bed and the door opens slowly.

When Taylor seeks advice from her father, who is there to visit her, he tells her that they were both manipulated by Morgan. He says she shouldn't make any rash decisions for the kids sake.

Eric tells Ridge not to push Taylor into making a decisions about their marriage right now. Later, Ridge sees Taylor and vows not to let their marriage end like this.

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