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By Linda

In Morganís hospital room, she says to Ridge that they have a son, a little baby boy. Taylor thinks Morgan is obviously still under the effects of the anesthesia. Morgan says she is a little groggy. Taylor asks if she remembers much. Morgan says she remembers being in the hospital in labor and Taylor was there. She remembers coming in the ambulance with Taylor. She asks if they were out? Taylor says they were at her place, doesnít she remember. Morgan tries to think.

Stephanie visits Clarke who is now at home. He tells her he still has nightmares. He could have been killed. Stephanie says that is why she is there. He asks she is angry at the snake for not finishing the job off? He reminds her that her familyís dirty little secret is out and it is a matter of time Taylor finds out. She tells him that Ridge told Taylor. He asks if Morgan knows. She asks what he thinks would happen if she did know.

Rick tells Amber she should never have gone to Deaconís. He asks if he let her in. She says with a little persuasion. He is curious. She tells him how she broke the door down. She says Deacon wasnít too upset but his girlfriend was a bit. Rick reminds her that Carmen is dangerous and she should stay away from her. She doesnít think the two of them will be hanging out. He wants to know how the baby is. She says he is miserable and living over a smoky bar. What if they leave him alone up there. He thinks they will have him back soon. He is sure Deacon will sooner or later take the money. She is sure he is right, Deacon doesnít care about anything else but money. There is something else they have to think of, telling CJ. He doesnít want to pressure her. She is more worried about the baby right now. But once the baby comes home, he has to have a family to go home to. She knows, but she and CJ were about to get married and she had very warm feelings for him. He offers to help her tell CJ. She refuses his help. It is something she has to do alone. She is in love with the most wonderful man.

Meanwhile, CJ is setting up a romantic dinner for Amber and him. Darla thinks Amber is the luckiest lady. She really thinks Amber could use a break from everything. CJ says that is why he is doing this. Dealing with Deacon and the custody of Eric, they really started losing themselves. She doesnít want him to let that happen, especially with you know who walking around. She thinks Rick has come on pretty strongly. CJ doesnít think Rick will be a problem after tonight. She says he better not. The phone rings. It is Amber. She asks what he is doing. Waiting for her at Insomnia. She will be right there. She hangs up the phone and Rick holds her.

Morgan thinks the three of them were together. Taylor informs her that it was just the two of them. Morgan feels that doesnít matter, they are all together now. Taylor and Ridge look at her oddly. She asks why they are looking at her like that? She asks Ridge if he has seen the baby yet? No he hasnít. She did have the baby, right? Taylor tells her she did and coldly tells her it is obvious she needs her rest. Morgan pleads with her to stay. Ridge tells her she just had a baby, for God sakes. Taylor adds, and she is not remembering things. What things? Taylor says the things that happened between the two of them at her house. Morgan remembers that they were arguing. She thinks it was about Ridge. Taylor says it was about what Morgan did to her and her family by having Ridgeís baby. She says she has to get out of there. She heads for the door and Morgan says, then you pushed me! Taylor whips around, pushed you? Morgan, off the balcony in the living room. Taylor defends her moves that Morgan grabbed her and she was trying to get away when Morgan went backwards over the railing. She went into labor because her placenta ruptured and had already had a tear so they had to deliver the baby. Morgan asks if everything is okay? She wonders if they are hiding something from her. Ridge denies it. She wants to know if the doctor told them anything. Taylor says no, they havenít even seen her. Morgan accuses her of not telling her anything because she doesnít want anything to do with the baby, even though it is Ridgeís son. Taylor wonders if Morgan thinks that would make it more acceptable. Morgan says someday it may be. She thinks Taylor is the most amazing mother and she wants her to be a part of her babyís life. Taylor wants to know if she can understand why she feels this way. Morgan does, but points out what she did to Taylor and Ridge is not the babyís or Ridgeís fault. She just wanted and needed the baby Stephanie took away from her all those years ago which has given her a lifetime of pain and agony every time she thinks about him. She needed it to be Ridgeís baby so she could redeem herself. Taylor says, so she redeemed herself through her husbands infidelity? So, Morgan gets redemption and Taylor gets betrayal, that is sick. Morgan says, I want to see our baby now. Ridge looks at her. She asks him to go tell the nurse to bring in their baby and besides, she wants a minute alone with his wife. Taylor and Morgan engage in angry stares and Taylor motions for Ridge to go. Ridge leaves.

Clarke warns Stephanie that Morgan canít know about Taylor knowing. Stephanie wonders if he thinks she will do something rash like she did to him? She doesnít believe the accident was really an accident. Clarke doesnít want to talk about it. She blames Morgan again for his disaster. He denies it all, even the threats he received from her. He says they are talking about Morgan here and she knows he is trying to protect Taylor and demands to know if he thinks Morgan is stable or not? He says he has nothing to say about Morgan. She says she knows he is afraid of her, so is she. Soon she will have the baby. He thinks that is a good thing, she will be too busy to bother anyone. She informs him that Morgan wants Ridge to be a father to the child. Clark thinks Ridge can handle that but if Stephanie really loves Taylor and the kids, she better keep Morgan at a distance. She finds this as an admittance that he thinks Morgan is unstable. All he will say is leave her alone. Donít mess with her, Stephanie has a family to protect. Stephanie looks worried.

Amber arrives at the Insomnia as CJ opens the door for her he tells her he is glad she called, he was about to call her to have dinner together. He shows her the table. She is nearly in tears as he stands behind her with a smile. He grabs hold of her and brings her to the table and tells her how he wanted to do this for a while but everything was going on with Deacon and the baby and tonight is just going to be them. He picks up a ring box from the table and shows her. She looks so distraught.

Taylor says she canít imagine what Morgan would have to say that would interest her. Morgan says she is going to hear it none the less. Taylor points out that Morgan has her baby so now they have no use for one another. Morgan tells her that she is wrong, Morgan needs her. Taylor canít imagine what for. Morgan says she is a mother now and she wants to do what is best for her child regardless of what anyone else thinks. Her son is a reality whether Taylor likes it or not. She plans to live here for a very long time and wants his father to be a part of his life. Taylor says that is up to Ridge, not her. Morgan says Ridge is angry with her, so maybe Taylor could soften his attitude. Taylor canít believe her ears, is Morgan asking her to help her work out her problems with Ridge? Yes, Morgan says. Taylor tells her she is lucky she is in that bed. Morgan says she would help Taylor if it were her. Taylor says she would never have a child the way Morgan did. Morgan says she would if she went through what she did. Taylor says she doesnít care what Stephanie did, Morgan had no right tearing her family apart. She adds that she feels sorry for this baby because not a good thing can come from this. Morgan say she is wrong, something good has already come out of it. She has a son. Ridge comes back in. Morgan wonders where the baby is. He says he told the nurse and she said she would be in. Morgan is anxious to see him. Ridge asks what happened in there. Taylor says nothing, she is leaving. As Taylor heads for the door, the nurse comes in empty handed. Morgan asks if she would please bring her baby. The nurse looks perplexed. Morgan asks what is going on, she wants to see her baby now!

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