The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 12/27/00



B&B Update Wednesday 12/27/00

By Linda

Morgan lies motionless on the floor as Taylor comes down the stairs to check on her. She sees blood and tells Morgan to hold still as she calls for an ambulance.

Amber holds up the ax and demands to see her son. Deacon wants to know if she is going to chop him up in pieces. Carmen picks up the ax after Amber tosses it onto the couch. Deacon wants to talk. Amber came to see her son, not talk. Carmen says he is not her son, and she better stop calling him that. Deacon says Carmen has a point as he laughs. Carmen says Amber is not his mother any more, she is. Amber says Carmen is no mother; she is a slut. Deacon wants Amber to take it easy. Amber only wants to see Eric, so why are they taunting her? Carmen replies, poor little Ambrosia, everyone is teasing her. Deacon laughs. Amber warns Deacon to shut Carmen up before she does. Carmen comes toward Amber with ax in hand but Deacon breaks them up. He tells Carmen to hand over the weapon. Deacon sits on the step and asks Amber if she is going to show them what she has. She asks if he wants them to fight. He says she is the one who barged in there like lady Rambo. Carmen pushes Amber, balking like a chicken. Amber doesn’t want to fight, there is a baby in there. Carmen says she may have to fight her. Amber tells Deacon to put a leash on Carmen. Carmen pushes her. She tells her to stop pushing her and Carmen wants to know what she is going to do about it. Deacon laughs then pulls Carmen off who tells him he is being boring. Carmen then orders Amber out. Amber will not until she see her son, yes, her son. She says Carmen doesn’t know the first thing about being a parent. She says they want them money, they can have it, but right now, she is going to spend some time with her son. Carmen argues, but Amber pleads with Deacon and he sends Carmen out to find Barry to fix the door. She is not too happy. After she leaves, Deacon grabs Amber by the arm and leads her to the bedroom. She asks if he is going to rape her. He says that is not his style. He points. Amber sees the baby sitting looking at a book. He calls out, mama. She falls to pieces as Deacon looks on with a concerned look on his face. Amber picks up the baby telling him she misses him so much. She tells him how scared and worried she has been and promises him they will be together soon with Rick and it will be like it was when he was first born. She wishes he was with her right now. She looks over at Deacon, who shakes his head, no. It is his son and he knows how bad she feels but the Forresters treated him like garbage. He knows he is not a saint, but does she think he got a fair shake? She tells him that he interrupted this little boys life. He feels the kid interrupted his. She says it doesn’t have to be this way. Does she think he should ignore him like he was ignored? Should he treat him like he is mud in his shoe? He knows she couldn’t do that and wonders how she thinks he could do that.

Kathryn tries desperately to get a hold of Ridge on the phone but he walks through the door instead. She says she was out playing with the kids when she saw an ambulance but has no idea if it was Taylor it drove away with. Ridge notices some blood on the floor and then a purse. He asks Kathryn if it is hers. It is not. Ridge looks for ID and realizes it is Morgan’s. He heads out to the hospital.

Taylor rides to the hospital with Morgan in the ambulance where Morgan goes into labor. The E M T asks what happened and Taylor tells them Morgan fell. They say 8 to 10 feet. He asks how far along she is. Taylor says seven months. They ask Morgan how she is feeling. She has pain in her stomach. Taylor tells them that Morgan was hospitalized a few months ago for a torn placenta and now she has taken this fall. They apologize to one another and Taylor says she doesn’t want to talk about it right now, just get her to the hospital. They rush Morgan into the emergency room. She is definitely in labor. The doctor asks Taylor how this happened. Morgan grabs Taylor's hand and places it on her stomach telling her she is only seven months along, that is too soon. The doctor remarks that the placenta may have ruptured. Morgan asks Taylor if there is a pill or anything they can give her to stop the labor. Taylor says she doesn’t know but Morgan should relax, she is in very good hands. Morgan asks Taylor to make the right decision if she should lose consciousness. Taylor doesn’t want her to worry about that. Morgan wants to make sure Taylor knows how much the baby means to her. Taylor, seeming a bit annoyed, states she knows how much the baby means to Morgan. She pulls her hand away from Morgan and tells her to get some rest. Morgan has another pain and they rush her off to the OR. The doctor tells Taylor the baby is in trouble, they have to deliver right now. Taylor sits in the waiting area as Ridge shows up. He calls her name and she gets up and they hug. She then moves back. He asks what happened and she tells him that Morgan is in labor. She explains Morgan fell and they are in delivery right now and assures him that he would be let in because he is the father. She walks away. He says he is where he wants to be or should be. He reaches his hand out to her but she doesn’t take it. He asks about the fall. She explains and says it is not her fault. He didn’t think so. He calls her sweetheart and tries to hold her but she refuses his attention saying she doesn’t want to get into this and she walks away. He goes over to her and offers to get her some water, which she declines. He says he is going to go crazy if she doesn’t talk to him about this. She says he had seven months to tell her about creating a child with Morgan, there is nothing to talk about. But, she does feel that something forced him to tell her now. He looks at her, and she tells him to forget it. A nurse comes out of delivery. Taylor asks if Morgan is okay. She is. How about the baby. Not sure, but she has to go check on Morgan and excuses herself. She asks if they can go in. Yes, they can. Taylor heads in to see her and Ridge follows. They stand in the doorway as Morgan opens her eyes, sees them and smiles, they are both there. Taylor tells her she just came back from the operating room. She feels her stomach, she had her baby. She looks at Ridge. We had a child. Taylor looks at Ridge who uncomfortably looks at Morgan.

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