The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 12/26/00



B&B Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Linda

Morgan enters Ridge and Taylor's home trying to get Taylor to understand why she tricked Ridge. Taylor blasts her. There is no excuse for what she did. Morgan feels she deserved this child since Stephanie robbed her of Ridge's child years ago. Taylor is furious thinking that Morgan had betrayed her trust and asked her to be the baby's Godmother on top of it. She wants nothing to do with the child. Morgan feels this child could bring joy to all of them, but Taylor doesn't agree. She thinks Morgan has lost her mind thinking Taylor could ever accept thisldhial, thl che d ilulwosed ife e hoklo aedhet wor d ul abeerngTa. orylel t Mlsgaorton et gut of or heusho se, hhe rasneuihed mar iarr age sndletohen far lymiMo. anrgin, ea t brss egr he ftogior hve. ere Shvenemer t an htot urr,hehi tiss ot nbo a hut, ert buouabtht bae . byylTa torlseler hha tsht hae s ter hetsgund ail wnel r vergfoe ivr.hehe Sid dt n'ntwaer hri fdsenp,hihe san wd ter hesbhud and ane sht gom.hior Mn ganide test.hahe Sns itsishe tary fre ndie Ts.loaysar tysy hee art noiefrs.ndor Mn gantwaTas orylnd aid R tgefoo etrgll ahi tans mod ove Mn.gaortrn s ie ctovione ncr heattht is wastju s auaexacl Rt,geidov l Tesloayanr hid fas lymiTa. orylla s hps ierthn fae ace tndlseler hhi tiss bo a tutstruho, caw shn eve terstruer hus hndbaga a. ine Shldtoor Mn gaouabhet whr e oltiintemaif lwie Rthgeidnd aol tevd yoer hne mowh uceithfrr ndieipshea m tntheo anr ind he tea mimnt Me,gaorwan sts biab hng ierthn bae . cke Shieflups he tta ss ir gto aety waomfror Mn gad ane shllfos.owhe Sel t Tlsloaythr tat bhey abanmesos uc mtoh er hit, s ir hefelind ahe tea rn soe shkewaups n ie thrnmog.inhe Tary e gumesoor mane Tad orylri t tesgeo awt faym ror heenwhor Mn gaabgrhos oldhef Tr.loaytrr s ie ptol ulayawnd aor Mn gailsaovs ter rheliai ang fndlsalo te thweloler l,vehe w sre lhes aycouncinss.ouay Tr lookloovs iershn k.ocp>

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