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B&B Update Friday 12/22/00

By Linda

Taylor can't believe Ridge had sex with Morgan and got her pregnant. Morgan told her she was artificially inseminated. Ridge tells her that Morgan lied. The baby she is carrying is his. She turns her back on him and doesn't say a word. He wants her to talk to him. He says these few months have been hell for him. She turns and repeats, months? He has known for months? He wants her to understand that he thought she wanted him to get Morgan pregnant because of the email. She doesn't care about the email; she wants to know how long he has been lying to her. She thinks he knew through the whole pregnancy. He says he just didn't know what to do. When she came home from her trip, he realized then that she didn't send the email and made Morgan take a pregnancy test which came out negative. Taylor says, negative? He tells her that was a lie just like many that Morgan told him. She says when she saw the bassinette in Morgan's room she told him she thought Morgan was pregnant and he didn't say anything. He lied as much as Morgan did. He knows there is no excuse, but he was in shock and didn't know how to tell her. She realizes all the dinners and gifts for the kids and all the time he has been spending with his family and romancing her was all out of guilt. He denies it. He loves her and the kids more than anything in this world and meant everything he said. This problem with Morgan has nothing to do with the way he feels about her. Taylor says, this problem? She is carrying his child. She is going to have his baby. He says they are going to have to deal with that. She wants to know how she is supposed to deal with it? He wants to sit down and talk about their options. According to her, there are no options, Morgan is having his baby and there is nothing they can do about that. He doesn't mean about Morgan, he means about them, her and the kids. She asks if he means the legitimate ones? He says he is so sorry. She asks if that is all he can say? He knows it isn't enough and asks her what she wants him to say and do? She wants him to tell her what he wants to do. He has had seven months to think about it. What is it they should do? He says he doesn't know what to do. She asks if he wants to be a father to the child. He says he is his father. She wants to know if he is going to help raise him? He says that is something they have to talk about. She wants to know if he is going to leave her for Morgan. Of course not, how can she even ask him that? She says he did it before. She can see he feels responsible. She can see it in his eyes. When he found out Thomas was his, he left Brooke. He says he left because he was in love with Taylor not because of Thomas. She says he loved Brooke too. He says not the way he loves her, she is his wife and there will never be anyone else for him. She wants him to tell her that Morgan means absolutely nothing to her. He says Morgan tricked him and lied to him and put his family at risk. She says Morgan didn't get pregnant by herself, and how is it Morgan forced him to lie to her. He claims that he was confused and scared. He didn't want to lose her and was wrong not to tell her right away. She says it was just another mistake. She blasts him about it being the same mistake he made over and over for the last seven months. She thinks he made a choice and now it is her turn to make a choice. He says they don't have to decide anything right now. She opens the door and calmly tells him that she needs him to leave. He wants to talk about this but she repeats that she wants him to leave. She can't even look at him, she just wants him to leave. She walks by him and he grabs hold of her. She screams at him not to touch her and pulls away. She screams at him to get out but he doesn't want to leave her this way. She repeats over and over for him to get out. He reluctantly leaves. She sits down on a chair and cries uncontrollably. She gets up and says, Morgan, how could you do this to me? All she tried to do was help her and this is what she does. She grabs and ornament off the tree and throws it cursing Morgan. She picks up the family photo off the coffee table and asks why did Morgan hurt her family? She sits on the floor crying. The door opens behind her. It is Morgan. She calls out Taylor's name. Taylor gets up and glares at her. Morgan says she is so sorry.

Brooke and Thorne still can't get enough of each other. She thinks they should have called in sick; they aren't getting any work done. He hasn't felt better but will go back to his office. She won't let him out of her sight. He tells her to cancel the meeting she has and he will book reservations for dinner and they can celebrate. She says they celebrated last night. He says she hasn't seen anything yet. Just as they go back to kissing, Rick comes through the door and is surprised to see them together. He calls out, Mom, what are you doing? Brooke explains to him about Brigitte giving them her blessing. She had a change of heart. Rick asks about Kimberly. Thorne says she is not in the picture and never was. Brooke loves her kids but also loves Thorne and now the four of them can be together. They are already planning their wedding. Rick doesn't know what to say, it is all happening so fast. Brooke stresses how she was so unhappy and now she is happy. Rick asks if Bridget is all right with this? Brooke assures him she is. He tells her that he is happy too. If this is what makes her happy, he isn't going to stand in her way. She thanks him and gives him a big hug. Amber comes in and sees them in the embrace and thinks Rick told them about he and Amber getting married. Rick tells Brooke that they have some good news. Brooke looks oddly at Amber. Brooke misunderstands, thinking they got custody of the baby. They explain that Deacon got custody but they are sure he will give the baby back. It is a matter of time. Brooke asks if that is their good news, Deacon took the baby, but he is going to give him back? Rick says there is more, when the baby comes home, he is going to have a family to come home to. He and Amber stand together with big smiles on their faces. He asks them what they think about a double wedding? Amber realizes Thorne and Brooke are back together and congratulates them. Rick asks Brooke if she is going to give them her blessing. She looks at Thorne and then turns back and says, everyone gets what they want. Both couples hug. Amber then hugs Brooke and calls her Mom. Brooke is surprised but smiles.

Stephanie visits Eric in his office. He senses something is wrong. She needs to talk to him. Eric jumps to the conclusion that something is wrong with the baby. She explains it has to do with Ridge and Taylor. He asks if someone is sick. She says no, then changes that to yes, Morgan is sick and not to be trusted. He wants to know what Morgan has to do with Ridge and Taylor? She says she should have told him this a long time ago. She flat out tells him Ridge is the father of Morgan's baby. Eric looks angry thinking they were having an affair. Stephanie explains to him that it is complicated but what he really needs to know is that Taylor is finding out about it right now and they are going to need their help. He says, poor Taylor. She says she knows Taylor is a strong woman, but this is going to devastate her. It is going to tear her apart.

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