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B&B Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Linda

Taylor canít believe Ridge slept with Morgan. She thinks this is a joke. Ridge tells her that he wishes it was. He would give anything for it not to be true. He says he is so sorry and wants to explain. She wants to know why he would want her to think he cheated on her with a friend of hers like it could even be possible. He looks at her pitifully. She goes into tears and asks if they had sex. He admits they did. She screams at him asking how he could do this to them and their kids. He tells her he loves her. She says he doesnít. He says he made a mistake, he was duped. She says she made a mistake by trusting him again and she knew something was going on but didnít want to believe it. He wants to explain but she tells him to just get out of the house. Heís not going anywhere until she lets him explain exactly how this happened. She has to know every detail. He brings up their discussion before Taylor left to care for her sick father about Ridge fathering Morganís baby. He points out that she was willing at one point for him to be the sperm donor. She blasts him for making it sound like it was her fault for having a lapse of judgment. He tells her about the laptop and email. She says she would never have sent him an email telling him to go ahead with getting Morgan pregnant. She says she never sent him the email. He knows that now. She wants to know where it came from if it wasnít from her? She assumes there was no email. He says it was there the day after she left. She asks if he could honestly believe she would ask him to have sex with Morgan? He says it sounded absurd. She says he knows her better than anybody, she would never ask him to do that. He says she sent him a voice mail telling him to help Morgan any way he could. She says that was to help her through the insemination. He says that was not what it said on the voice mail. She says she remembers exactly what she said because Morgan kept calling her and asking her for her help because she was so alone and afraid. She stops, realizing that Morgan had her laptop and was the one who sent him the email. She says, oh, God. He says he had no intention of being unfaithful to her, he loves her too much to do that. She canít believe he didnít sense something was wrong. He said he did until he got that message of hers. She asks if that was all the assurance he needed or was looking for? Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to sleep with her. He denies that. She says she doesnít know what to believe anymore. He says believe him and believe in them. He knows how confusing this has to be for her. It is a tragedy for their family, but it doesnít have to be a tragedy for them. He knows they can get through this. With all his heart, he needs her to forgive him. He begs her to forgive him. She asks if that is what he wants? He says more than anything in this world. She asks if that is why he is telling her this, because he wants her to forgive him? So they can be a family and move on like nothing ever happened? He needed her to forgive him and for her to know exactly what was going on there. She tells him not to tell her that there is more. He says there is one more thing. She doesnít want to hear it, she just canít. He wants to be completely honest with her and has to do it now. She says she already knows what it is. She surmises that they are involved and still having an affair. She asks if he is in love with her? No, he says, that is not it at all. She tells him to just say it, she canít take anymore. He tells her the gory truth, when they had sex, Morgan got pregnant. He is the father of Morganís child. Taylor cries hysterically.

Amber tells Rick their son is being held by a mad man. Rick is sure they will get him back. She wants to know how since Deacon doesnít want their money, he is just going to keep the baby for himself. He says it will take a day or two. She throws a fit, the baby shouldnít be with Deacon a minute or hour, he is violent and they donít even know what Carmen is capable of. The baby is with complete strangers and who knows what could happen to him. Rick says they will come up with a new plan. They need to be strong. She thinks the baby may think they abandoned him. Rick is sure Deacon knows nothing about parenting, he just wants the money. He probably will bring the baby back first thing in the morning. Rick feels he is getting back his family, he already has Amber, now just has to get the baby back. Amber doesnít think she can turn her back on CJ. He has lost his sister and wife and now he is going to lose her. He asks if she is having second thoughts. No, she isnít but she is worried about how CJ will take this and when she worries, she panics and he knows how she gets when she panics, she canít think straight. She wants Rick and her to be a family again, but she is so scared that something will go wrong. He assures her it will work as long as she is as committed to this as he is. She is. Then nothing is stopping them. After all this time and all they have been through. They say they love each other and kiss passionately.

Morgan tells Stephanie that if Clarke didnít open his mouth, all would have been fine. Stephanie says as long as Ridge kept lying to his wife. Morgan says that Stephanie is the one who told him to do that. Stephanie admits that is true, she talked Ridge out of it. Morgan says that is right so if anything happens, Stephanie is to blame, not her. She is not the one that wanted this to come out. Stephanie accuses her of using this little secret to get inroads to get close to Ridge. Morgan says that is absurd. Stephanie says it is emotional blackmail. Morgan asks if Stephanie thinks Ridge will turn his back on his child. Stephanie doesnít think so, not on the child, but on Morgan and so will Taylor once she finds out the truth. She is sure that although Taylor will be hurt and in a lot of pain over this, when all is said and done, Taylor will forgive Ridge. Morgan hopes Taylor does forgive Ridge because what happened between her and Ridge had nothing to do with their marriage. Stephanie doesnít think that is true, she had a feeling when Morgan came back into town, she was nothing but trouble. Morgan wants to know what trouble she caused. Stephanie says the fact that Morgan can ask that question only proves how unbalanced she really is. Morgan just hopes Ridge and Taylor put this all behind them and they can all move on, she is carrying Ridgeís child. Stephanie comes to the conclusion that Morgan thinks Ridge and Taylor will forgive her for the sake of the baby. Morgan says it would be best for the baby if the three of them all got along. Stephanie knows Taylor and Ridge are compassionate people, but if Morgan thinks they will want anything to do with her after this, she is crazier than Stephanie thought. Morgan claims she is not crazy, this is just a rational solution to the problem and soon they will realize that. Stephanie tells her that she is the problem. Morgan says she doesnít want to be a problem to Ridge and Taylor and never did. Stephanie retorts that if Morgan had respected their marriage in the first place, this never would have happened. If anything happens to that marriage, she is going to hold Morgan responsible and she will pay for it.

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