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B&B Update Wednesday 12/20/00

By Linda

Thorne and Brooke are glowing from their night together. The waiting is over and they are never going to be apart again. They kiss. Both are glad it isnít a dream and Bridget gave them her blessing. Nothing can take this away from them. He asks her if she ever has a dream that happens over and over but you never get where you are going. He asks if they are finally there? She says she canít believe what she put him through. He doesnít blame her, she did what was best for her daughter. They rehash the past.

Stephanie and Ridge discuss his telling Taylor that he slept with her best friend. He wishes he didnít have to put her through all this. She says he has to, Morgan is out of control. Ridge doesnít think she is capable of murder, but Stephanie disagrees. Ridge feels he will have to do what it takes to protect his family from Morgan. He says Morgan is the reason he has to tell Taylor now. Stephanie is sure Taylor will hold Morgan responsible. He doesnít count on that. He just hopes he can make her understand. She tells him not to sell his wife short, she has always been a very reasonable person and once he explains how and why it happened, she will understand. He thinks she will be totally blown away never expecting anything like this. She thinks the love and trust they have for one another will get them through this. He says trust was what their marriage was based on and he betrayed all that. She believes in her heart he thought he was doing the right thing and Taylor will have to believe that. He says then she would be more of an angel than he already thinks she is. In comes Taylor with the kids and baby-sitter. She is all smiles. Tells the kids to say hi to grandma and gives Stephanie a hug. Kathryn takes the kids off for a bath since they are all dirty from playing in the park. Taylor asks Ridge and Stephanie to go for a late lunch but Stephanie excuses herself, she has too much work to do. She tells them both that she loves them and leaves. Taylor asks Ridge if he is off to work. He says no. She asks if he is going to spend a little time with his wife? She asks him if he wants to go sweat it up with his wife? He says not this morning, doc. He walks away feeling guilty and trying to get up the nerve to tell her. She says if she wasnít so secure, she would think she was losing her touch with him. He says it is not that at all. She wants to know what it is. He has to tell her something and has to tell her now. She looks at him puzzled.

The doctor tells Clarke he is doing well. He asks if she can run the marathon. Sally is relieved and asks about the paralysis. The doctor tells her it is just about gone. She thanks the doctor. The doctor leaves and Sally kids with Clarke that they said he would never dance again and she knew he would so she polished up his tap shoes. She tells him he has to get better and head back to Spectra, this snake thing didnít work and they have to think up something else. He agrees with her and asks where are his release papers. The snake trainer is in the room as well and tells Clarke he feels horrible. Clarke says it is not his fault. Morgan comes to the door and then backs up to listen in. The trainer says in 15 years he has never had a snake get loose, let alone attack someone. He canít figure it out. Clarke says something that makes Sally believe he knows what happened. He admits he knows. Sally encourages him to tell them. The trainer says he is certain he locked the cage. Clarke says it was locked but someone opened it. Sally asks who? Morgan panics and comes around the corner into the room and says, yes, Clarke, who would do that? Please tells us so it never happens again. He says he may have snapped open the cage when he moved it before he took his nap. The trainer asks how he could have done that. Clarke doesnít know, but it is the only explanation he has. He then says he is tired and could use some rest. Sally says she will be back later. Morgan says she needs one minute with Clarke. She tells Clarke once they are alone to stay quiet and stay healthy. He tells her she is not going to get away with this. She says for his sake, she better. He warns her to stay away from Taylor and the kids. She says she couldnít stay away from her best friend. He swears nothing better happen. She tells him she thought he learned his lesson, donít ever threaten her again.

Morgan storms into her house and throws her belongings onto the couch. Right behind her is Stephanie. Morgan turns and see her and jumps asking Stephanie if she is trying to scare the life out of her and tells her to get out of her house. Stephanie says or what, she will let a 240 pound python loose on her? She says she has heard from the hospital that Clarke can talk again and thinks Morgan should be afraid his first phone call isnít to the police. Morgan doubts that and Stephanie puts two and two together that Morgan has already visited Clarke. She figures Morgan must have threatened him again. Morgan denies it. Stephanie says she doesnít believer her and neither does Ridge. Morgan accuses her of trying to turn Ridge against her. Stephanie says every chance she gets. Morgan thinks that is evil, she is two months away from having his child, what is that going to do to him, if he hates her, how is that going to make him feel toward his child. Stephanie says he will probably take good care of the child especially while she is in prison. Morgan doubts that. Stephanie says they can arrest her for attempted murder for what she did to Clarke. Morgan tells her they will be arresting her for more than that if she doesnít leave her alone. Stephanie thinks she means that. Morgan confirms, she does and now she is going to have to go and talk to Taylor and Ridge to undo Stephanieís damage. Stephanie warns her not to do that, Ridge is telling Taylor about the baby.

Taylor says the last time she tried to get romantic with him, he had something important to tell her. He says the only reason he didnít is because Kathryn interrupted them with news about Clarke. She says it is a good thing she isnít trying to get pregnant again or their other children would be full grown by the time they have a baby brother or sister for them. She smiles, he doesnít. She asks what is the matter with him? He says what he has to tell her is the hardest thing he has had to tell anyone.

Thorne and Brooke go out on the patio and look over the ocean. She tells him to remember this day for the rest of their lives because this is the day she is asking him to marry her. He smiles, she is proposing to him? Yes, she is and there is not power on earth that will keep them apart from this day forward. She wants to be his wife and asks him to tell her he wants to be her husband. They are going to get married. They kiss.

Morgan doesnít believe Stephanie that Ridge is telling Taylor. She says he tried before and couldnít go through with it. Stephanie says he is telling her before Clarke gets a chance. Morgan says Clarke isnít going to say anything. Stephanie asks why because she will go after him? She thinks Clarke will protect Taylor from Morgan. Morgan says she would never do anything to hurt Taylor. Stephanie says she wonít be able to get near Taylor because she will despise her after she tricked Ridge. Morgan says Taylor will despise Ridge more but Stephanie doesnít think so. She thinks they will survive this because the truth will set them free. Free of Morgan forever. Morgan loses her temper and picks up a vase ready to hit Stephanie over the head with it and yells, stop it. She then smashes it to the floor.

Taylor thinks maybe Ridgeís doctor found something in he check up. Ridge assures her that is not it. He says this has nothing to do with his health. She says, thank God. He says it is something he did. Something so stupid. She says it canít be that serious, if it were his health, that would be serious. He says it is so serious she will hate him for it. She says she could never hate him. Just tell her. He says it is about Morgan. Something happened, Taylor. Something so completely and utterly asinine. She asks what happened? She says he is scaring her. He turns and tells her that he slept with Morgan. The End. =)

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