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By Linda

Carmen tries to take the baby away from Amber. She wonít let him go. It will be over her dead body. Carmen is more than happy to oblige. Deacon interferes, telling Amber to take it down a notch because he is going to take his kid. Amber tells Deacon that there is no way he is going to raise the child. Sally asks Conner if there is something they can do. Deacon tells Conner to tell them all, there is nothing they can do because he went in front of the judge and got what was rightfully his. Full custody of this little guy, today is the first day of the rest of his life. He asks Amber to hand him over but she refuses. Stephanie steps in telling him not to do this, Amber has been a mother to this child since he was born. Carmen says she will be raising him now. Stephanie asks if Deacon is really going to let that bimbo mother him? Carmen tells Deacon to shut them up or she will. Sally wants her to start with her. Carmen backs down as Deacon again reaches for the baby from Amber. Rick and CJ team up telling Deacon if he wants the baby he is going to have to go through them. He says, ooh, yikes, see what happens when you do things all legal like, they want to fight. He asks Eric if he would fight for one of his children? He knows Stephanie would, so he is going to have to do the same thing. CJ tells him to bring it on. Eric asks if he is enjoying this. Deacon says yes, anything to hit a rich kid. Two for the price of one, that will not make my day, but my whole week. Sally and Stephanie chime in for him to take a swing at two rich moms too. Deacon turns to Conner for advice. Conner tells them that they have to let him take the baby or they would be obstructing a court order. Stephanie pleads with him not to take the baby. He asks if she is begging. Amber hands the baby to Rick and tells Deacon she wants to talk to him, she will be in the den. He heads there to talk when Carmen stops him and asks, what about her? He turns away from her and asks if someone will make her a tea sandwich, please and walks in to meet Amber. He trots right in telling Amber to give him the whole sob story and make it quick. He has a whole bar full of people he is just dying to show off the kid to. He goes to light a cigarette and she pulls it out of his mouth. She says he is nothing but a con man, screwing things up for himself and isnít pulling anything over on her. He says he didnít know he was trying to. She follows him telling him he thinks he is tough as nails and asks if he wants to get tough with her. She pushes him from behind egging him on, asking if he wants to slap her around. She calls him loser boy and tells him to make her scared, make her cower. He tells her she is something, isnít she? She tells him that he is nothing. He is using an innocent little boy. He claps his hands and says, Bravo, that is the Amber Moore they know and love, trailer trash just like him. She says she is nothing like him, she has a brain he has nothing buy ego. He says he has a baby. She tells him that should scare him to death but he is too stupid to see it. He asks, see what? She says, the future, hello. He is going to end up broke and raising the baby with that bimbo and crying in his beer about what might have been. He doesnít think so. She doesnít think he thinks at all. She tells him that he could have walked out of there with a million bucks but instead he has a baby he didnít even want. Congratulations jack ass, youíre a daddy. He pauses to think. He asks her if she is trying to scam him? She is good, real good. Amber says she doesnít scam people. She used to, but not anymore. He says she is just like those people out there. He wants to give her a bit of advice, once trailer trash, always trailer trash. She tells him he is right, they canít touch the people out there, they are winners and she and Deacon are not. He says it is because they are rich. She says it has nothing to do with money. It has to do with integrity. She asks if he knows what that means. She says she didnít before she came there. He says she changed, how charming. She says she did change, thanks to them. He says, the trailer to the mansion in ten easy steps, by Amber Moore. She asks if she likes being a jerk. He says the pay is good and he can set his own hours. She tells him she knows where he is coming from because she was out for the take just like he is. He says, yeah, money doesnít mean anything to her. He asks what she is doing with the Forrester kid, then? God knows he is dumb as dirt. Sheís not taking advantage? Please? She says Rick is a man with principles but Deacon wouldnít know what that meant. He mimics her. She tells him she is not going to try to sell him on his lifestyle. She knows where he is coming from. She was there, always looking for the next mark, someone to take advantage of. She walked that line too. She even stole from the Forresters, lied to them and even tricked Rick into marrying her, and they forgave her. She paid her price, but also learned something too. Life on the other side is better than life in the gutter. She wants him to take the advice from someone who knows, it is. He tells her to save the sermons for someone else. She says it is not a sermon and he can see that in her eyes. The truth is, this is a defining moment in his life, right her, right now. She tells him he has a son and asks if he wants him to grow up to be a loser. Or does he want to give him a family full of love and security like the two of them never had? She begs him to please, take the money and give the baby to Rick and her.

Kim holds a picture of Thorne and her and talks about how much she loves Thorne but lied to him and she knew this day would come that she would have to tell him the truth but doesnít know how she is going to be able to let go. There is a knock at the door. It is Thorne. He notices she is crying and asks if she is okay. She claims to be fine and invites him in. He has the schedule for the shoot in the morning, 5:30 sharp. She tells him that the photo shoot is important to her. He says it is important to all of them, including the company. She offers that she was using the shoot to bring them closer together, but she knows that is not going to happen. She knows he doesnít love her and never will. He says he is sorry. She says she is sorry for the way she acted. He says he is sorry, he should never have taken her to bed. She admits that he didnít. He is surprised by the comment and questions her. She reveals that they never made love that night. He stares at her shocked, we never made love? She says he passed out in bed and never touched her. She lied to him. He wants to know why. She tells him because she wanted him so badly, and just had to have him. She thought this would be the only way she could ever have him. Thorne asks if she is just saying that. Kim says no, she is still a virgin. She says she is so sorry. Thorne asks what made her tell him. She says that Bridget came over after Brookeís accident and told her how she saw how Thorne took care of her mother and she is over there talking to Brooke right now. He asks what she is talking to her about. Kim tells him Bridget isnít going to stand in their way any longer if the two of them want to be together. He asks if what she is saying is that Bridget is accepting their relationship? She says yes. Thorne sighs in relief and goes to the phone to call Brooke. There is a knock on the door. It is Bridget and Brooke. Kim lets them in. Thorne asks Bridget if it is true? She smiles and says yes, it is true. Thorne is all smiles. Brooke and Thorne stare at one another and smile from ear to ear.

Meanwhile, Brooke stares at a picture of Thorne and smiles. Bridget comes in and she stuffs the picture back into her book. Bridget notices she is crying and asks if it has anything to do with the accident. Brookes says it is not important. Bridget then suggests it is Thorne and admits she was watching them at the studio. She is grateful Thorne saved her one and only incredible motherís life. Brooke tells her she is her one and only incredible daughter. They hug and Bridget tells her she loves her so much. She has given her so much and now she wants to give something back to Brooke. The only thing Brooke wants is for Bridget to be happy. Bridget thinks Brooke sacrificed so much for her and she was acting like a brat and Brooke was there for her. Brooke says she will always be there. Bridget suggests, even if Brooke isnít happy. Brooke says she is happy and loves her children. Bridget wants her to have Thorne and not give her whole life up for her, she is not a child anymore and wants Brooke to be happy. Brooke says she didnít give up her life for Bridget. Bridget says she saw how much in love Brooke and Thorne are when she saw them together at the studio and that made all the difference. Brooke asks what she is saying? Bridget says she is not going to stand in the way anymore between them. Brooke tells her she doesnít have to say that. What about the way she feels about Thorne? Bridget says she will deal with it, she wants her mother to be loved and happy and no one loves her the way Thorne does. Brooke thanks her crying. They hug. Bridget says there is a man out there that needs to see Brooke and she wants her to get dressed and go see him.

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