The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 12/15/00



B&B Update Friday 12/15/00

By Linda

At the Forrester's, Deacon toys with everyone about what he wants and it isn't money. He is tired of something going wrong when he is just about to be paid. Stephanie assures him nothing will go wrong this time. Sally asks him what exactly he wants. Deacon looks at Amber and grins while Rick tells him not to even think about it. Carmen chimes in by telling Deacon she thinks it is time they talk. Unhappily, Deacon leaves to talk with her. He tells her not to interrupt him again; this is business. She says it is stupidity and that they offered him a million dollars and he doesn't want it? He says he knows what he is doing. She wants to know why he is looking at Amber that way. He tells her that rule number one is not to get emotional and he doesn't want to have this conversation again. He heads back in. Stephanie asks Rick what he thinks Deacon wants. Eric thinks he wants more money. Deacon tells everyone to gather around, the verdict is in. Rick wants to hear it. Deacons first words are, "Rick, I don't want your million bucks", which shocks everyone. CJ takes that opportunity to try to strike a deal. Deacon doesn't want his million bucks either. CJ asks what he does want. Deacon says he wants what he came for, the baby. Ambers eyes nearly fall out of her head as she shakes her head no. No one can believe he wants the baby. He tells Carmen to grab the kid, they are out of there and heads for the door. Eric stops him and asks how much he wants for the baby. Deacon thinks that is all it boils down to with them is money. Eric retorts that it is Deacon who wants money and nothing else and if he tries to milk it for all it is worth, he can easily end up with nothing. Deacon says he was just thinking the same about Eric, he could get nothing, at least not the baby. Rick comes forward and asks if Deacon really wants to raise the baby. Deacon says of course, look at him, he is a chip off the old block, of course, they have a lot of father/son bonding to catch up on. CJ thinks he is just messing with them. Deacon says that may have been true a couple of weeks ago, but he has taken a shine to the little guy. Conner thinks he is just making a ploy so the Forrester's and Spectra's will join together and make a deal. Deacon says that would be great, he could lease Eric to them each for a year. Amber hollers out for them to stop it. Just tell them what he wants. He says it is not about money, it is about fatherhood and he wants his son. Sally asks him who he thinks he is kidding, no one in that room is going to let him walk out of there with the child. Deacon says there is something wrong with them, all they think about is money and when there is something they want so bad they can taste it, they find out it isn't for sale. Rick tells him that money is not as important to them as Deacon thinks. Deacon tells Rick that once he grows up he will learn about people like Deacon and that is what he is there for, to teach him about compassion. Stephanie finds that amusing. Eric says he taught them about compassion, now what? Deacon says he and his old lady are going to go home and raise the kid. Amber says no. Eric says he can bully them all he wants but they are not going to let him leave with the child. Deacon asks if they are going to get violent. Conner says no one is going to get violent, they are going to handle this legally. Eric says yes, all the money Deacon is so quick to talk about, hires attorneys, the best in the country. Deacon says that is good to know, Eric, but he doesn't think the lawyers will be able to help him. He pulls out a folded document. Conner looks over the document. It is a court order, signed by a judge giving Deacon full custody. CJ asks if that overrides the court order they have. Conner says that is right and there is no way to change that, he is the only living parent. Eric tells Deacon he made his point and now they want to negotiate. He says there is no negotiating. Stephanie tells him there is no way she is going to believe he wants to raise the baby. Rick asks him how many times he has told them he didn't even care about the boy? Deacon says people can change. No one can believe that is what he wants. He says, why not, he has a wonderful woman, and a son, but what gets him juiced is being in such a magnificent place and seeing the looks of on their faces. CJ says he is on a power trip. Sally tells CJ to calm down, she thinks he is just thrilled to know he brought them all to their knees. Deacon says he doesn't see anyone on their knees. He asks Sally if she wants to be the first? Looks around, no takers, huh? Carmen, get the kid. Carmen heads toward Amber who backs up telling him he cant take Eric. Carmen says, hand him over little girl. Amber tells her she will have to kill her first. They glare at one another as the baby cries.

Brooke lies on her bed reading a book when she hears a rap on her door. It is Thorne. She lets him in and he asks how she is. She is fine. The thinks he should skip the photo shoot. She disagrees, he brings the best out in Kim. More so than her coach does. Thorne doesn't want to coach her or be anywhere near Kim. He wants to be there with her. They talk a bit about their relationship and how they were to move on. He tells her if and when he does, it wont be Kimberly. Brooke says he cant be sure. He knows it wont be her because she hurt Brooke and he could never love anyone that hurt her. 

Kim tells Bridget that she cant give up. Bridget says her mother and Thorne want to be together. Kim says he is Bridget's brother, that is sick. Bridget says he is only her half brother and not related to Brooke at all and she is tired of fighting it. Kim believes she wont have to after this trip because she and Thorne will have plenty of time together and she knows she can make it work. Bridget says there is no way she can because Thorne doesn't love her, he loves Brooke. Kim asks what changed her mind. Bridget says the accident, Kim was with her and didn't even come down to the studio to check on Brooke so she knows Kim doesn't really care about her mother. It is a problem for a lot of people, but not for Thorne. Kim says she doesn't wish Brooke any harm. Bridget says that is okay, she is not blaming her, but she saw them and they didn't know she was there. Brooke was hurt and he was taking care of her and she felt gratitude that her mother had someone who cared about her and she blames herself for being so selfish to keep them apart. Kim says Thorne has feelings for her. Bridget says he loves her mother. Kim asks if she is ready to have Thorne as a father because that is what will happen. Bridget says she doesn't know if she will ever be ready for that. Kim asks why she is talking like this then. Bridget is sure her mother would do anything for her, even sacrifice her one chance to be happy with a man and she cant rob her of that. Kim tries to convince her that Brooke will ignore her once they get together. Bridget says she may have trouble relating to Thorne as a father, but she will never have trouble relating to her mother. She has proven her love by sacrificing so much and she isn't going to stand in her way any longer. Kim pleads with her not to do this, not when Kim is so close. Bridget tells her that she is not close at all, she has had so many chances and Thorne hasn't made any moves. Kim thinks Thorne didn't want her because she would be a rebound. She tells Kim that she is a good person, but Thorne doesn't look at her romantically and never will and she better accept it and get on with her life. Kim asks her to do her a favor and not tell them about the night Thorne thinks they slept together. Bridget cant do that, she has to tell Thorne the truth. There are many guys out there for her. Kim asks if that is what she thinks this is about, a boyfriend. She claims she loves Thorne and begs her to wait until after the shoot to tell. Bridget says no, she cant do that to her mother. Kim asks about what she is doing to her. Bridget says it will be okay. Kim says she cant lose him. Bridget says she never had him, not really. Kim thinks Thorne will hate her. Bridget doesn't think so. She wants to give him his life back after all they have put him through, he deserves it. Kim cries, she really lost Thorne. Bridget tells her she will get over it, she will help her. She hugs Kim.

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