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B&B Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Linda

Kim asks Giovanni about Brooke. He tells her that Brooke will be fine. He spoke to the nurse. She was very lucky. He says she seems concerned. She says she is. He looks at her suspiciously. She tells him that she has feelings for Thorne, but does not hate Brooke. He says, even though she stands in the way of them being together? Kim doesnít think that is a problem anymore. She says when they get back from the island, everyone will know. That is why she asked him to come over, she needs his help. She thinks this shoot may be her last opportunity to get through to Thorne. She asks him to make sure she and Thorne have time alone. If it doesnít happen on this island, she doesnít think it ever will. Will he help her? Yes, he will. They hug.

Bridget asks Brooke how she is as Thorne looks on. Brooke says she is fine; she wasnít unconscious long before Thorne came in. Bridget asks Thorne if he thinks they should bring her to the hospital for x-rays. Brooke doesnít want to go. Thorne asks if she is still dizzy. She is a little. Bridget urges Thorne to take her in. Thorne tells Brooke that her daughter is concerned about her and so is he. She appreciates that but feels she is okay and doesnít need an x-ray. Brooke asks Bridget if she is supposed to be studying at the library for her test. Bridget canít study now. Brooke says she will call her if anything happens. Thorne assures her he will make sure of that. Bridget asks Thorne if he will stay with her mother? He says he wonít leave her side. Bridget agrees to go. She gives Brooke a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Brooke stands up; she is going back to work. Thorne stands in front of her saying he doesnít think she should work. He says she either goes home or to his place, but she is going to rest. He promised Bridget he would take care of her and he is going to do just that. Bridget is secretly at the door listening in. Brooke insists on finishing a few things. Thorne says it was a warning, she has been going 24/7 since their...Brooke finishes his sentence, their breakup. He tells her she needs to slow down. She doesnít want leisure time, she thinks too much and remembers too much. He suggests she spends it with Bridget. She says she has but it seems she is getting bored with her. He asks how Bridget thinks about him. She says they donít talk about it; she doesnít want to hurt her. He understand, that is her daughter and she doesnít want to hurt her. He says Brooke will get over him eventually and he wants her to stay in one piece until that happens. She wonders if it is all worth it. He says it is, Bridget is worth it, right? She says, yes, of course. He says then she will have to forget about him and go on and take care of herself. She says they were in love, how can she just forget. He doesnít want her to ruin her life and dreams because they didnít work out. She thinks that some day, Bridget will understand. He says they have to accept that day may never come. And he wants her to go one and find someone else and be happy and fulfilled, not miserable and alone. He loves her too much to see her that way. She loves him too much to see him that way either. She says he has Kimberly. He says he doesnít want Kimberly and will not have her. Brooke throws herself into his arms crying she wishes they could be together. He says he knows. Bridget cries as she watches them

A little while later, Bridget shows up at Kimberleyís. Kim asks how Brooke is. Bridget says she is fine. Kim notices her mood and asks what is wrong. Bridget says they have to talk. She sees that Kim has been packing. Kim says they will have so much fun on a deserted island. She tells Bridget that she asked Giovanni to make sure she and Thorne had some quiet time together. She notices Bridgetís mood and asks what is wrong. Bridget tells her that she canít keep her mother and Thorne apart any longer. She realizes how much they are in love and canít come between them anymore.

Trying to break the ice, Stephanie offers Deacon a drink. He accepts and Eric goes to get him a scotch. Sally wants them to drop the hospitality routine and get on with what Mr. Sharp has to tell them. Stephanie says there is no reason to be rude, Sally, let Mr. Sharp talk. CJ doesnít want to hear what he has to say. Rick doesnít care what CJ wants, it is Deaconís son and he will decide what happens to him. Sally says, right, and the fact that they offered 1 million dollars isnít going to affect his decision? Conner tells them that they are not going to allow the Forresterís to sell the baby. Deacon says, canít we all just get along? Letís act with a little bit of integrity. Eric hands him his drink and he thanks him. He then says that Rick is right, the baby is his and he will decide his future. Sally goes to but in but Deacon tells her it is quiet time. He then says that Conner is right; they shouldnít be talking about selling such a precious little baby, should they? Stephanie says that technically, he is not selling his child. Sally says it is just coincidence that he is handing over the child and is getting a million dollar Christmas bonus, is that it Stephanie? Deacon says you broads make more noise than a busted lawnmower. He motions for Carmen to come over and says he took the liberty of drawing up some papers. Connor wants to see them, but Deacon denies. He takes the papers from Carmen and says he holds in his hands the solution to their little dilemma, the future of Eric Forrester III. He asks them what they suppose the document says? Eric tells him to spare them the dramatics. Deacon tells him not to be nasty. Amber adds in; just tell them what he has decided. Deacon is enjoying all the attention. He is in the spotlight. He says, ladies and gentlemen, in this ring, we have the Spectra family, lead by Sally who is basically a clown. In this ring, fat money bags himself, daddy war bucks, Eric Forrester and company. He has the Midas touch. He says they all handle this like an auction. He jumps up on a chair and rants like an auctioneer. Sally tells him to stop it; it is low even for him. She tells him he is making a mockery out of something tragic. He says no, tragic is a poor little boy trapped in a world of decadence. Isnít that right, Stephanie? He asks her if she would like to give him another little hug. He thinks she would rather give him a kick in the butt, but tells her to hold that thought because he has the goods and they donít. Well, not yet, right? Eric tells him to give them a number. He says what he wants in another drink. He canít feel the love. Where is the love? Can he get an Amen from anyone that wants to save this little baby? Carmen says, Amen. Deacon says, thank you sister, praise God. Who wants to open up their wallets and give to the Reverend Deaconís fund for lost children? Surly they can come up with more than a million dollars. Eric asks how much he wants. Deacon says, now there is a man with a soul of a saint. Nothing is too great for their brother Eric; he is willing to give up everything he has to save this little baby boy. Isnít that right, brother Eric? Rick asks Deacon if he is having a good time? Is his sick little show getting him off, because it is getting the rest of them ready to puke. Deacon says, oh, Ricky, you arenít having any fun. I wonder if the Spectra family shares that sediment. Sally says it is. Deacon says, oh, oh, everyone is getting angry with me. He looks at Carmen and says the natives are getting restless, what do you think we should do, darling. She says maybe they should tell them to go home. Rick says, they are home. Deacon says, yes, you are, but Carmen brings up an excellent point. Home is where the heart is and his little Eric seems to be the heart of the conversation. Carmen has always wanted a big house and 1 or 2 million would never get a house like that now would it? He thinks a guy like him giving up a magnanimous sacrifice like his should deserve to live in a castle just like this. Eric asks what he is saying, now, he wants the house? Sally says well, if a nice little house is what he wants. Stephanie tells her to stop it; this is not a bidding war. Sally says that is exactly what it is and that is what Stephanie has turned it into. Deacon says Sally makes a good point. CJ says, yes, she does and they will match any offer the Forresterís make. Rick tells CJ to cool it. Amber jumps in and tells them all to stop it. Deacon loves every minute of it. Amber asks him if he thinks this is some kind of joke? A babyís future is at stake here. She says Deacon is the devil. Carmen tells her to watch how she talks about her man, little girl. Amber tells Carmen she feels sorry for her. Carmen says, whatever. Honey, take the money and letís get out of here. Stephanie tells him that she suggests he listens to his girlfriend and take the check. Sally says she has her checkbook there too. Deacon says he finds this sickening, they are talking about a little baby and these people have dollar signs in their eyes. Eric blames Deacon for causing this situation. Deacon says, wrong, wrong, wrong, he was minding his own business, running his bar when Rick decided to lay the daddy trick on him. Stephanie says, whatever, he decided to give up the child; the question is, to whom? Deacon says, to whom, right, now would that be to the person with the biggest checkbook, or someone else? Amber asks what he means, someone else? He says they had him figured out all wrong. He is not a low life scuzball concerned with nothing else besides money. Life is a lot more complicated than that. Sally asks what he is telling them. He says life is more complicated than a simple business transaction. He walks toward Amber, who is holding the baby. Think about it, he says, fortunes come, fortunes go, you really canít take it past your last breath. At the end of the day, is it really about the size of a manís wallet? Frustrated, Stephanie asks him what it is he wants. He says he can tell her this much, it is a whole lot more than just money. He rubs his thumb down Amberís lips and chin. They all stare at him. Tune in tomorrow. =)


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