The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 12/13/00



B&B Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Linda

The show starts with Brooke passed out on the floor with as the broken spotlight lies by her side. Thorne comes in with some paperwork in his hand referring to Giovanni when he sees her lying there. Another light is seen moving on the ceiling. Megan comes in and is told to get the nurse. Brooke comes to and he tells her not to move, the nurse is coming. Brooke sees the light swaying above. As she looks in horror, Megan sees it too. Thorne looks up as the light comes down and pulls Brooke to safety just before it hits and smashes. He asks if she is all right. She is fine. They hug.

CJ, Conner, and Sally discuss the Forresterís offer to Deacon, $1,000,000. CJ doesnít think there is any way Deacon will pass up an offer like that. Sally wonders if it is legal. She doesnít think there is any way you should be able to buy a child. Conner informs her that it is illegal but, they would have to prove that is what the Forrester's did and they will surely leave no paper trail. When Conner tells them this has to be handled in court, CJ and Sally decide it would be better if they go over there and put a stop to what is going on or they will lose everything. Sally says, letís go before it is too late. Conner throws his hands up. He lost the battle. They head out the door.

Amber combs Ericís hair and tells him he is so cute. She tells him he will have substance and character. Women love a man with character, just like Rick. Actually, both men in his life are great examples of what a man should be. As Stephanie, Eric and Rick walk in unnoticed, Amber tells little Eric that Rick was her first love and some day, he will understand what that means. They all smile. Stephanie says, hi honey. Amber says she didnít hear them come in. Eric says they were out at the guesthouse talking about Deacon. Amber asks if they heard from him. No, not since he walked out of there. Stephanie takes the baby and offers him a stroll in the garden where there are plenty of crawly things they can get their hands on. Eric leaves with them. Amber sits on the sofa and Rick sits by her side. He tells her that he is going to do everything in his power to get their little boy away from Deacon Sharp. She knows he will. There is something she needs to do, have a talk with CJ, he tells her. She wants to know what she is supposed to tell him. He says how she feels. She thinks he now knows how she is feeling. He knows it has been hard for her and CJ. They have been through a lot together and have formed a very special bond. She says she and CJ have been raising the baby together for so long and CJ loves him so much. Rick says he knows, but feels that if Becky didnít leave that tape, their relationship wouldnít have gone this far. She says no one could know what would have happened. Well, he knows how it all started, not an attraction, but Beckyís death. She lost her cousin and CJ lost h is wife. Amber cries that she missed Becky so much. Rick hugs her. He thinks she tried to replace Becky with CJ and that is not the grounds for a lasting and loving relationship and wants to know what she is going to do about it. He knows she has already made her decision; she now has to act on it. She will never love CJ as much as she loves him. She tells him that he has it all worked out doesnít he. He says she is the one who decided that and it was nice to hear her say it. He says they will soon be hearing from Deacon and will have custody of the baby and then she will be free to follow her heart. She thinks he is so sure of himself. He is sure about her, so sure he loves her. She tells him she loves him to and doesnít think she ever stopped loving him. She is laughs and cries and says it was so good to say that. She says it over and again and they kiss as Eric and Stephanie comes in with the baby. Amber says Stephanie knew all along how she felt for Rick, but she wouldnít let herself face it. Stephanie says she just wasnít ready, but is now and that is all that matters. Amber says it feels so right and now she knows that is where she belongs. Why did it take her so long? Eric tells her that doesnít matter; they are her family now and always have been. Rick is happy. He feels once they hear from Deacon, they can move on with their lives. Amber is so happy. She canít believe that soon this whole thing will be over with. The doorbell rings. Stephanie answers to a serious Sally and asks what she is doing there as CJ pushes past and into the house. She says it is about the million-dollar pay off and wonders how they thought they could get away with it. CJ asks Amber what they are doing to her. She says nothing. Eric tells him to calm down. Rick says they are just talking. CJ asks about what, did he offer her a million dollars too? She doesnít care about his money. Eric asks what that is about, a million dollars. Sally says they will cut to the chase, the Forresters offered Deacon 1 million dollars for custody of the baby. Rick says Deacon is going to give them custody and that is because he wants to and that is all that matters. CJ asks if Deacon told Rick that or that is what he thinks he will do? Rick says they expect to hear from him anytime now and is confident Deacon will make the right decision. CJ says there is no decision to make. Eric is his son. He and Amber are getting married and they are going to live with him. Rick tells CJ that he will be raising little Eric with Amber, not CJ. CJ says Rick should get it through his head that Amber doesnít want anything to do with him. He goes over to Amber and tells her to be honest, tell Rick and set him free.

Deacon and Carmen are all dressed up and she wants to know why. He says it is time to pull the trigger. She doesnít understand. He says the Forrester castle; they are going to storm the gates. She bets they donít know they are coming. He says that wouldnít be any fun now would it? They wouldnít want to ruin it. He gives Carmen a paper to put in her purse but tells her not to peek or she will ruin her Christmas present. She says there is only one thing she wants from him and goes to give him a kiss. He tells her to wait; she is in for a performance of a lifetime. Letís go. Out the door they go.

The nurse checks Brooke and doesnít think she has a concussion. She suggests Brooke come up to her office and lie down, she doesnít want her to be alone. Thorne says she wonít be. The nurse leaves and Thorne tells Brooke that he loves her and cares about her. She smiles. Meanwhile, Bridget and Kim talk about the photo shoot. Kim tells her that Thorne didnít want to go at first but Brooke talked him into it. It was incredible; she didnít even have to say a word. It was Giovanniís idea that Thorne go. Bridget says that is because Giovanni knows how well Kim and Thorne work together. She thinks that her mother might be getting over Thorne and wonders if he realizes it. Kim thinks he will once she gets him on the island. Bridget feels sorry for them. Kim canít understand that. Bridget says it has been so painful for both of them and she canít feel good about it. Kim says that relationship is a mistake and her whole family is against it. Bridget knows; she just canít stand seeing them suffer. Meg interrupts, telling Bridget that her mother seems fine but was hurt. Bridget asks where and rushes off to the photo studio. Thorne brings Brooke a glass of water as she lies on the sofa. He will take her home when she feels up to it. She doesnít want Bridget to see them together. He thinks it is about time that Bridget sees them. He wonders how Bridget will feel when she realizes she ruined her motherís one chance at happiness. Brooke says, I know. Thorne looks up and sees Bridget standing there with tears in her eyes.

CJ tells Rick he needs to open his eyes and see things for what they are. Rick says that maybe he is not the one that is in denial. CJ feels Rick waves his checkbook like it is a magic wand but it is not going to buy Amber. Stephanie tells CJ that no one is trying to buy anyone. Sally puts her two cents it, like you are not trying to buy the baby. Eric says they are just trying to get him away from Deacon no matter what that takes. CJ asks if when they do get him back from Deacon are they going to give him back to Amber and him? That is where he belongs. Rick says, CJ there is no you and Amber. CJ tells him to shut up with that and wants to know what this has done to Amber, because of Rick she has to deal with Deacon trying to take away her son. He tells Rick that Amber doesnít want to be with him, she doesnít love him. He tells Amber to tell Rick, although she wants to spare his feelings, enough is enough. Rick tells CJ that Amber has made a decision, would he like to hear what it is? Knock, knock, knock, in bursts Deacon, hello, daddyís home. Stephanie asks what he is doing there? He says he has no time to chat, has business. Notices everyone is there. This is great, now he can kill two birds with one stone. He introduces Carmen and says she will have a surprise for them in just a second but he will hold off on that for now. He goes over to the baby and calls him little D and says he has given him quite a bit to talk about lately. He says, well, folks, I have finally made up my mind as to who is going to get the baby. He bets they are all just dying to know who it is. Tune in tomorrow. =)

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