The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 12/12/00



B&B Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Linda

The show starts off where it left Friday due to Presidential Hearings. Morgan approaches an unsuspecting Taylor with her scarf in hand about to strangle her. Taylor asks Clarke what he is trying to tell her. Is he trying to say that Morgan is dangerous? And it has something to do with Ridge? Clarke looks up at Morgan. Clarke gets all excited. Taylor tells him to calm down or the nurse will throw her out again. He says Morgan. Taylor turns and says Morgan. She never heard her come in. Morgan acts so passive. She asks what Clarke has been telling her? Taylor says he said something about Morgan being dangerous. And wonders if she may know what he is talking about. Morgan says he has been accusing everyone of doing something to him, including the nurses and his buttons on the machines and saying Sally was trying to kill him. Taylor asks Clarke if that is true, does he thinks people are trying to kill him? Morgan says he is irrational and has lost all sense of reality. Taylor says that he has been through a traumatic ordeal. Taylor thinks Clarke needs a little time to get over his fears of everyone. Morgan says she is going to stay there with him for a while so he will know she cares about him. Clarke looks frightened and his alarm goes off. Taylor asks him what is the matter, doesn't he want Morgan to stay there and spend a little time with him? A nurse come bursting through the door. She tells Taylor that she has already spoken to her today. Taylor says she is only trying to help him. The nurse says Clarke's heart rate is dangerously high. Taylor tells Clarke she will come back later. She goes to say something to Morgan, but she is gone. She goes out the door looking for her. No Morgan in sight. Taylor's cell phone rings, it is Stephanie. Taylor gives her the brush off telling her she can't talk right now, she is trying to find Morgan and will call her back later and hangs up.

Eric, Brooke, Kim, Thorne and Giovanni are looking at the photos Giovanni took. Eric says they just didn't grab him. Kim looks beautiful, but something just isn't working. Giovanni tried lighting to grab the outdoors but it didn't work he says. Eric says that is the answer, they have to be taken outdoors. Brooke remembers a place Thorne and she used to go and think is beautiful. They both agree. Thorne thinks it was so romantic. Giovanni suggests another place. A place on an island that when the sun sets, it looks like the water is on fire. It is so beautiful. They all look at Giovanni in awe for a moment. He takes that as an adverse reaction and says Santa Monica is okay. They all agree with the place he has chosen, it sounds so beautiful. Brooke asks how he heard about the place. He says he has friends there and they told him he could shoot there at anytime but under one condition. He cannot disclose the location. He wanted to save this for something really special and he thinks this is it. Eric is eager to get it going. Giovanni wants Thorne to go along with Kimberly. He makes Kim come alive in front of the camera better than anyone else. Thorne doesn't like the idea but Brooke insists he go. Kim smirks in the back ground.

Ridge tells Stephanie that she is over reacting about Morgan. Stephanie says what if she is the one who did this to Clarke. He says they would be at fault for hiding the truth, but that is okay because Taylor will know by tomorrow morning. Stephanie thinks Morgan is a threat to him and Taylor. Ridge thinks she is wrong, that is something they didn't agree on. She says once Taylor finds out about he baby, that will be the end of their friendship. She thinks Morgan will do something because Taylor is not going to allow Ridge a relationship with that baby. She may do something drastic like she did to Clarke. He doesn't think anyone is going to mess with his wife. He won't let that happen. Stephanie says he won't be able to protect her if Taylor throws him out of the house? Morgan is a real threat and she wants to know how he is going to deal with it. He says he will talk with Morgan. She says Morgan will never admit what she is up to. Eric comes to the door looking for Morgan. Stephanie tells him she left earlier. He wonders what the two of them are doing in there. Ridge tells him Stephanie suspicions about Morgan and Clarke's demise. Eric asks why. Stephanie says Morgan was very angry with him that night and she thinks she tried to kill him. Ridge says they weren't getting along. Eric says you didn't try to kill someone just because you aren't getting along. What is it? What aren't they telling him. Stephanie says because she is infatuated with Ridge. Eric wants to know what that has to do with Clarke. She says it point being, Morgan is capable of violence when she doesn't get what she wants. Eric isn't following this. Ridge says Stephanie thinks Morgan is a threat to Taylor. Eric doesn't want to hear it. He thinks Morgan is an important part in this company. Stephanie says she is not going to stand by when she thinks Taylor is in danger. And in her opinion, she is. Stephanie leaves as Eric looks confused as to what just happened.

Thorne asks Kim to leave so he can talk to Brooke. She says sure, you know where to find me. Thorne tells Brooke he doesn't want to do this. She says it is professional, and she has no choice to look at it that way. He can't believe she wants to let him go with Kim and can't understand how she is making this a work issue. He tells her he loves her and wants her to tell him it won't bother her and that she won't wonder what is going on when he is on the island. He pleads with her to tell him that she doesn't love him as he gets closer and talks about their relationship. They kiss passionately.

Morgan slips back into Clarke's room with a gift bag in hand. She tells Clarke that she had gotten there in time. He was about to tell Taylor everything. She wonders how much it is going to take to get through to him that she means business. She turns the alarm off on the board so the nurses won't be summoned when there is a problem. She says now, she can shut off the whole system and pushes the button to turn off the machine, taunting him that it may take some time for a nurse to come by and check on him which may bee too late to help him. He gasps for air and she turns it back on. She is not going to let him take away her baby's life. She holds the bag up and asks Clarke how it would feel to have a snake slithering around under his sheets? It may not be until tomorrow that someone comes in and checks on him. She tells him he better take the time to think about what he is doing because she will do anything it takes to protect her son. She tells him to sleep well and then dumps the bag out on his bed as he stares up in shock waiting to see what happens. There was a little teddy bear in the bag but he can't see what it is.

Thorne and Brooke go through the same talks about Bridget accepting their relationship. He thinks she is just in some adolescent emotion. Brooke says she made her decision, which was the hardest in her life and she can't turn back now. He walks away. She asks him to do one more thing for her, give her a kiss, one last kiss. He comes back and kisses her then leaves her in tears. A noise is heard overhead and something comes crashing down on her head leaving her unconscious.

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