The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 12/08/00



B&B Update Friday 12/08/00

By Linda

The show starts off with Taylor by Clarkeís bed. He says danger. She asks him for sure if that is what he is saying? He stares at her. She thinks he meant it was dangerous what he went through. He fights out the word Morgan. She tells him to calm down and speak slowly. He says Morgan again. She asks if Morgan is in some kind of danger? He says, you. She asks if he wants her to warn Morgan? She realizes he is telling her that she is in danger. His alarms go off on his vitals and a nurse comes in to tell Taylor she has to leave, his vitals are way too high and she has to stabilize him. Taylor says what he is telling her is important but abides the nurseís suggestion and leaves. The nurse tells Clarke to calm down; he can talk to Dr. Forrester later. After Clarke is calmed and alone, he has flashbacks of Morgan screaming at him for going over and telling Ridge. Trying to have power over him and she loves Ridge. She blames him for Ridge hating her and her son losing his relationship with his father and if he doesnít know how angry she is, he will. Then she sees him taunting him about pushing the button and turning off the life support. His eyes pop open and he is sweating. Taylor looks through at the door and says she has to get back in there to find out what he was trying to warn her about.

Eric and Brooke go over some of Morganís sketches and both agree that she is talented but is late for everything and is hardly in her office and her personal problems are getting in the way of her business. Brooke points out that Morgan is pregnant. Eric feels there is a lot more to it than that. Morgan should have been there. This is about her designs. Brooke says she is pregnant and has no support from the babyís father. Eric says she doesnít know the father; he is just a bar code to her doctor. She sighs. He tells her to call him old fashioned but artificial insemination? She canít handle things now, what will she do once the baby arrives. He thinks Stephanie is right about Morgan. She says, here we go, okay, what did Stephanie say? The problem with Morgan is Ridge. Brooke is surprised, Ridge? What does he have to do with this. He says Stephanie thinks he is the root of Morganís problems. Brooke says what Morgan and Ridge had was ages ago. Eric says Ridge has moved on. She doesnít think a gorgeous woman like Morgan would wait in the wings. Eric says she has and doesnít seem at all like the teen Morgan he knew and wonders how much she has change. He says Stephanie thinks for the worse. Brooke thinks Morganís work is near genius. She asks if Stephanie believes there is a fine line between genius and madness? Eric says she does and she would be right too, but letís hope that doesnít apply to Morgan.

Morgan stops at her office. She calls Henry to find out if he dropped off the designs to Brooke and Eric for her? She knows they were late. She asks him if they said anything. She says it was a terrible accident and she is heading over to the hospital. She thanks him before hanging up the phone. She stuffs some folders into her brief case and looks up to find Stephanie. They discuss Clarke and Stephanie accuses her of letting the snake loose. She isnít sure how she did it but finds it such a coincidence that Clarke let Ridge know that he knows the truth about the baby and all of a sudden, Clarke is strangled by the snake. She says Clarke is a good friend of hers. Stephanie thought they werenít speaking and asks if she made him promise not to tell anyone else. Morgan says she may have said she would kill him if he told anyone but there is no way she meant it. Stephanie points out that if Clarke went to Taylor and told her everything, it would be over for Morgan. Morgan says that Clarke canít tell her anything right now and that is what Stephanie wanted. Stephanie thinks this is all because she is obsessed with her son. Morgan says Ridge will want to be in his babyís life. Stephanie says not once Taylor finds out. She canít let Morgan go on like this, pulling strings. Morgan says Ridge understands her. Stephanie says he doesnít, he hates her. She spells it out for her, once Taylor finds out, she wonít let Ridge be a part of her life or the childís life, it will be like that baby doesnít exist to him. Morgan tells her to shut up. Stephanie tells her that as long as Taylor is alive, she will not have Ridge. Morgan says she doesnít have to listen to this and heads for the door. Stephanie tells her she knows how she operates; she will do anything to get what she wants no matter whom she hurts. Morgan tells her that she thinks she scares her, but she isnít and that Stephanie doesnít know whom she is dealing with. She storms out the door and right by Ridge. He goes into the office and asks if Stephanie told Morgan off. She says that canít wait and asks if he told Taylor yet. He says no, he was about to when he got the phone call about Clarke. She asks if he knows who was responsible. He doesnít know if anyone was responsible. She says it was Morgan. Ridge doesnít think she would know anything about handling a snake. Stephanie says she knows how to open a cage. He doesnít think she is capable of murder. She canít believe he thinks it is an accident. Someone is responsible and she thinks it is Morgan. Ridge turns and looks at her. He doesnít think Morgan would use a snake to knock off Clarke. She asks, why not, if she used a gun it would be obvious. He says those are some allegations. She agrees and wonders why he is letting her off the hook? He isnít. She thinks Morgan is a woman out of control. He thinks she may have just been trying to scare him. She says if not, she doesnít think it is just pregnancy, there is something more serious here. She thinks she is a physical threat and will go to any extreme to get what she wants. She worries what will happen if Taylor finds out about the baby. He says that is not an if; she is going to find out tonight. He wonít let anyone talk him out of it either. She knows that once Taylor knows, their friendship will sour like Clarke and hers did. There is no telling what will happen. He says no one will hurt his wife. She thinks he assumes he will be around. He says, why wouldnít he? She says he is going to tell his wife that he slept with her best friend. Did it ever occur to him that Taylor might just throw him out of the house? He canít keep this secret from Taylor any longer, that is all there is to it. She knows he has to tell her but she thinks he needs to find a way to protect Taylor from Morgan. He still doesnít think Morgan was trying to kill Clarke. She says even if she was trying to scare him, look at the results. She says Taylor will go after Morgan when she finds the truth and Morgan isnít the type of person who turns and runs. There has to be a way to keep her from Taylor.

Taylor sneaks back into Clarkeís room, leaving the door open behind her. She calls to him in a whisper. She sits down on the bed with her back to the door. He looks at her. She repeats what he said to her, danger, Morgan. She asks if he is trying to tell her that Morgan is dangerous? Morgan shows up at the open door and hears Taylor ask him if Morgan did this to him. And then asks why, why would she do this? Morgan is angry and starts into the room, closing the door behind her. Taylor tells Clarke to try not to speak, she canít understand him. Morgan takes off her scarf and holds it as though she is going to strangle Taylor with it.

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