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By Linda

In Clarke's hospital room, two nurses work on his IV and machines as he has flashbacks of the snake coiled around him, as he lay defenseless on the floor. He thinks to himself that Morgan did this to him. The woman is mad. He trusted her and she tried to kill him. He wonders what she will do to Taylor this plan goes bad and he is sure it will because Ridge is not going to leave his wife. What about the kids? Taylor, he has to warn her. He makes a sound and one of the nurses in the room comes over as the other turns and asks him what is wrong. He tries to say Taylor but it comes out muffled and the nurses wonder what he is saying. He says in syllables: Tay - lor. The nurse repeats, Taylor. They notice his heart rate is rising and tell him he has to calm down. He says For. One nurse asks if Ridge Forester was there earlier? Yes, his wife's name is Taylor. They asks if he wants Taylor and one goes to see if she can get her on the phone. The other nurse tells him to rest, they will find Taylor and then she leaves. He closes his eyes and hears a voice asking how Mr. Garrison is doing. It is Morgan. The nurse tells him he is doing well, but has to remain calm. Morgan says she understands. She turns and asks Clarke if he missed her. She tells him not to look at her like that; she isn't going to hurt him. She just wants to have chitchat. What is the matter, doesn't he have anything to say? A few minutes ago he had so much to talk about. He had the nurses enthralled. The thinks, oh no, she heard him. She says she was watching and he seemed so worked up about something. She looks over at his life support machines. She points out that his vitals are so high and with all his talking, it could be very dangerous. If he keeps it up, he might take a turn for the worse. He can't afford to take the chance and neither can she; he is a liability to her. He better not try to betray her again. With all the grunting and groaning he is doing to the nurses and his family, how does she know he is not going to give her away? She tells him that she and Ridge are talking again and it is just a matter of time before he can ruin that for her and her baby. He almost did it before, why wouldn't he again. She warned him before, but maybe a warning isn't good enough. She looks at his respirator and gives him an evil stare, as he looks petrified. She says he crossed her once before and she can't be sure he won't try to go to Taylor. She puts her hand on the off button and asks him if that is what she has to do, is that what it is going to take? It would be so easy to just switch him off. She is temped to push that button so he can't tell Taylor anything. He tried to ruin her baby's life and she will defend him, whatever it takes. She wonders how long he would last with one lung, lying flat on his back and unable to speak. He begs in his head for her to stop. He is afraid she is going to kill him. She asks what it is like to have his future in someone else's hands. She knows he wonders if she will do it. She put all her faith in him and he let her down. She now wonders if she can trust him and she knows if he tells Taylor about the baby. They will all lose, especially her baby, who will lose his father. A nurse then comes in and asks her to leave because they have to run some tests. She assures him she will be back. When the nurse comes over to the side of the bed, Clarke says Taylor again. She tells him that they got a hold of Taylor and she is on her way

Taylor tells Brooke that she wasn't aware the situation got that bad. Brooke says it will only get worse if Stephanie sets Deacon off. Taylor wonders why she would go over there. Doesn't she know how dangerous he is? Brooke thinks after Stephanie gets through with him, he won't give the baby to anyone. She feels sorry for Amber because she has loved that baby since birth and can't think of what will happen if someone were to come in and take the baby away from her. Taylor offers any counseling needed for Rick or Amber, but Brooke doesn't think there is anything anyone can do right now. The ball is in Deacon's court. Taylor's phone rings. She says, Clarke Garrison? She will be there and wonders why he wants to see her.

Amber cuddles the baby and tells him how much she loves him. He is the most precious gift anyone has given her and she will never let anyone take him away. The door opens. It is Darla. She heard about what happened with Deacon. She can't believe Rick tried to trick Deacon and promises Amber won't lose the baby. Amber feels that is only if Stephanie can get through to Deacon. She is over there now.

The camera goes to Stephanie and Deacon still in an embrace. She tells him it is all right, all right. No one is going to hurt him. No one wants to hurt him. He lets go. She says it has been a long time hasn't it? He ask what? She says that his mother has held him or loved him. He tells her he doesn't know what kind of game she is trying to play, but she is not his mother. He doesn't want to talk about his mother. She asks if it is too painful. He says too personal. She asks if his mother abused him. He says she didn't do anything. She asks if she knew about it but did nothing to stop it. He says his mother had to take care of herself. Stephanie asks if he abused his mother too. Deacon doesn't want to talk about it. She asks if it was his father. He asks if she wants a family history. She just is trying to figure this out so she can help. He doesn't want her help. He can take care of himself. She asks like he did all his life? He says that is right and she can stop all her talk show babble and fake concern because it is not working. She asks what he means. He says the Amber chick already tried that one, oh, Deacon, I see you for who you really are. I know the man you really are inside, mimicking Amber. He then tells her that none of them know what is inside of him. She can see his is angry and can't continue swallowing down this rage. It isn't healthy. He tells her if she keeps pushing him, it isn't going to be healthy for her either. She says that is his father talking. He says that is not his father, his father would never. She says, never what? Put him in a closet and let him yell. That was not his father? He says it was a jealous man, a monster. She asks if he was jealous of Deacon. He says he wanted her all to himself. He treated his mother like a slave, where is my dinner, where is my beer? He ate up and drank up all the money and told his mother that if Deacon wanted to eat, he could go out and get his own job. He walks out onto the balcony. She comes over and says he is full of a lot of hate for that man. He says yeah, he is. She says this could be the reason he is the way he is. He says no, he did this all himself. Nobody helped him. She thinks it is kind of sad, because if someone did lean out to help him, he may have been all right. Not such a bully to everyone. She says it will only be a matter of time that he will look in the mirror and see him, the man he has grown to hate. He says she is wrong; he is nothing like his stepfather. She says, good, then prove that. He asks how? What, give them the baby? She says yes, give him the wonderful life he never had. He says that is all she wants is the baby; she doesn't give a damn about him. She tells him that is not true. She wants him to break out of this cycle of abuse and be a man. He says he is a man. She wants him to be a real man, the kind of man that sacrifices his life for his child. He is the only one that can give his son the life his stepfather never let him have. He will have a mother who will love him and a family who will cherish him and a home that is safe. He wouldn't be afraid and would have a secure future. That is an incredible gift he could be giving him. Deacon knocks stuff off his bar. She looks at him from behind feeling like she failed and heads for the door. She opens it then abruptly turns and asks him to think about the child. It is not only about the child, it is also about Deacon. It is his future as well as the baby's. She says he is not an evil man and doesn't have to end up like his stepfather. He has a chance to do something wonderful. Let the boy go. Give him something wonderful. She believes he can do that. She leaves and stands outside the door stressed out. He sits himself down on the sofa and glares off like he is thinking about what she said.

Back at the hospital, Taylor comes in. He thinks, thanks God she is there. She says she is so sorry to hear what happened. She says his nurse called and said he wanted to see her and asks what it is about. He groans, but she can't understand him. What is he trying to tell her?


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