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B&B Update Wednesday 12/06/00

By Linda  

Sally, CJ, Amber, Kim, and little Eric visit Clarke. Kim asks if he is paralyzed. CJ says it is just temporary according to the doctor. Amber canít believe a snake did this. CJ points out that it was a 22 foot python and the janitor found it coiled around Clarkeís body. They try to figure out how the snake could have gotten out of its cage. Sally swears she saw the trainer lock the cage. CJ tells her it is not her fault, it was a freak accident. Clarke opens his eyes and Kim notices he is awake. Sally tries to find out if he can hear them and asks him if he can, please, blink his eyes. He does. They are all so happy and tell him he will be out of there soon. Sally says Clarke is strong and it will take more than a snake to beat him. Meanwhile, Morgan peeps through the window. CJ and Amber show him a picture that little Eric helped draw to cheer him up. Kim tells him that he has received cards from all over the world. Even the Foresters sent an arrangement. Clarke sees Morgan and looks frightened. Sally asks him what is wrong. He looks back and forth toward the door. Morgan comes in and suggests they give him some time to rest. CJ agrees, that is a good idea. Amber says he does look pretty wiped out. Clarke looks so frightened, but Sally tells him it is all right, they are just going out to talk to the doctor for a few minutes and will be back. Everyone leaves but Morgan. Sally asks if she is coming too? With a big smile, she says she will but wants a moment alone with Clarke first. Okay, Sally leaves. Her smile drops and Clarke looks petrified. She asks him what is the matter, did he think she forgot about him? She is watching him like a hawk. She accuses him of trying to tell his family what happened. They may not have understood, but she did, all his grunting and groaning and rolling his eyes like a lunatic. It is rather pathetic a man like him lying there so helpless, completely paralyzed. She only let the snake in his office to try to frighten him, but she never should have had to. He gave her no choice. Now he knows what it is like when he tells people her secrets and is sure he wouldnít want to go through that again, would he? She warns him that if he wants out of the hospital, he better keep his mouth shut. A nurse comes in to change the IV. Morgan smiles at Clarke and says she has to go now, but he shouldnít worry, she will be back soon.

Brooke and Rick talk about the meeting he had with Deacon. He is afraid Deacon may want to keep the baby. He can legally. She tells him to stay away from Deacon. The worst thing to do now would be to approach him. The consequences could be disastrous. He says Stephanie thinks she can get through to him. Brooke thinks the last person who should go to Deacon is Stephanie, she has a talent at pushing buttons. Rick says Stephanie knows how to handle it, she has been a big help. Brooke thinks he should just let Jonathan and Eric handle it, Stephanie did enough ruining her own sonís lives. He did give them a try and they couldnít get through to Deacon so maybe Stephanie can. She insists he not let her do that. He says he couldnít stop her, she went over there before he came to see Brooke. She tells him somebody better stop her. She is only going to make matters worse. There is no telling what could happen.

Deacon again tells Stephanie to leave, he doesnít want to get into it. She says they are going to into it. He thinks she has a  lot of nerve coming into his bar telling him what to do. She says she doesnít blame him for being angry but wants him to understand a little boyís life is at stake. He says she is breaking his heart. She wants to talk to him as a parent. He doesnít care what happens to the kid and tells her she is wasting her time. If that is how he feels, she wants him to give them the child and they will give him the money. He isnít giving them a second chance. She is serious, they will give him the money. He says it is his decision and no old bag is going to tell him what to do about it. He goes to walk away and she grabs hold of his arm. He pulls away in a rage and tells her never to touch him. She yells right back in his face not to ever yell at her like that. He tells her that nobody puts their hands on him. Stephanie looks at him a bit concerned, like she can see something there that she didnít notice before. He tells her again to get out. She is not leaving until they talk. He orders a double. She thinks drinking will only make things more difficult. He thinks she is making things more difficult and wouldnít want to do that. She takes that as a threat. He says it is a fact and turns to the bartender for confirmation. The bartender nods and walks away. She thinks he enjoys intimidating people, but she is not going to let him do it to her, she knows all too well about tough little boys like him. He doesnít thinks she knows the first thing about him. She says she does, he is a bully and his tactics are crude. She tells him he is a disturbed young man. He says he canít remember how long it has been that he has been hearing those words and worse. He asks if she had ever been tagged like that but doesnít think so because she came from the right side of town and he didnít. He came from the gutter and knows it. He says that is why she is there. She is scared because he has the power and he is not going to let anyone take that away from him. He tells her to go back to her precious little family and tell them it is over, so kiss off. He walks away and goes to his apartment, with Stephanie in pursuit. She walks right in and closes the door. He tells her she is like a dog with a bone and wants her out of there. She has no intention of leaving until they settle this. He threatens her. She asks if she is going to beat her up, a woman old enough to be his mother. He wants her to leave his mother out of this. She wonders if his mother would be proud of him for all of this. He screams at her to shut up. She says she doesnít think his mother would be proud, she certainly wouldnít if he child acted like he does. What kind of man beats on woman and hangs around a bar all day intimidating employees? Running through tidbit little towns leaving girls pregnant. Is that a man in charge? He says if she is talking about Becky, she is the one that came on to him. She says Becky wouldnít do that. He says they used each other and all Becky wanted was a way out of town. She says he is a liar and asks if that is how he handles all his problems, by running away? He says his only problem is her. She thinks he has deep issues, only the kind a psychiatrist can handle. He screams at her that she can stand in his place and tell him he is crazy. She is telling it as she sees it. She thinks it is one thing to behave the way he has, but to toy with a childís life is despicable, vile and cruel. Probably the cruelest thing she has ever heard of. He tells her she doesnít know anything about vile. She reminds him not to try his bully stuff on her. She knows exactly the kind of man he is and knows exactly what he needs and it has been coming for a long time.

At the hospital, CJ thinks it would be a good idea to take the baby home. Amber suggests they stay at a hotel for a while because something happened today with Deacon. CJ is not amused and figures the Foresters tried something. She admits they did but it didnít work. He is glad, it serves them right and that would mean he will be more willing to give the baby to them. She doesnít thinks so. When he left the Foresterís he seemed pretty angry and said he wasnít giving him to anybody. She thinks he is bluffing but canít be sure. CJ is angry, he had told Rick to back off before something like this happened, but he just couldnít listen. She is sorry and shouldnít have mentioned it because he has enough to worry about with his dad. He is sorry he got worked up and is glad she told him. He needs to know these things. The problem Deacon has is with the Foresters and not them, so that will work in their favor. Everything will be fine. His dad will get better and they will get custody of little Eric. In a couple of weeks it will all be over and they can get on with their lives.

Deacon asks Stephanie to tell him what he needs. A fist upside his head? There must be a lot of guys at her loading docks that would love to kick his butt and knock a little sense into him. He walks over by the window and turns toward her and says he screwed up her plans, so why not just use him as a punching bag or an ashtray. She looks at him puzzled. He knows she just wants to lock him up in jail where it is cold and dark and they canít hear him scream and forget about him like he didnít exist. Well, it didnít work, did it? She can use her strong arm tactics because it doesnít matter, he isnít afraid of her either. She canít imagine how much he can take. It is okay, beat him, burn him, stab him, break his bones because he doesnít give a damn, he can take it. And he wonít even flinch. She has tears in her eyes and tells him that was not what she meant. He says what, quit looking at him, what? She says, you poor little boy and approaches him. He flinches and asks her what she is doing. She hugs him as he tries to pull away, telling her to get off him because she is strangling him. She holds him tighter, telling him it is all right, until he gives in and hugs her back and cries resting his head on her shoulder.


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