The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 12/05/00



B&B Update Tuesday 12/05/00

By Linda

Amber is down in the dumps about the baby. Rick is sorry it didn't turn out the way they planned. She tells him they lost their baby. Rick doesn't think Deacon will take the baby; he won't want to blow the deal. Amber can't believe that, she says the Forrester’s tricked him; he is not going to give them the baby now. He says he blew it and is so sorry. She isn't blaming him but Deacon was tricked and now he is going to come back and take her baby. Rick assures her that he was never after the baby, he only wanted the money and is probably long gone. She thinks he may be at Sally's and heads for the door. She can't let him take the baby; he is all she has left after losing her family, Rick and Becky. Rick says Deacon won't take the baby and doesn't want her to think like that. That is all she can think about, it is all that is in her head. The thought of Deacon raising the baby and exposing him to who knows what is killing her. Things weren't perfect before but at least he was safe. Rick holds her and tells her everything will be okay. He has made some mistakes but he swears he will bring Eric back safe and sound, he promises. He kisses her.

Over at Deacon's bar, there is a crowd. One of the women comments to Carmen about Deacon and her leaving town. She says when he gets back, they are out of there. The woman wonders if Deacon is in trouble but Carmen clears that up by saying he has been working on a deal worth a lot of money and is taking her to the Caribbean. The woman tells her she doesn't want to hear it, thinking it means trouble, but Carmen grabs hold and continues, telling her how Deacon saved her from running the streets trying to make it as an actress and took care of her so she wouldn't have to go home. The woman says she wouldn't want to be stuck on an island with a man like Deacon Sharp. All he thinks about is himself, giving orders and showing his temper. Carmen says that isn't the real Deacon and she doesn't know what caused him to be like that, but she is going to fix it. She loves him and when he is in a good mood, there is nothing like it. But, what about when he is in a bad mood, she is asked. She says you just stay out of his way, but that is all going to change as soon as he gets him money. Deacon comes in and throws a guy off one of the barstools telling him to get off his chair then stands at the bar glaring. Carmen comes over all happy and asks him how is feels to be rich. He yells at the bartender to get him a shot, now! Carmen backs up and her smile drops. Deacon goes to sit at a table. The other woman comes over and tells Carmen that maybe she should let Deacon cool down for a while. Carmen takes his shot to him and he swigs it right down and tells her again. She asks if he is okay as she sits. He tells her he didn't tell her to sit down. She wants to know what happened. He says the Forresters set him up. They had the place wired and tried to tape him pandering his kid after that punk Forrester came to him about selling him, now they are going to pay.

Over at the Forresters, Eric is telling Stephanie that maybe they should get Jon to send Deacon a message. Steph doesn't think he will trust them again. Eric doesn't want to let him anywhere near the baby, but Steph says they may have no choice, he is the father and Conner and Jon both said he can do whatever he wants. Eric hates the fact they have no control but thinks Deacon will come around because he knows how much they want the baby. Steph doesn't think a man like that will come around and worries about the baby's life if Deacon decides to keep him. She asks what have they done? Eric feels if they pull together and deal with the situation in a rational matter, they can get the baby. Steph thinks the whole situation is irrational. She can't believe what has happened, they had promised Becky they would protect that child and now, because of what they've done, he is in a precarious situation. And now his future is hanging in the balance. Rick goes out and tells Stephanie that he blew it, when he talked to him the first time, he should have never offered him money, he knows that the Spectras would never have hurt the baby and he should have left things alone. Steph tells him not to feel like that, they were all told to stay away from Deacon but they all love the baby so much and she is sure once this whole mess is over, they will have the baby. Out at the pool, Amber sits. Eric comes out and asks if she is okay. He asks if she called CJ. She asks why, to warn him that Deacon is on the warpath? He assures that they will do everything they possibly can to protect Eric and all will work out. She says she wants Rick to know that no matter what happens, she will always love Rick for trying to put their family back together. Eric says Rick is up at the house, why doesn't she go tell him. She says there isn't enough time. He wonders why. She says she is leaving, taking the baby and getting out of town. Meanwhile, Rick is downing himself for all that happened. Stephanie thinks he did a courageous thing. He showed how much he loved Amber and the baby and that is what holds families together and the type of love that triumphs in the end. He says he hasn't triumphed. She says he will just stay focused where his goal is. He says those goals are further and further. She says there is probably something they haven't tried. He wants to know what it is; Deacon won't listen to him if he goes over there. She insists he stay away from him. She has taken care of this family for a long time and is not going to let some punk beat them. She leaves. Outside, Eric tells Amber she can't leave. Amber feels he would be safer. He says he knows she is scared but does she think he would be safer out there on the run, no, this is her family and her home. She hugs him. He says they will get through this as difficult and delicate but as long as things don't get out of control and they don't over react.

Deacon tells Carmen they are not going to play him for a fool. He is going to get them for this. Carmen asks what he is going to do. They are going to be sorry they ever heard of him. She asks if he can make a deal with the other people? And get caught in the same trap, he is done with these rich idiots, they can't be trusted. He may not give anyone the baby. She asks if he is going to keep the baby himself. He says he has to show them who is boss. She asks what he is going to do to the little boy. He says it isn't about the baby; it is about what they tried to do to him. They tried to con him and nobody does that. If they so much as send him a post card he is going to go. He looks up and sees Stephanie at the door and says, I'll be damned, Stephanie Forrester, lady, you made a big mistake coming in my bar. They make eye contact and she walks over to talk to him. He says get out of here, go, and pushes Carmen. He looks at Steph and tells her to go too. She says she isn't there to play games with him; she is there to resolve their situation right now. He glares at her.

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