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B&B Update Monday 12/04/00 

By Linda

Deacon catches on to the Forresters. He points out that what came out of Rick's ear is a listening device and looks around to find out where he was being recorded from. He finds the microphone in the flowers and searches around for the recorder. Meanwhile, Jon gets the tape out of the recorder and hides it in his pocket and then tries to hide the recorder behind some books. Deacon comes bursting through the door, hello counselor. He drags Jon out into the living room. Thought they said he was out of town. Eric tells him to take his hands off of Jon. Deacon tells him to shut up or he is next. He opens the recorder and asks for the tape. Jon asks what tape? Deacon grabs him by the lapels and tells him to give it to him now. Jon says he will give it to him all right, 5 years for selling his baby and 5 for aggravated assault. This doesn't hold Deacon back at all. He wants that tape. Stephanie tells Jon to give it to him and he does. Deacon tells Jon he made a big mistake, old man. He shoves Jon and says they were trying to set him up and that was a stupid mistake. Amber asks what he expects since he has acted like an animal since he came into their lives. He says he didn't come into their lives, Rick came into his, and he never asked for anything to do with this kid. She says he has the check so just go and forget about it. He says he will go to the bank with it to find it was canceled. She says they won't do that. He tells her she is either lying or naive and he will bet it is naive because she is nothing like these bastards. She tells Stephanie to tell him that the check is good. Stephanie says he knows it. Deacon says it isn't working out the way they wanted, if he cashes the check, they will go to the cops with the document. Rick eyes the document on the table and he and Deacon grab for it at the same time, with Deacon getting it. Amber pleads with him; they can all have what they want. He says if it were he and Amber, maybe they could have worked it out but the Forresters want him in jail. Steph says no one is going to put him in jail; he has the evidence right in his hand. Deacon says that is right, he does, but maybe he doesn't want the money anymore, money isn't everything. Amber pleads with him, she needs Eric and he doesn't want him, he has to give him to her, she is begging him. Rick tells him the right thing to do is take the money and go. Deacon says they never intended for him to have the money. Eric admits he is right, but first and for most, they want the child. Deacon says they couldn't have wanted him too much or they wouldn't have pulled this crap. Rick admits Deacon outsmarted them but they are willing to pay him. Eric offers to give them the million dollars in cash if that is what he wants. Deacon tears up the signed document and says the baby isn't for sale anymore, deals off folks. Amber cries, no, no! Deacon hollers, where is his kid? Steph says he is not there. Where is he? Not there, she tells him. He says he will be back and heads out the door, but not before picking up a vase full of flowers and throwing it. Amber breaks down and cries as Rick holds her. She cries out, my baby, he is going to take my baby.

Ridge is about to leave for the hospital and asks Taylor if she wants to go with him. She will stay home. He wonders where Morgan is after Taylor tells him she keeps getting the answering machine. Taylor figures she is probably by Clarke's side, even though they had a falling out, she feels Morgan cares deeply about Clarke. She tells Ridge to be there for her. She reminds him that they aren't finished talking about what was on his mind before they were interrupted and would like to finish later. It seemed so important. He says he will call her from the hospital later, kisses her and leaves.

At the hospital, Sally talks to CJ about his dad and his condition. CJ says he is paralyzed. He can't talk and they don't know if he can even hear them. He can't figure out how his dad could have gotten strangled by a snake. Sally assures him the snake was locked up. The question is how did it get in Clarke's office and out of the cage in the first place. Meanwhile, a bruised and paralyzed Clarke listens to Morgan telling him she warned him not to tell about her baby, but he ran right to Ridge and now he wants nothing to do with her or the baby. She didn't mean for this to happen, she just tried to scare him. She tells him that he brought it upon himself. Sally wants to take a break and go to the cafeteria. CJ would rather stay right there and wait. Sally says they have to keep their hopes up and they hug as Ridge comes in from the elevator. He comes over and says how sorry he is and asks how he is doing. Sally says not good, he is not responding. Ridge tells CJ that his dad is a fighter. Sally says that is what she has been telling him. Ridge asks her how this happened. She has no idea. She saw the trainers lock it in its cage. She knew Clarke had a phobia about snakes and should have listened to him. CJ tells her to stop talking about the freaking snake and walks away. Ridge asks if Morgan knows. Sally says she does and was there, but she thinks she left. Ridge looks into Clarke's room from a distance as Sally goes over to CJ. Morgan sits on the edge of Clarke's bed and takes his hand then strokes his face as a frightened Clarke looks at her. She tells him he looks frightened and helpless and should be. She won't let him rob her baby of his father or ruin things between her and Ridge. Now she has to find a way to fix things for her and Ridge, but how will she make sure he won't interfere again. Ridge walks in and calls out her name. Morgan strokes Clarke's face affectionately to fool Ridge into thinking she cares for him. Ridge asks what she is doing in there. She turns to him with tears running down her face, Ridge, Ridge, it is horrible. They embrace, as Clarke looks on speechless. She says she heard it on the radio. Ridge asks where she was and she tells him she was home. She can't believe he was with a snake, doesn't he know how dangerous it is? Ridge says from what he heard, a few more minutes and Clarke would have been dead. She points out that he still could. Ridge says that would solve a lot of problems for the two of them, wouldn't it? She asks if that is what he would want. He says, Clarke did threaten to tell Taylor the truth, didn't he? That didn't answer her question. He says, no, he wouldn't want Clarke or anyone else to die. Her either, Clarke has been so supportive of her. Ridge seems like he doesn't believe her and is fishing to find out if she did it or not. You can hear Clarke thinking, Ridge, she did it, don't believe her, you have to protect your wife and family, don't leave please, don't leave me here with her. She then asks Ridge why he is there and he asks her the same. She says they are close. He points out that was until recently, they were not getting along since Clarke blew her cover. He thinks Clarke was in love with her and wanted more and when he turned the table on her, she wanted him silent. She asks if he is saying she is responsible for this. He asks if she is. She wants to know if he is saying she is capable of killing someone, a killer? Clarke is heard telling Ridge not to believer her, she is lying. Ridge says he is sorry; it is just the way she has been acting lately. She can't believe if that is the way he feels about her, he can stand there and look at her. He says he is sorry again and doesn't think she is a killer. He tells her that he was just about to tell Taylor about the baby when he found out about Clarke. She says there is no reason to tell Taylor. Ridge says Clarke will survive and he doesn't want Taylor hearing it from him. Morgan assures him that Clarke won't be speaking tonight or possibly ever again. She tells him he should protect his wife and family, they should both protect her. She tells him to wait a couple of days and see what happens. Clarke is trying to tell Ridge not to trust her around Taylor ever again.


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