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B&B Update Friday 12/01/00  

By Linda 

CJ plays with the baby. Sally comes home and tells CJ the fantastic news at work. She hired a beautiful slithering employee and is a snake. He thinks is sounds good. She talks about the campaign. CJ doesn't seem too interested and Sally asks what is wrong. He points out that they have heard nothing from Deacon. Sally says they offered him $200,000. CJ says but he hasn't accepted and he is starting to get worried. He tells her that Amber went over to Deacon's to try to get the baby but all Deacon did was jerk her around and come on to her. Sally wonders where Amber is now. CJ has a bad feeling that she is over at the Forrester’s right now.

Over at the Forrester’s, Rick is heard asking Deacon again if he is willing to sell his son for $1,000,000. Deacon says Rick makes it sound so crass. Jon wants Rick to tell Deacon that they just want to make it clear, that is a lot of money. Rick says he wants to make it crystal clear. Deacon says that is the deal and they are lucky he doesn't ask for $10,000,000. Jon says gotcha and tells Rick to get him to sign the papers. Rick tries to hand Deacon the papers to sign. He tells Rick, to take it easy and remember who is calling the shots. Amber asks if he is afraid they will double cross him? He says he thinks they know what will happen if they did. Steph says they aren't going to take that chance. He says that is the first smart thing he has heard. He grabs the paper out of Rick's hands and looks it over. Says their lawyer sure has a lot of legal jumble on the papers and then wonders where he is. Rick says out of town on a case (as instructed by Jon). Deacon is glad because he can't stand the sight of Jon's face. He flips through the pages and says, my boy, what a shame. Steph asks again that he would sell that child, wouldn't he? She includes that he has no feelings what so ever and would sell him to the highest bidder with no regards to his well-being, isn't that right? Go ahead and admit it. What is he afraid of? Deacon glares back at her then asks if she is a shrink or something. Of course he has no problem selling the kid. Steph says she thinks they heard enough and looks at Rick. Doesn't he? Jon tells Rick to ask what Deacon will do if they don't pay him. Will he raise little Eric? When Rick asks him, he says he would just have to sell him to Sally Spectra. She is willing to pay a lot for him and in case Rick didn't notice, the kid is a real commodity. Amber asks again, it is a sure bet he wouldn't raise the baby. He says that is a sure bet, he doesn't have time for a kid. Jon says that is it, get the papers signed and get rid of him. Rick tells him to just sign it. Deacon asks Eric if he has his checkbook. Eric does. Deacon grabs a pen and places the papers on the table with the bugged flowers. He signs the papers then shakes Rick's hand telling him he is now a proud papa. Now, he wants the check. Eric hands it to him and he comments about all those zeros. Steph says, good-bye Mr. Sharp. Deacon asks aren't they going to crack a bottle? Eric wants him to go now. Deacon walks over to Amber and says how he had a good time and he knows she felt something as much as he did and asks if she may want to stop by sometime now that he is a millionaire. Rick tells him he should leave sometime, how about now? Deacon says before he leaves LA he is going to stop by and adjust a little attitude of Rick's and taps him across the face which forces the earpiece to the floor. Deacon asks if that is what he thinks it is and bends down and picks it up. Well, well, Ricky, what do we have here?

Ridge asks Kathryn if she is sure they said Clarke was dead. She heard it on the radio. He asks if the report said he was strangled by a snake and was definitely dead. Kathryn says it said on the radio that he was crushed and strangled by a python and sounded like they meant he was dead. Ridge wants to call Sally to find out for sure. Taylor says he would be the last person they would want to hear from if it is true. Sally answers the phone and Ridge asks her if she heard anything about the snake. Sally asks if they are the KGB and how did they find out. He asks then it is true. She says what is true is, that snake is under exclusive contract with Spectra Fashions. Ridge catches on that Sally hasn't heard about Clarke when Sally goes on about them not stealing her concept and warns them not to do it. She threatens to sick her lawyer on them if she hears they tried to use any of her ideas. She hangs up. The doorbell rings and she sends CJ to get it as she goes on about the Forrester arrogance. She is tired of it. Darla asks if they heard? Sally asks, heard what? She tells them that Clarke was attacked by the snake and taken to the hospital. CJ grabs the baby and will take him to Christina. He hustles them to hurry. Sally is in shock. Darla grabs her arm and says, "Let's go." Sally finally moves toward the door. 

Taylor gets off the phone with the hospital. Clarke has been admitted but is still alive and that is all they would tell her. Ridge wonders if it was a snake that did it. She tells him that is the story but no one knows how it got out of its cage. She asks why this is so important to him and what is going on between him and Clarke? He says nothing. She says he seems a littler overly concerned. He is, doesn't she find this a little bizarre? Yes, she does, but she is really more concerned about Morgan. He asks, Morgan, why? She says they are really close. He says they haven't been recently. She says he could be dying. He says it makes him wonder.

At the hospital, they say they haven't lost him yet. They check his vitals. One nurse asks what happened. A snake attacked him. Bitten? No, crushed. Sally, Darla and CJ arrive. Sally asks the doctor if they can go in to see Clarke. The doctor says she wants to talk to them first. CJ asks what is his dad's condition. Doc says he has several broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The snake restricted his breathing and damaged his vocal cords. They aren't sure how long his oxygen supply was cut off, but he is not responsive. Sally asks what that means. The doc says, at the moment, he is paralyzed. CJ wants to see him. The doc says she will take them in. Clarke looks horrible. Bruised neck and swollen. CJ asks if he can hear them. The doc isn't sure, but it is possible. Sally goes over and talks to him, tells him they are there and not going anywhere until he talks to them. She tells him she knows he can hear them and asks him to talk to them. CJ wants to talk to him, grabs a chair and sits by his side. Morgan slips in the door and glances over at Clarke. CJ tells him he wants him to listen to him, he has been through a lot this year and he wants him to know he wouldn't have made it without him. He gave him love and strength when he wanted to give up, he made him fight again and now it is his turn, he has to fight with everything he has because this family needs him. He needs him so he can't leave him now, he loves him and he is going to wait right there until Clarke wakes up. He cries as Morgan looks on with tears in her eyes. Clarke opens his eyes, but no one is in the room. Morgan comes in saying how he is lying there so helpless, can't talk, can't move but she bets he can hear her. She says she never wanted this for him but he forced her hand because he went to Ridge, but she only wanted to scare him, that is all but now he may never speak again. He says to himself, “Oh my God, it was you.”

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