The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 11/30/00



B&B Update Thursday 11/30/00 

By Linda

Clarke awakens with the snake wrapped around his whole body. He is being strangled and turning blue. He rolls off the sofa, onto the coffee table and then to the floor. Trying to scream for help with no luck. He finally goes limp as blood comes out his nose. An employee passes by and sees Clarke on the floor as the trainer comes by and wonders where the snake is. Here! He rushes over to Clarke and yells for him to call an ambulance. Clarke is not breathing. The trainer tries to clear his airway and give him mouth to mouth.

Ridge thinks to himself that he has to tell Taylor the truth. She enters the room and he tells her he loves her. She wants him to show her how much. She kisses him and he moves back and says they have to talk. The phone rings. It is mother asking if he told Taylor yet. Taylor leaves the room. Ridge tells Steph that he hasn't yet but was about to. He doesn't think he can do this. She says he must and she will be there for him. He says he has to tell Taylor before Clarke does. She wishes there was another way, but there isn't. He asks her to say a prayer for him and his family. She has and she loves them both. Ridge hangs up and picks up the new picture he received from Taylor with sadness, he looks up. He thinks of how he can tell her that he slept with her best friend and got her pregnant. How can he convince her that Morgan planned the whole thing? He can't wait any longer. Taylor comes back into the room, no more interruptions. He goes to speak and she stops him, no more interruptions, she said. She kisses him. He says he has to tell her about something. She looks at him suspiciously. She asks what this is about. He says about something that happened. She asked if it was today at work. No, a while back, he says. She asks that if it waited this long, couldn't it have waited longer? Doesn't he want her? He asks when he hasn't wanted her; she is all he thinks about. She means everything to him. The problem is. There is a knock at the door. It is Kathryn. She tells them that Clarke was strangled by a large snake and is dead.

Deacon kisses Carmen and tells her the best part of the whole deal is it is over; the Forrester’s want the kid and will give him whatever he asks. He couldn't have planned a better scam if he did it himself and in a couple of hours, he will be a rich man.

Eric, Jon, Amber, Rick and Stephanie are at Rick's. Eric acknowledges that Deacon is coming to the house. Rick says he is ready to cut a deal but Eric figures he is only out for more money. Jon says hopefully they won't have to pay him any money and Eric is curious as to how he will do that? Steph says they will prove he is an unfit parent. Eric doesn't think that will be hard to do since Deacon has said time and again he wants nothing to do with this baby. Amber says if they can get the evidence to that, they can get little Eric taken away permanently. Jon says they have to get him on tape and bring it to the District Attorney. Eric didn't know he was involved. Steph says he will be, Jon thinks with evidence he can have Sharp indicted for trying to sell the baby. Jon points out they still need Deacon to sign the document giving Rick permanent custody. This would supercede CJ's custody petition. Jon gives Rick and earphone with two-way reception. He also planted a microphone in a flower arrangement so he can hear everything and communicate to Rick from another room. Eric asks what will happen if Deacon catches on? Rick says he won't. Eric worries that the system might fail, but Jon assures him it is state of the art. Eric is nervous; a number of things can go wrong. Rick doesn't think so. Steph thinks Eric is right; there is no telling what Deacon might do if he catches on. Amber is sure she knows how, he will get violent. Jon says they just have to make sure he doesn't catch on and there is no reason he should. Steph wants a back up plan. Eric says he will take care of that but his main concern is that if Deacon finds out they may never get the baby back. Rick looks nervous now. Meanwhile, Deacon is leaving his apartment with Carmen worrying about the Forrester’s pulling a fast one. He assures her they won't do anything stupid. The next time she sees him, he will be a different man. Back at Forrester's home, Jon tells them that there is no foolproof plan, Deacon is in charge of everything, it is his son and he has all the rights. Eric asks why they don't just pay him what he asks and take the baby and be done with it? Jon says they won't be finished with it; all he is signing over is legal guardianship, which means at any time, he can rescind the agreement that is why they need to make him incriminate himself. This is the only way to get full custody and be rid of him. Steph feels that Jonathan is right, if they just give him money now, he will be back in six months with his hand out. Jon says they have to put him behind bars or none of them will be safe. Rick says that means he has to get the papers signed in order to approach the D. A.? Jon says yes, it is a must, make sure Deacon calls the shots, let him talk, and offers money for the sale of his son, they want the law to get the full picture of this man. Rick plugs his ear and Jon goes into the study to make sure they have good communication. Jon tells him to make sure he doesn't let on that he is taking directions. There is a knock at the door. Rick lets Deacon in. Deacon can't believe his eyes, prettier digs than he imagined. Rick leads him into the living room. Steph asks now that he is there, exactly what does he want? He says he is sure she has a pretty good idea. He calls Amber sexy. Rick tells him not to talk to her like that; he came here for business and wants him to tell them why he wanted to see them. Deacon asks if that is any way to treat a houseguest? Rick says Deacon called them and set up this meeting, now what does he want? Why don't they settle it right now? Deacon says he doesn't like to be rushed. He smells the flowers where the bug is planted. Asks what is wrong with them, he said he was ready to talk business. Jon is coaxing Rick, telling him to ask what Deacon means exactly. Deacon says Rick isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and asks if he wants him to paint a picture? Steph says as a matter of fact, they do. They want to know exactly what his terms are. Deacon thinks they are acting strange. Amber asks why he doesn't just lay it all on the table, what is he after? He says a lot more than they think. Rick says what exactly does he want? Deacon tells him to stay cool; it is not like they can't afford it. Rick says afford what? Deacon says, a million dollars. Jon coaxes, a million dollars for what? Rick asks for what? Deacon says it is well worth it and tells Amber to get some champagne. Rick says forget it. He wants to know what Deacon wants them to give him a million dollars for. Deacon says the prize. Rick asks if they pay him a million dollars and he gives them his son? He wants Deacon to say it. Deacon glares at him. Camera shows the tape turning as Jon looks sure they have him where they want him.


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