The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 11/29/00



B&B Update Wednesday 11/29/00

By Linda

Clarke calls Morgan and leaves a message on her answering machine telling her everything will work out for the best although she may be angry right now. He will wait in his office for her call. As he sits and relaxes in his chair, the snake slithers in. Clarke opens his eyes and checks his watch then gets up and takes off his suit jacket and looks out the window. Next he takes off his tie and says he is going to give Morgan some time to cool off. It is going to be a long night; he may as well stretch out and lies on the sofa. The snake continues to slither toward him. The snake slithers up his leg as he sleeps and then up onto his body. He says in his sleep, that's right baby, come here. The snake sits on his hip and looks up, tongue moving in and out, then quickly across his chest. Before he awakens, the snake is wrapped all around him. He opens his eyes and is shocked and tries to scream out for help.

Stephanie asks what Clarke said to Ridge. Ridge says Clarke knew all along that Morgan was carrying his baby. Steph says he has to stop Clarke or he will destroy Ridge's marriage. Stephanie wonders if Clarke blames Taylor for Macy's death and this would be a way of getting back at her as well. Ridge feels Clarke has both of them right where he wants them. Steph suggests he go home and tell Taylor first. Ridge says if he were smart, he would have called Taylor in the first place instead of sleeping with Morgan. Steph asks what he could have said to her. He says he could have asked her if she was sure she wanted him to sleep with Morgan to impregnate her. Steph says, but he thought he had permission because of the email and the voice mail telling him it was all right. He says he should have confirmed that. It is a rather big deal to ask your husband to do such a thing and he can't forgive himself. She again says he better tell Taylor before anyone else. He worries about that betrayed look she is going to have.

Deacon is proud of himself for how he treated Amber. Has flashbacks of him tormenting her, kissing her neck; grabbing her face and making her drink his booze. He wonders what else could have happened if Rick didn't show up. He says Amber is one sweet little peach, all in good time. Knock, knock, it is Carmen who barges right in. She blasts him out for having a blonde up there. He tells her he is in such a good mood that even she can't take him out today. She again asks who she was. He tells her it was just the chick with the baby and he was playing around with her head. She wants to know what that means. He tells her to stay out of his way; he has a plan and wants to deal. She asks how much of this scam involves the little blonde chick? He tells her not to worry, they just need the information to make this thing work. He sits on the couch and calls her over, baby, come here. She sits by his side. He tells her that this is the score they have been waiting for and promises to take her out of there once it is over. He is going to take her to the tropical islands. She smiles at him all excited and kisses him, really? He says they will get high every day and party at night and all she has to do is dance. She loves to dance. He says, but only with him. He kisses her again and then tells her that she has to let him finish business. She says as long as he gets the $100,000. He says the Spectra’s offered him $200,000. She asks if he is going to give the kid to them. He says no, he is giving him to the Foresters, they have deeper pockets and if they want the kid, they will have to pay. One million buck, he says. She is surprised, a million bucks? He says yes and then, they are out of there. He kisses her passionately.

Amber tells Rick that nothing happened. He doesn't believe her. She asks what he is implying. He says nothing, but he had a terrible feeling that something was going to happen. She assures him she is all right. They hug. He again asks her what happened. She tells him that when she looked into Deacon's eyes, she say darkness and when he spoke, he made her listen even though she wanted to turn and run. He asks what Deacon said. She says he said she could have custody under one condition that she slept with him. Jonathan comes over and Rick tells him about Deacon and wants Jon do find a way to put him in jail so he can't hurt Amber ever again. Amber doesn't think he would have hurt her. Jon wants to take it one step at a time and says from what Amber has told them, it seems Deacon has no qualms talking freely about this custody exchange issue. She says, none whatsoever. Jon says they need to make that work in their favor and there is a way to make it work quickly and permanently. He opens his briefcase, pulls out a tape recorder and says they can set a trap and wants to do it tonight. Rick asks if that is legal. Jon says they need proof that Deacon is unfit. He has already tried to extort money from them and most of all, he is offering to sell his baby and that is against the law in the United States. He says he talked to the District Attorney and if they can get a tape recording of him demanding money for the sale of the baby, they can prove him unfit, then he will go to jail. Rick thinks that is great. Jon doesn't want him getting ahead of himself; the important thing is to get Deacon's signature on the document giving them temporary custody. Rick says they want permanent custody. Jon says he will get to that, this document, if signed by Deacon will give them the foundation they need otherwise what they have on tape will be practically nothing, valueless. The phone rings. It is Deacon. He tells Ricky boy he hurt his feelings by not having a drink with him when he was there. Rick says Deacon's name aloud. Jon and Amber turn to look ask Rick asks what he wants. Deacon is ready to talk numbers and wants him over there. Rick asks that he wants him to go there? Jon says to tell him to come here. Rick tells Deacon to come over so they can settle it all at once. Deacon asks if he keeps that kind of money in his piggy bank. Rick gives him the address. Deacon agrees to go so he can see how the other half lives and is on his way. Rick tells Jon and Amber that Deacon is coming over. Jon says he will handle the tape recorder and wants the two of them to keep Deacon talking. He reminds them again to get the signature on the document or they will have nothing. Rick is sure they will get him and promises Amber that Deacon will never be allowed near little Eric ever again.

Thomas scored two goals and Taylor is so happy. She asks the nanny if Ridge was home yet. No, but a package arrived. Taylor is happy and opens the box to see the picture of her with the kids. Later, Ridge comes in wanting to talk to her. She tells him to hang on; she and the kids have a surprise for him. He tries to stop her, but she goes off and call out, come on everybody, daddy is home. Ridge and Taylor sit on the couch as Taylor gives him the gift and tells him to open it, the kids wanted to give something special to their daddy. Ridge says it is beautiful. Taylor asks Kathryn to help get the babies up to bed so she and daddy can do the same. Once alone, Taylor asks him if he remembers their honeymoon night? Oh, yeah, he remembers. She tells him that is what tonight is going to be like. They kiss. He says he really needs to tell her something.

Steph is still in Ridge's office talking out loud that Ridge is probably telling Taylor right now. What a mess, she says, damn you Morgan for trying to break up Ridge's marriage and damn you Clarke.


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