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B&B Update Tuesday 11/28/00

By Linda

Bridget stops by Rick's. She hasn't heard anything about Amber and wonders if she went to Deacon's. Rick hopes not, otherwise she could be knocking on the gates of hell. He decides to call Deacon and ask if Amber is there. Bridget wonders if he would tell him the truth. The phone rings at the bar and the bartender answers. Rick asks if Deacon is there. He says no. Rick asks if a blonde came by looking for Deacon. The bartender says yes, she went up to his apartment, who is this? Rick hangs up and tells Bridget that Amber is there and asks her to watch the baby.

Meanwhile, Amber is trying to ward Deacon off. He is still at her neck. She says this is not what she was talking about. She wants to leave but he holds her tight and says they have a little deal to work out first. She pulls away and smacks him. He grabs her by the face and tells her she doesn't ever want to do that again. He asks if she understands him? She does. He says good because she will get the kid and enjoy the time doing it. He kisses her neck again as she looks disgusted. She tells him to wait; they still have to finish the negotiations and walks away as he grins. She doesn't know if he will go through with his part of the deal if she goes along with it and asks if he can be trusted. He says, generally, no but she has no choice because he controls his son's future, crazy thought isn't it? And if she doesn't, there are many places all over the world that would be interested in a baby like Eric. She mutters, no. He says he will give Eric to her, if she gives it to him. She says she just wants to protect her son and asks why he is doing this. He says because he can, he is a guy but he doesn't want her to do anything she doesn't want to, he wants her to say yes and get into it all the way. She turns away. He tells her not to run away from him, he isn't going to bite her or hurt her, well, maybe a little bit, she does like it to hurt a little, doesn’t she, nothing is life comes pain free. He tells her she looks nervous and tells her to have a drink. She turns him down but he insists. She takes a swallow and goes to put on some music. She eyes the door while his back is turned and he asks if she thinks he could get to the door before him. He says she doesn't really want to go away, really. She says, really, is that so. He says it is and her heart hasn't beat that fast in so long, she has been so busy being a mom, she hasn't had time to kick back and go on the town and enjoy herself. She says she loves just being a mom. He asks if that is all there is, she can't deny her wild side or it will die and withers away. He wants her to let it out. She tells him he knows nothing about her. He says he knows she was nothing but white trash until she met the Forrester’s and now is their little pawn. She denies being their pawn. He admits it must have been hard for her raising the baby alone and since Becky died, she has been Eric's mother in every way. She says Eric means everything to her. Deacon says, but then there isn't anything she wouldn't do for the baby then, is there? She says they already offered him money. He says he respects her and she has to know if he takes their money, she loses custody of her son and she would have to follow him wherever he goes, now what does that make her. It makes her a surrogate mother with no legal rights unless they decide to get rid of her. She doesn't think that will happen. He says maybe not now, but what he is offering her is sole custody, control of her life and the boy's life but if she says no, she will be turning her back on the baby and she probably wouldn't be able to live with herself. He tells her to say yes. Someone pounds on the door. She asks if he is going to answer that. He says no. Pounding gets louder and Rick is heard yelling out to see if Amber is in there. Amber opens the door. Deacon laughs, and offers him a shot. Rick asks what is going on. Amber says they were talking about custody. Deacon says they were working out some of the details. Rick says Deacon can talk to him about that, he is telling Deacon what to do and orders him to stay away from Amber. Deacon says she came to him and guess she didn't tell him she was coming. Amber ushers Rick out. Deacon tells her it is an open ended offer so she can just let him know if she changes her mind. Rick asks what that is supposed to mean but Amber pulls him out before there is a reply. Deacon laughs, damn, that was fun.

Darla and Sally talk about Clarke. Darla thinks he is in big trouble. Sally says Bucky has always been in trouble. Darla thinks Morgan gives her the creeps whenever she is around. The snake trainer comes through the door holding the snake. If reference to what Darla said about Morgan, the trainer says she is not the only one, the snake started to tense up as soon as that other woman walked into the room and he thinks it best to let her settle for a while. Darla says she guesses it takes one to know one, huh? They put the snake back in the cage. Sally wonders if there will be any security problems, the models are so thin she may think they are a snack. Darla hopes she will be okay there alone all night. The trainer assures her that Patsy will be fine.

Steph and Taylor look at a picture of Taylor with the kids. She asks Steph if she thinks Ridge will like it. Steph thinks he will love it. Taylor takes the picture saying she has to get it to Giovanni to put in a frame so they can give it to Ridge tonight. Steph thinks he will love that. Taylor tells her how when Ridge walks in from work, he lights up when he sees the kids and it is like all his worries go away. She is hoping the picture will help him get over all the stress he has from work. Steph assures her he will have that picture sitting right on his desk so he can see them all the time. In comes Ridge, very serious, Mother, Taylor. Taylor hides the picture behind her back as Steph asks Ridge if everything is all right. Taylor quickly excuses herself; got to run, see you tonight. Ridge then tells Stephanie about Morgan telling Clarke about her pregnancy. He feels Clarke has him and is going to finish him off.

Morgan lets Clarke have it. He told Ridge the truth, how could he do that to her? He tells her to slow down. She thinks he enjoyed having the power over Ridge and went there to tell him he knew the truth. Clarke says that is not the reason and they had already talked about that. She told him to stay out of it. He says he took command of a situation and fixed it, he couldn't stand around and let her get abused and she should believe him, it is for the best. She says he just ruined everything she wanted in her entire life. He thinks she should be glad he did. She says he didn't do it for her, he did it for himself. He didn't do this on the spare of the moment, he thought it through, he considered how she would react and was waiting for the fallout. She can't believe he thinks this will pass and she will be fine with it. He says she feels the way she does only because she is pregnant and encourages her to get it out and let him have it. She blasts him for ruining the chances of her baby's father ever having anything to do with him. Clarke says Ridge will never leave Taylor but she can have him and he will be there for her and the baby. She says she would never want him as a role model for her child. He knows how she feels. She says he has no idea, but he will. She storms out as he yells that he is the only friend she has. As Morgan pushes the elevator button, the camera focuses on the snake in the cage behind her.

As Clarke sits in his office talking to himself, sure he did the right thing and will get his reward. He leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. The cage is pushed to his door and the snake is let out. It is seen slithering into Clarke's office.

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