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B&B Update Monday 11/27/00 

By Linda

Clarke goes into his office wiping the blood off his mouth from the punch Ridge gave him. He sifts through his messages, none from Morgan. He thinks that Ridge is probably with her right now. He believes he did the right thing by letting Ridge know that he knows about the baby. He feels Morgan will realize that too. He isn't sorry he told Ridge the truth. He couldn't let Ridge have control of her. He thinks back when Morgan smashed things and hollered at him. Sally comes in and interrupts his thoughts. She says that sales are up and all is going well and she has come up with a brainstorm that will boost Spectra's sale even further. She calls out to Darla, "show time" and the snake is brought in. Patsy the python is the new star. Clarke looks petrified. Clarke wants him out of there; they know he is afraid of snakes. Sally says it is trained and harmless. Darla shows him by petting it. Clarke wants it out of there or he will have it shot. Sally says it stays; she is not giving him up because one of her designers has a phobia about snakes. Clarke says he is not saying they can't use the snake; they just can't do it there. Darla says the snake is a sweetheart and continues to pet it as the trainers hold it. He wants it out. Sally says the shoot will be finished in a few days and they will make sure it is locked up and safe. Clarke can't believe they are keeping her in the building. John, the trainer, says they have to because moving her around too much will stress her out. Clarke says he is stressed out. 

Meanwhile, Ridge is blasting Morgan for betraying him. She promised not to say anything to anyone and it is now over. He isn't going to let her or anyone hurt his family. Morgan says she can handle Clarke, nothing will get out, she knows she shouldn't have told Clarke about the baby but she needed to talk to someone when she found out she was pregnant and he was there. Ridge tells her to wait; he asks if she is telling him that Clarke knew this from the very beginning? Yes, she had to talk to someone and Ridge was angry and she was all alone and he promised he wouldn't tell anybody and he wouldn't, she told him that if he ever threatened his family, she would never forgive him. Ridge says he is just sure that will stop him. Morgan says she is not going to let him hurt Ridge or ruin their relationship. He says they don't have a relationship and he doesn't want her talking to anyone about this pregnancy. She says she can fix it. He says it is over. She begs him to forgive her, she and the baby need him, please don't turn his back on them, and think about the baby. She grabs his arm. He pulls away and yells at her that she makes him sick.

Stephanie opens the door to a photo shoot. Giovanni is photographing Taylor and the children. He says Ridge is so lucky to have such a beautiful family. Stephanie looks concerned about those words. Taylor tells her to close the door and asks if Ridge is with her. No, he isn't. Giovanni tells her that he thinks he has enough pictures and tells her they are beautiful. Steph asks if she is getting a jump on her shopping list. Taylor says that Ridge has been so attentive lately, spending more time with them, sending home flowers and she wants to show him how much they appreciate him. She can't think of anything better to give to him to show how much joy he brings to them.

CJ barges into Rick's house looking for Amber. Rick wonders if CJ has seen her. He hasn't, but Helen told him Amber was there. Rick says she was there but left and he doesn't know where she went and asks CJ to keep it down, the baby is asleep. CJ wonders why she would leave the baby there and take off. They toss it back and forth but can't seem to place where she may be at the moment, but Rick thinks there may be a chance she went to see Deacon. CJ asks why he would think that she went there. Rick says he wanted to calm her down so he called Deacon. Amber was upset because Deacon threatened to take the baby. CJ feels Rick pushed Deacon too far but Rick thinks Deacon was just blowing off steam. CJ can't believe Rick could be so stupid. Rick says they don't know what is going to happen, Deacon doesn't even want the baby. CJ says Deacon is a nut case and they don't know what he really wants. He wonders what will happen if she went over there to confront him. Rick doesn't think she would do that, she wouldn't do anything crazy. CJ wonders where else she would have gone. Rick suggests the Insomnia. CJ says that makes sense, if she were upset, she would have come to him and may be there right now. He goes to leave when Rick stops him and asks if he finds her. CJ butts in, that when he finds her, they will be back to pick up the baby and Rick should enjoy playing baby-sitter while he can because he is going to make sure the baby never spends another minute alone with Rick again. CJ storms out and Rick looks angry.

Meanwhile, at Deacon's, Amber is trying to reason with him. She feels she has something to offer that CJ or Rick can't. He says he has a lot of offers on the table right now, a lot of money from her boyfriends but he is willing to listen to what she has to offer. She will give him something better than money. He says it sounds like a proposition. She says it is. She is offering him the most precious gift a mother can give, love. She tells him how she was not brought up in privilege. She came from a poor family and didn't have anyone jumping in when she got into trouble, but she can give the baby all the love she never had. She knows that she and Deacon need to make their own breaks and she can understand him. She says that the rest of them think he is greedy but she knows that is not true, he isn't a man trying to make a quick buck; he is a man who knows how the world really works and is thinking about the future. She is thinking about the future too, Eric's future. She loves the boy more than anything. She is his blood too. She promises that if he gives the baby to her, she will raise him right, to be a man who is always respected. He asks if that is her offer? She is appealing to the goodness of his heart. He laughs, the goodness of his heart, eh? There is no goodness of his heart, so if she thinks she knows him, she is wrong, his life has been one series of let downs after another and this with the kid, this is his break so if she thinks he is going to turn him lose for nothing, she better forget it. She has absolutely no idea who he is. She tells him that he said they could talk. He tells her that when a woman offers him a precious gift, motherhood isn't what he has in mind. She can't believe he thought the two of them would. He says he did and she is lucky he is still thinking about it. He goes over and rubs her shoulders. She asks what he is doing. He tells her to relax; he wants to be friends, that is what she wants, isn't it? She says yeah, but. He tells her not to be so tense, she isn't afraid of him is she? No, she isn't. He says, of course not, they are two of a kind, right? They are both copasetic. He thinks they just got off on the wrong foot and he kind of likes her. It took a lot of guts coming over there by herself, he likes that. She squirms away and says she knows he didn't want to talk to Rick. He says he doesn't want to talk about him either. She asks what he wants to talk about? He asks how important it is to her. She has raised Eric most of his life, he is very important to her. He says she really wants this kid bad, doesn't she. She says he knows she does. He says there is not reason they can't come up with some arrangement. She is hopeful. He says why should they let all the Foresters call all the shots. Attorney and paperwork only complicate things and caresses her neck and says they can work out a deal, a sweet deal, right there, right now. He kisses her neck and bites on her ear as she cringes.

Ridge leaves Morgan's and stands in the hallway talking to himself. He can't believe Morgan told the one man who can destroy him and that is exactly what he is going to do. He can't let that happen. If Taylor is going to hear it, she is going to hear it from him. He has to tell her the truth.

Morgan comes barging into Clarke's office. Look what we have here, a room full of snakes. Sally asks what she is doing there. She has to talk to Clarke. Sally says they are busy. She says whatever Sally is doing can wait; she wants to talk to Clarke now. Clarke wants to talk to her and asks them to leave. They go. Morgan slams the door and tells Clarke he looks a little pale. He says he knows she is angry but he can explain. She tells him he has no idea.


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