The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 11/21/00



B&B Update Tuesday 11/21/00 

By Linda

Stephanie tells Ridge about the deal Rick made with Deacon and how Sally stepped in and blew it. She tells him how Rick gave Deacon the money and now he won't sign the papers. Ridge is surprised she let Rick do this in the first place. He asks why Rick wanted to bring Deacon into the baby's life. She tells him Rick wanted to stop the wedding. He says Rick did that, but Steph wonders for how long since Sally stepped into the picture. She can't believe they are in a bidding war over the baby. Ridge feels they must want him just as much as his family does. Steph doesn't think that is the case at all. She thinks Sally is just in competition with her and is determined to win. Ridge says at what cost. Steph says that doesn't matter to Sally. She then asks him how Morgan is doing. He says she is doing fine, both her and the baby. Steph asks if it is wise he keeping talking to her. Ridge says Morgan isn't his concern right now, Clarke is. She wonders why he would worry about Clarke. Ridge says because he and Morgan are close. Steph knows that. She thought he considered himself the father. Ridge says he did too until Clarke came to see him. He told him about his relationship with Morgan. He thought Clarke was just blowing off hot air. He was saying how great a role model he was going to be and he was going to be the first to see the baby take his first steps and say his first word. She asks if that bothers him? He says yes, Clarke is not the father of the year. She says that shouldn't concern him. He says, well, it is. He thinks Clarke was taunting him. She asks if Clarke knows the truth? Ridge can't be sure, but if he does, it will get out there because Clarke hates him. He doesn't think Clarke cares about Morgan and if he can bring Ridge down, he will destroy everything that matters to him. In comes Taylor, all smiles, calling Ridge the man she is dying to see. Steph smiles. Taylor asks if she interrupted something?

Clarke and Morgan talk about her getting along with Ridge. Morgan tells him that Ridge will not be a problem; he has feelings for her son. Clarke wonders how last week Ridge wanted nothing to do with the child and now he wants to be the proud Papa? Morgan says yeah, he's come around. He really cares about the child. Clarke asks what about his other children. She says he cares about them too. He says Ridge loves Taylor and will consider her as a threat. She says Taylor will never find out. Clarke asks how she is going to work this out? A secret relationship with his child. Sneaking around. What about school functions and other family stuff? She isn't sure how it will work, but she is perfectly happy to have half his attention rather than none at all. He says she won't even have half of his attention. She will be lucky to see him one day a month. He asks what she will do in the meantime, sit at home and pray the phone will ring? Is that the life she really wants? She says no and Ridge would never treat her that way. Clarke says he hasn't shown her any support. She says he is just jealous. He says that is not it at all; he is tired of seeing Ridge walk all over a beautiful woman like her. She says she is just so happy Ridge doesn't hate her anymore and maybe there is chance he will accept this child. Clarke says that may be what Ridge wants her to think because he is desperate to keep her quiet. She doesn't think that is so, they made a pact. Clarke asks what he promised her, that he wouldn’t let their mistake ruin his relationship with her child. She insists Ridge will not ignore the child. He says Ridge will never be the father that child needs and she knows it. He tells her she can do a lot better for her and her son. He says they can get a place together. When he told her he would be there for her, he meant it. That is a promise he intends to keep forever and will giver her all that she needs. She says she can't forget Ridge. He says he is offering her everything. She can't do it, but she is glad he offered. He says Ridge is no good for her and this secret is sucking the joy she should be feeling right out of her life and he feels the secret should be revealed. She asks if he thinks she should tell. He says it will have to come out sooner or later. She says she doesn't want to hear another word and orders him out of her office. He leaves, very unhappy.

Sally has come up with a new business idea. Start everything new. She wants the company to succeed. She had a brainstorm and it is brilliant, sexy and daring. There is a knock at the door. She tells Darla to prepare for the new star of their new collection. Sally opens the door and there is a man holding a large snake. Darla looks scared and says, that is a snake. Sally says it is the queen of all snakes; she does look like Stephanie Forrester, doesn't she? If Steph was a python that is. It took 3 men to bring the snake in. Darla says not all people like snakes. Sally says they may not like them but they are fascinated by them and they will have a line of faux skins and leathers. She has gotten a hold of the media and newspapers and feels this snake is going to put Spectra back in the limelight again. The guys take the snake out. Darla thinks it is a great idea. Sally thinks it is a stroke of genius and can't believe she didn't think of it before. Darla wonders if Sally spoke to Clarke about this. Sally says no, he will have to get used to it, they have a collection to sell. Darla thinks Sally should warn him. Sally says she tried to find him and asks if Darla knows where he is? She says no, but she knows where she hopes he isn't. With Morgan. Sally says he always had a thing for red heads. Darla thinks this is different and they don't know Morgan very well. She has a very bad feeling about her.

Stephanie barges into Morgan's office. Morgan asks if she ever knocks, she is busy. Steph says never too busy for her and they are going to talk. Morgan asks what is on her mind. Steph says, Clarke Garrison.

Clarke goes storming over to Ridge's office. He looks in and sees Ridge at his desk. He walks away and says he is not going to let Ridge hurt Morgan anymore. He turns back and walks in and slams the door. Ridge asks what he is doing. Clarke says that is what he came there to ask him. Ridge reminds him that he told him not to come into the building again and threatens to call security. Clarke tells him that he doesn't want to cause a scene. Ridge wouldn't want that. Ridge says he wants him out of his office. Clarke wants Ridge to leave Morgan alone. He knows what Ridge is doing, like he does to every woman in his life, lead them on, give them a little nibble, and make them beg for more. Ridge asks what he is talking about. Clarke says Morgan is in love with Ridge and he better not act like he doesn't know it. Ridge asks if Morgan is blowing Clarke off and that is why he is there, to blame him? Clarke tells Ridge that he has been lying to Morgan to save his butt. Ridge says he hasn't been lying to her, Morgan knows where things stand between them, and he is a happily married man. Clarke asks how long he is going to keep that charade up? Someone is going to find out their secret sooner or later. Ridge tells him to just tell him what he is getting at. He wonders if he did something to Clarke. Clarke says yeah, he has been treating him like garbage for years, good old Ridge Forrester, prince of fashion. He has been waiting half his life to get something on Ridge and now he has it. Ridge asks again what he is talking about. Clarke says Morgan's baby, he knows who the father is. He sits down at Ridge's desk and puts his feet up then says the gig is up.

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