The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 11/20/00



B&B Update Monday 11/20/00 

By Linda

Taylor visits Amber. She tells her that Stephanie filled her in on what happened during the wedding and asks if Amber is glad Rick found the baby's father. Amber says she was all ready to marry CJ and would have gone through with it but now she is so confused because of her feelings for Rick. She says CJ would have made a wonderful father. Taylor tells her that it looks like she has a decision to make, and suggests Amber tell CJ about her conflicting feelings. Amber doesn't know what to tell him. She would have married him and gave her his life. Taylor says she had to sell herself on it. Amber says she wasn't. Taylor tells her that is what she just said. She was determined to go through with it. Amber wanted to protect her son. Taylor says the marriage wouldn't have lasted because it wasn't based on love. Amber says she does love CJ, in a way. She loves them both. It sounds crazy but that is how she feels. CJ has been so loyal and supportive. He took care of her cousin and her son and is a wonderful guy. Taylor asks how she feels about Rick. Amber says she never met anyone like him. He is so sure of himself.  It is like he knows they will be together. She says he is handsome and strong. Taylor points out that they were together before. She says until she lied about the baby. Taylor says sometimes when someone lies and they tell the truth, they can get over it and she thinks that is what happened with her and Rick. Amber says it is hard to decide when her baby's future is at stake. Taylor tells her to put aside her thoughts for the baby right now and look at these two men and really think about it. See what kind of feelings come up. Amber says she has thought like that all day. She is so scared to think that Deacon is the baby's father and was so mean to Becky and he is around and she is so scared to think what that might mean. Taylor asks if she thinks Deacon is a threat? Amber says she does. Taylor says she has a lot of people on her side, Steph, Eric, Rick, and Jonathan. Amber says that worries her even more. Taylor wonders why. Amber says from the things Becky told her, being around a man like Deacon isn't good. Especially if he has something Rick wants so badly.  She realizes Rick was trying to help. Taylor says she heard they gave him a lot of money. Amber says she hopes he signs those papers and they never see him again. Taylor thinks Amber makes Deacon sound like he is the devil. Amber says that is exactly what he is. And just like the devil, he will destroy anything he gets near. And he's not getting near her baby, ever. Taylor says if he tries anything with the Spectra's or the Forrester’s, he isn't going to know what hit him. Amber says Taylor doesn't know what that guy is capable of. Taylor tells her to forget about him. Amber says maybe she is right.

CJ tells Sally that they have to stop Deacon from signing the papers. She tells him to take it easy; they have a good set up there. They offered him more money than the Forrester’s so they have to wait to see what happens. She doesn't think it is over by a long shot. Jon tells Deacon to sign the paper. Deacon wonders why they are willing to pay so much money. Jon says he is shouldn't worry about it, he is getting money and someone will raise his child the way he should be raised and taken care of. Deacon says he is not so sure because from what he has read, the Forrester’s have a few problems of their own. Steph asks whom he has been talking to. He says he has read the papers. Rick says he means the tabloids and orders him to sign the papers. Steph says then she will give him the other half of the money. Deacon picks up the pen and then says he doesn't thinks so. Steph asks if he wants more money? He asks if that is what they think he is about, money? He says that was before he met his little angel, he really is quite a boy. Jon tells him that he made a deal. Rick throws in that he has already been paid. Jon says if he doesn't sign, they will have him arrested for extortion. Deacon says he isn't extorting from anybody, but from what he remembers, someone offered him a bribe. He says he isn't a lawyer or anything but the Forrester’s are trying to buy his son and that might be a no-no in the USA. He turns and asks Jon as a professional, is it kosher for them to buy his kid? Sally and CJ notice he doesn't sign the papers. CJ is happy, he thinks that is a good sign. Sally tells him to wait. Rick asks Deacon if he really wants to turn down $200,000? Deacon says he is mulling over it right now. Rick accuses him of playing games. Deacon snickers. Steph tells him that they are offering him a lot of money, more money than he has probably ever seen in his lifetime and she is sure that he may not realize it, but he will be making the best decision for both he and the baby. So, she suggests he use a little wisdom and do what is right for the baby and in the meantime, do what is best for him. She tells him to cut the crap, sign the documents. He steps back and applauds her. He tells her that was very moving and she must have been captain of her high school debate team. He tells her she is good. Steph looks him in the eye and asks what is going on, what changed his mind? He looks past her. Stephanie turns to see Sally and CJ standing at the doorway. She turns back to Deacon and glares. He gives a nod and grins. Steph goes over and asks Sally what she is doing there? Sally says she can asks the same thing and tells Steph that she has really come down in class; this is the low of low. Steph asks what Sally said to Deacon? Deacon says they have a real party going on don't they. CJ says all because of Rick and shoves him. Deacon breaks it up telling him not in his place. Jon asks what is going on here? Deacon calls him Perry Mason and tells him to connect the dots. Steph says he knows, they offered him money. Sally tells her to get off her high horse. Rick asks if they realize what is going on there, Deacon is just playing them against one another. CJ blames Rick for that. Steph tells Deacon that whatever Sally offered, she can't make good on it. Sally says Mr. Sharp may have a different take on that. She says Steph thinks she is queen Midas, everything she touches turns to gold, but if he lets the baby grow up with her, he will be just a spoiled and selfish as the rest of her children. Deacon says Sally does have a good point there. Jon says that Steph has a respectable family and Deacon doesn't deserve to be in the same room as her. Deacon says, well, there he is and she is down on her knees and maybe Jon should get down on his knees too before he kicks him out of there. Jon thinks this is insane and tells them let's go. Rick says he isn't going anywhere until Deacon signs the document. Sally asks to see the document. Steph tells her not to worry about what is in it, she should worry about the fact that she took that baby from their home after they raised him from the day he was born. CJ says he and Amber don't thinks so. Rick says there is no more CJ and Amber and he better accept it. Deacon tells them to go out in the alley and settle it like a couple of men. Jon tells Deacon that he is the scum of the earth and he is going to see Deacon pay for this. Deacon tells him that is no way to talk to little Eric's daddy. This conversation is over. He will speak to them all in the morning he is sure. He says, Carmen, upstairs, bring a bottle, and leaves. Rick turns and glares at CJ as Steph turns and glares at Sally. They throw accusations to one another on whose fault this is. Sally blames Jon for not stopping the Forrester’s in the first place. He says with all due respect, Sally. She jumps in that he has no respect for her and now she has no respect for him. Jon wants them all to go and talk to Deacon tomorrow. Sally says she will talk to Deacon in her own time. Steph jumps in that Sally has no principles and bird of a feather flock together so Sally must think Deacon will side with her. Sally says all of this is Steph's fault; this is not what Sally wanted. Today was her son's wedding day, a day to be happy, but the Forrester’s turned it into this debacle. She accuses Steph of encouraging Rick to break up the wedding and bringing Deacon, the monster, into their lives. And putting the life of an innocent baby into jeopardy. Sally says Amber was no way ready to marry CJ and Sally knew it. She says she doesn't have to justify her actions about the safety of the baby or custody to anyone, especially Sally. She says let's go Rick and walks out with Jon. As Rick is walking by, CJ grabs him by the arm and tells him to stay away from Amber. Stay away from all of them. Rick calls Amber from his cell phone and tells her that Sally and CJ got to Deacon before they got him to sign the documents and he didn't sign. She says, so CJ still has custody, which is okay. She tells him to just get out of there and stay away from Deacon. He is bad news. Rick informs her that CJ doesn't have custody; Deacon is the real father and is calling the shots now. He promises a frantic Amber that they will work things out and the baby will be theirs. She says technically, Deacon is his father. Rick says they are the baby's parents and they are going to be a family again. Amber drops the phone and picks up the baby and cuddles him as tears roll down her face.

Meanwhile, Deacon and Carmen are cuddled on the sofa. Deacon says power is the greatest drug of all. She caresses his face and says, and you got it baby. All these rich, powerful people eating off the palm of his hand. She asks what he is going to do. He says he is going to score so big. She asks how big? He grabs her by the hair and pulls her back. He kisses her roughly and then tells her not to ask him that. Never ask him that, does she understand him? She nods her head. He says good. He lets go of her hair. He says now he has all his players and all his ducks in a row, accept for the most interesting one of all, sweet little Amber Moore.

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