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B&B Update Thursday 11/16/00 

By Linda C.

Sally asks Connor what their options are concerning little Eric. Connor tells her they may have no options if Deacon proves to be the baby's father. Sally wonders why they went through so much trouble to find the father of the baby. CJ thinks it is just to tear Amber and him apart. Sally feels there is more to it than that and asks Amber if Rick mentioned anything to her about Deacon when she was alone with him? Amber says he didn't tell her much. Sally suggests they call Becky's parents. Clarke says that is a good idea, if anyone would know, it would be her parents. Sally puts the call on speaker phone. Becky's father answers. Sally, says, Joe. He apologizes for not making it up to the wedding. Sally tells him he was missed. She then says she has to ask him a question about Becky, God rest her soul. She asks about the man who got her pregnant. Joe says oh, you're asking about him too. He says the guy is a scum and Rick Forrester was looking for him last week. He said he needed medical records. Sally asks if he told Rick who the real father was. Joe says no, but his wife did and even gave him a picture. Sally asks the man's name. Joe tells her it was Deacon Sharp. Sally thanks him and sends her love. She then says to Connor, Deacon is the real McCoy and what are they going to do about it? CJ and Sally want to have a talk with Deacon. Amber thinks they should just stay away from him, he is bad news. CJ thinks that is exactly the reason they should talk to him. He is afraid that Deacon could raise the baby. They have to find out where he lives. Clarke remembers Stephanie mentioned that Deacon lives at the Lair. Connor suggests they go talk to him. CJ wants to take care of it himself. Sally thinks Deacon may be dangerous and says she is going with him and everyone else stay away so Deacon's guard doesn't go up. She asks Connor to take Darla home and Amber to stay there with the baby. Before they leave, Amber tells CJ to be careful. He tells her not to worry about him, just stay there and take care of their son. He loves them both. Amber looks so depressed.

Jon visits Rick, Eric and Stephanie. He still doesn't have the papers. He tells them that it takes time for someone to sign over parental rights. He asks Rick if he has the check? Rick says he gave it to Deacon. Jon asks, before Deacon signed the papers? Rick says he had not choice. It was the only way to get Deacon to help him stop the wedding. Jon asks where they are supposed to meet Deacon. Eric says at his bar called the Lair. Rick throws in how Deacon is not the type of person who likes to wait, especially since he has already been paid. Steph says she is not at all comfortable with this. Eric agrees. If Deacon is capable of selling his own son, he is capable of anything. Jon says they can reach him on his cell phone and he leaves. Rick tells him to please hurry. Steph asks Rick how Amber seemed after he talked to her at the church. He says she was upset at first but after he explained, she knew why he had to do it. Steph asks if Amber said that? He says no, but he knew by the look she gave him when she left with CJ. Eric asks if he told her everything. Rick says not about the money but he did tell her Deacon gave him custody of little Eric. He says he has been telling her all this time to hang on and wait he had a plan but she didn't believe him, now that she knows he has custody, Amber looked so relieved. He says he would do it all again because he is sure now that Amber wants to be with him. Eric and Steph try to explain to him that he is not the baby's legal guardian or parent yet and the Spectra's probably already have a plan. And they can get Amber on their side by telling her the deal Rick made with Deacon. Rick says he is going over to talk to Amber, she needs his support and he will call them as soon as Jonathan gets a hold of him. The bottom line is, they have to get Deacon's signature on the papers ASAP. He leaves. Eric tells Steph this is all making him nervous, it won't be over until Deacon signs the papers. Steph is more worried about Sally, she was mad as a wet hen at the church.   She is worried about Sally finding out about the money. Eric says that would be a disaster.

Deacon is talking to his girlfriend. She thinks he is amazing stopping the wedding like that. He says for his kid no less. She thinks the Forresters must love that child. He says they treat him like gold. She says he is a baby and all babies are... Deacon asks, all babies are what? Carmen says, well, some people think they are very special. He tells her not to get emotional on him about all this. The kid is a meal ticket, period. She says not until he gets the money. He pulls out the check and shows her. She laughs. He says these people play serious. He tells her she should have seen the way they walked into that church and stopped the wedding, of course they had him, the key to this whole mess. She says it is his boy they want. He says and they are willing to pay some serious coin to get him. Carmen asks about Sally. Deacon says she is a character and better stay out of his way, her and that big mouth kid of hers. She asks if he gave him any trouble. He says not really, but one would think the baby had the key to the kingdom. He says they could kill each other for all he cares. He has to cash and it occurs to him, they don't have the kid.

Amber, alone with the baby, asks what happened to them. This morning she almost married his father. She means she thought CJ was going to be his father. Now, the risk Rick took to find Deacon and he did it all for them. So they could be together with Rick. The way it was when he was first born. Rick rings the doorbell. Amber opens the door and smiles at him. Amber puts the baby on the sofa with his toys. Rick asks if she is alone. Just her and the baby. He asks where everyone went. She says to look for Deacon Sharp. She tells him he shouldn't have done this. He says if he didn't she would be married to CJ right now. She says her baby would be safe. He says their baby is going to be safe, it is all going to work out as he planned. She asks what if it doesn't? He says it has to. She asks if he realizes the risk he is taking? He says yes, he does and would take even a bigger risk. He would do whatever it took to get his son back. To get their life back. She can't believe he would do all this to be with her. He says that should tell her something. She says it tells her that he is crazy. He says he is crazy all right, crazy about her. He moves her hair. He says when he saw her up there in her wedding gown saying her vows with CJ, he was so glad he got there in time. There is only one man she can promise to love and cherish the rest of her life and that man is not CJ. She is the only woman he will ever love and whatever the price, he will pay it. He wants her and the baby. He wants her more than he ever has. He wants her back.

Meanwhile, CJ and Sally arrive at Deacon's. Deacon peeks around a corner and wonders what they want. CJ sees him and points Sally in Deacon's direction. Deacon says they aren't open to the public and CJ looks a bit too young to be in there, so why doesn't he take his mama and scoot before he gets in trouble. Sally says he is already in trouble, with her. He says he doesn't have any issues with her. Sally says she has a couple of issues with him, like why he broke up her son's wedding and is trying to take his son. He says he is sorry but he heard CJ was putting the old squeeze on Amber anyway. CJ asks where he heard that from, Rick? He is the one that dragged Deacon to the chapel. Deacon says no one drags him anywhere. Sally asks what Deacon does there. He says he manages the place. She asks if the owner knows he is drinking up the profits? He asks if she is writing a book and then says he doesn't know why they are there but he thinks the should leave. CJ asks Deacon where he lives, he is curious where he plans on raising little Eric. Carmen comes in. She asks if there is a problem. Deacon says there isn't one, is there, as he looks over at Sally and CJ. Carmen tells him she will be upstairs in their apartment. CJ is upset with that idea. Sally says it is more and more apparent that he has no room in his life to raise a child, which makes her wonder all the more why he would crash her son's wedding. Sally says never mind, she knows what is going to happen, the baby is going to end up with Rick Forrester. CJ is angry. Sally says that she doesn't know what Deacon has heard but he couldn't ask for a better place for the baby to be raised than with her son and his family and Deacon should be grateful for it. The baby will be brought up with people who love him and will be well taken care of. Deacon says she is making him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but he has made his decision. CJ wants to know how he could make up his mind without hearing their side of the story. Deacon says he doesn't care what their side of the story is. He knows what he wants. Sally steps up, he knows what he wants? She says it is all about money, isn't it? She asks him how much the Forresters offered him. She says he should tell them, they may be willing to offer him more. He smirks.


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