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By Linda

At the church, Sally asks Connor if it is true that Deacon can take the baby. Connor says again, that if Deacon is the real father, he can. Darla asks about the judge giving custody to CJ. Deacon says that is because the judge thought he was dead and say to Amber that she knew and didn't try to find him. Amber says that after what Deacon did to Becky, she didn't want to ever hear his name again. Deacon tells her she is hearing it now, Deacon Sharp and he came to get his boy. CJ steps up and tells him he will have to go through him. Steph suggests they take a deep breath and be rational. Amber says no, she is not handing the baby over to him and grabs little Eric from Darla. She says she would die first and flees the church. Rick follows her.

Thorne wants Brooke to forget about Kimberly and think about them. Brooke says he is the one that made love to Kim even if he doesn't remember, Kim certainly does and it meant everything to her and meant everything to Brooke. Thorne closes the door. He regrets what happened that night. She says there is no point in talking about it now. It is over. Thorne wishes it were. Thorne begs her not to go on like this. Brooke made her choice to break things off to protect her daughter and Thorne respects that even though he hates it and that had nothing to do with Kimberly. He wishes they could find some way to move beyond this. She tells him he better go and he does as tears roll down her face.

Back at the church, Deacon says he is not a criminal and any one of them would have done the same thing. CJ is curious to why he would want his son if he wanted nothing to do with Becky. He says he has parental rights and he wants to exercise them. He asks where Amber took his boy. Steph tells him to relax, Amber needs time to absorb all of this and suggests he goes home and they will call him later. Sally excuses herself but would like to know what Amber has to absorb. The fact that her wedding day was ruined, the fact that someone wants the snatch her son, the fact that Steph let that spoiled brat, Rick in there to ruin things for her. She asks Steph if she thinks Amber will ever forgive her? And now the visit from Deacon Sharp. She asks Deacon what his angle is?

Rick tells Amber that everything will be all right. She says that creep wants to take her baby away from her and he thinks that is all right? He tells her to wait a minute and he will explain. She says there is nothing to explain and accuses him of using the baby to get back at CJ and can't believe he hates CJ that much. Rick says he is not using the baby and he doesn't hate CJ. She says that Deacon is scum and the mere thought of him touching the baby. She feels he has no business in their lives. He says he knows that and Deacon will not be in their lives. He isn't going to get near their child ever. Amber looks at him curiously and asks what he means by that, is Deacon lying about being his father? He says no, he is talking about the two of them raising the child as their own. She tells him that can't happen, CJ has custody of the baby, either CJ or this jerk. He tells her that Deacon is signing custody over to him. He tracked Deacon down because he wanted her and the baby and would do anything to make it happen. He knew she didn't really want to marry CJ but needed to be with her son. He felt if he got the baby, they could be together and that is why he did it. He asks her if he was right? CJ bursts into the room. He grabs Rick by the arm and asks what he is doing.

Sally asks Deacon again to tell them what is going on. Steph says Mr. Sharp doesn't owe any explanation. She feels that Amber and CJ are in no position to get married. Eric says she was doing it because of the baby because she doesn't want to lose him. Sally asks when Eric became the expert on Amber's motivations? She says that Amber and CJ decided to get married. There was no outside influence and what Steph allowed Rick to do there today was a disgrace. It reminds her to another day when Stephanie appeared and it made it impossible for her to bury her daughter, Macy with dignity and now she is trying to destroy her son's life. She says it is not going to happen. She turns to Deacon and asks him how the Forresters got him to join their team. She asks him if they told him how CJ loved Becky and married her and gave her a few moments of happiness before she died? And how Becky's demise was a bit easier for her because she knew there was a real father to take care of her baby. She asks if they told him about the videotape Becky left asking Amber and CJ to raise her baby? She says of course they didn't, because that would be honest. She tells Deacon that the Forresters are using him to attack her family. She asks again why he joined them. She asks if there is more to this story?Kim poses in front of a mirror in Thorne's office in a skimpy undergarment. Thorne comes to the doorway and asks what she is doing in there. She says she is getting ready for her shoot. He hands her something to put on. She says she just took it off. She says she is straightening her lingerie. He says to straighten it somewhere else. She says she likes this mirror. She says he is in a mood. He says he has lots of work to do. She tells him that is his problem, too much work, not enough play. Brooke happens by the door and stops to listen in. Kim tells Thorne she wants to show him how to turn his work into play. He tells her this isn't going to happen. She moves closer and asks if he doesn't want to mix work with pleasure. He says she has to get to the photo studio. She says she has time. He says he doesn't. She tells him he needs a break, how about dinner after. He says he doesn't think so. She says they will be in a restaurant he will feel safe and free of what he is thinking right now. He asks if she knows what he is thinking. She asks what? He says about the orders on the shipping dock and tells her to have a good shoot. He walks out. She puts on her robe and looks in the mirror again. She sees Brooke's reflection and turns around.

The minister asks Sally if he can have a word with her. He says there isn't going to be a wedding due to the circumstances and wants Sally to ask her guests to leave. Steph comes up and puts her two cents in. Sally tells her to mind her own business and stay out of her family's affairs. She then tells Deacon if he continues to play ball with the Forrester’s, he will regret the day he ever heard the name Sally Spectra. She says let's go everybody and leaves the church followed by Clarke and Darla. Deacon gives her an evil stare.


CJ tells Rick that if the baby weren’t there, he would wipe the floor with him. Rick asks CJ if he is just upset because his little scam didn't work? CJ questions, scam? CJ says that loser out there is the only scam and tells Rick he is a piece of work. Rick says he had no choice. CJ says Rick never had a choice because the baby was never his in the first place. Rick says he disagrees. CJ tells him he is selfish. Darla comes in to break things up. Amber asks her to take the baby. Darla says they will be at Sally's. CJ asks about the wedding. Darla says the minister called it off. CJ tells Amber to go and he will meet her at home. Amber says she isn't going anywhere. She isn't going to let them kill each other. CJ and Rick glare at each other.

Kim tells Brooke if she was looking for Thorne he just left. Brooke says she knows and accuses Kim of really working him. Kim asks if she always spies on her employees? Brooke comes in and closes the door. She tells Kim that she has turned into quite a little tramp. Kim says Brooke of all people calling anyone a tramp. She takes off her robe and asks Brooke how she likes it seeing she designed it herself. Brooke says she designed it for a woman not a child. And Kim looks like a child trying to look old. Kim says she is right; she must look like a child to Brooke. Brooke says not so young for Thorne. Kim says Brooke was about her age when she got involved with Ridge and wonders if Brooke can remember back that far. She then says she is sorry, she didn't mean it that way. Brooke says she is sure she did. Kim says no, Brooke has preserved herself quite well, her skin and her body. She is kind of like a vintage Ferrari. Brooke turns to Kim and tells her that Thorne will never be interested in her; he proved that today. The phone rings. Kim answers and it is Thorne. He tells her that Giovanni has a few shots they need to look over. She says hi, Thorne, and that she is putting on her makeup and has to put him on speaker. He asks her to meet for dinner if she is still available. She says she is all his. She asks if he wants to meet some place? He says no, they can leave there together. She says great, she is looking forward to it. She hangs up and walks over to Brooke with a smirk and says, Thorne will never be interested in her, and there goes that theory. She grabs her robe and walks out leaving Brooke in tears.

Everyone leaves the church. The camera focuses in on Deacon. Steph and Eric come out. Steph tells Deacon that it is over and at least no blood was drawn. Deacon says it is incredible. Steph says if he goes back to his bar, they will meet him there later with the papers. He says that will be just fine. He then tells her she has some nice earrings, very nice. He walks away.

Rick and CJ go at it. CJ pushes Rick. Rick tells him he should never have pressured Amber. CJ says he didn't, she wanted this as much as he did. CJ asks where it is going to get Rick by turning the baby over to Deacon. Rick says they should all go home and wait. CJ asks what they are going to wait for? Once Connor checks Deacon out, he will send him back where he came from and he and Amber will get married in the judge's chambers where Rick will get arrested if he shows his pretty little face. Rick says they will just have to wait and see. CJ says for what? Rick says if CJ is so confident, what is the problem? CJ says Rick is his problem. CJ says ever since he and Amber fell in love, Rick has been acting like a child, what does he have to do? Rick says in a few more days this matter will be settled. CJ asks how he thinks it is going to go down, the stooge will raise the baby and Amber will thank Rick for it? He says if that creep out there is the father, he and Amber will fight it and win. There is no way he is going to give up Eric and there is no way Rick will ever have Amber, he lost her and it is over. He says Rick is a pathetic, sad, loser. He tells Amber to come on, let's get out of here. On the way out, Amber looks back at Rick and then leaves.

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